DeAnne Smith’s Questionable At Best Asks Marni Philosophical Questions

It’s the most wonderful time to be queer! There’s another episode of DeAnne Smith’s suh-weet podcast Questionable at Best on the World Wide Web!


This week DeAnne hit me in the heart space with a segment that consisted of two of the most amazing people on both Mt. Feelings and The World At Large: DeAnne Smith herself and Marni, the Co-Director of A-Camp and the Face of Canada. Marni’s a “deep-voiced rando,” just like you like her, and she sits cross-legged across from DeAnne drinking cider to solicit submissions for and talk about the philisophical question of “where” “there” “is,” which can apparently be either near a “bevlege” or within arm’s reach of Cabin 22B.

What I’m saying here is, everything is hilarious (and heartwarmingly sweet in the spirit of friendship) and nothing hurts in this week’s Questionable at Best.

Are you listening yet? Are you “there?” Good.

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    I want to let y’all know that I listened to this while answering emails for Magazine this morning and I felt like I was working in a room with Marni and DeAnne, which of course elevated answering emails from mundane task to fun task.

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    this was really fun to listen to, not just because i’m deeply in love with both marni and deanne. as someone who moves around a lot and often stops and wonders how i’ve gotten “there” and stayed “there” for so long without noticing, and who at other times wonders where the fuck “there” is and if i’ll ever get “there,” i truly appreciated this talk. it also made me miss camp a lot, but pretty much everything in this life does that, so.

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