Yo! That’s Not Cool #12: Where Are My Clothes?

I make comics, cartoons and bad decisions in Los Angeles. You can call me Britt.

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  1. After ending a pretty bad relationship with a woman who was overseas, I asked her if she wanted back any of the things she had given to me, as sentimentally or practically. Among them was a striped shirt that had been hers and she gave to me. I had only worn it because it was hers. It wasn’t my style at all (her wanting me to present as different from what I actually was was part of the problem with our relationship). She told me no. I asked again and she told me no. I offered to pay her something for all her old crap (I’m working class, she’s wealthy) stuff that she had left me with, she told me no. A few years later, through some really poor decisions on my part, I saw her in person and she mentioned the shirt. I told her I had Goodwilled it. She was so mad! But I gave that to you! It was special! I would have taken it back! Why was I always such a thoughtless and cruel person!

    I don’t swap clothes with my partners anymore.

  2. I’m guilty of this, as a Medium who has dated only Large or Extra-Large folx. I steal their sweaters like a squirrel preparing for winter because I’m built like a chicken with piss poor circulation and if I can’t have their body heat 24/7 their sweater will have to suffice I guess.

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