22 Ways To Eat Soba Noodles Forever

Hello and welcome to this new thing we’re trying out where we help you figure out what you’re gonna put in your mouth this week. Some of these are recipes we’ve tried, some of these are recipes we’re looking forward to trying, all of them are fucking delicious. Tell us what you want to put in your piehole or suggest your own recipes, and next week we’ll check in and talk about which things we made, which things we loved, and which things have changed us irreversibly as people. Last week, we ate peanut butter, nectar of the gods.


Soba noodles, made with buckwheat flour, have all the benefits of other types of noodles or pasta — they’re filling, cheap and easy to make if you need them to be — but they’re just more interesting. They have a strong enough flavor that you can eat them hot and with lots of things or cold and almost on their own and they will taste amazing, but not overpowering. They can fill out other recipes, turn your steamed broccoli into a respectable meal and they go great with peanut butter.

The best kind of soba noodles to get are fresh, probably from a market, and cooked al dente and rinsed. I have only had the dried kind though and I would be writing actual poetry here if I could think of lines other than “I would eat them with some clams / I would eat them next to yams” so as long as you stay away from 89-cent grocery store brands you should be fine. You can also make them from scratch, if you’re a from-scratch type of person.

In conclusion, soba noodles are the noodle of my heart and I am about to go eat a pile of them under a pile of broccoli and it’s gonna make my day. Here are some other ways to eat soba noodles – in sautés, soups, stir-fries, cucumber cups and more.

1. Cold Soba Noodles With Dipping Sauce

2. Cold Cucumber Soba

This is my favorite and I eat basically this, with more or fewer green things depending on the season, at least once a week. Good if you mostly want a sesame seed and sesame oil delivery system. Good if you want an avocado delivery system. Good no matter how boring or fancy you get. I could probably eat this forever.

3. Chilled Soba in Cucumber Cups

4. Soba Noodle Salad with Cucumber and Mango

5. Smoked Soba Noodles

6. Peanut Butter Soba Noodles

Admittedly, these are still also my favorite.

7. Vegan Rapini Noodle Bowl

8. Arctic Char With Soba Noodles, Pine Nuts and Meyer Lemon

9. Winter Soba

 via Food52

via Food52

10. Soba Noodles With Parsley Pesto

11. Miso Soba Soup

12. Stir-Fried Baby Squash, Long Beans, Corn And Chiles With Soba Noodles

13. Garlic Soba Noodles

14. Caramelized Carrot and Fennel Soba

15. Roasted Eggplant Soba Salad

This recipe combines the best of eating eggplant with the best of eating soba noodles. I’m soy intolerant but hopefully it will look and taste just as good with way more mushrooms and brocollini in lieu of edamame.

16. Coconut and Cilantro Noodles

17. Black Sesame Noodles With Crispy Kale

Anything you are basically eating kale chips on top of is a superior food.

18. Peanut-Soba Spring Rolls

19. Citrus Ginger Tofu Salad with Buckwheat Soba Noodles

 via Food52

via Food52

20. Korean Chilled Buckwheat Noodles With Chilled Broth and Kimchi

21. Sake-Steamed Clams With Soba Noodles

22. Noodle Bowl With Broccoli and Smoked Trout

Give me all your soba recipes right now!

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  1. 1. LOLOLOLOL re: Carolyn inserted into the graphic.

    2. Peanut-Soba Spring Rolls!!!?!?! Om nom nom nom.

  2. Wow. I clearly need to step up my soba game. These all look delicious. Though with #5 I’m pretty sure I’d set my apartment’s tiny kitchen on fire, so I need someone else to try that and tell me how it turns out.

  3. I was just eating something very similar to those soba noodles in (adorable) cucumber cups and thinking about how delicious they were, so I am pleased to discover that I can make them for myself! With only 6 ingredients?!

  4. I could eat soba with miso-tahini sauce for the rest of my life and be pretty happy about it.

  5. Love all the recipes here. Spring is the perfect season to try these out. I’ll be adding this list recipes with my avocado and peanut butter ones :)

  6. Not sure there is a proper recipe for this, but freshly cooked soba dumped into a cold mixture of silken tofu, soy sauce, shichimi (Japanese spice mix incl. chili and orange peel), and just a drop of roasted sesame seed oil all mushed together with a fork. Yields a lukewarm dish that is really nice in summer and only takes as long as the soba need to cook.

    (fun variation: replace the silken tofu with a ripe avocado)

  7. would it be sacrilegious for me to try one of these recipes with leftover spaghetti noodles since that’s all i have right now? because all of these look delicious as hell
    need to get some soba noodles asap, apparently

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