Wingtips and Waffles, Now Together For Your Viewing Pleasure

Laura’s Team Pick:

Sometimes I find myself wondering if there could possibly be anything better than men’s fashion. And then I remember that food exists. (And women. But that’s neither here nor there.) Coffee & The Newspaper understands my needs and has created a very special tumblr that’s almost too tumbl-y to tumbl. See, every post had a picture of a pretty man in a smashing outfit and another picture of something that looks like it would be delicious inside my/your stomach. At first I spent a lot of time trying to understand if the pictures were paired to compliment each other or because they shared some deeper meaning, but then I realized I was being a twat and just clicked “next” a hundred times. It was a perfectly uncomplicated way to spend an hour or so, and didn’t send my chakras* into a tizz of confusion the way looking at photos of women in the same clothes would have. Here are 10 pictures that I like.

the bluest berry

crepes a la nightlock

Things I would wear in a heartbeat dot com

the puppies, darling! I have no use for babies!

the most wonderful time of the year

how cute are these feet?

putting eggs on pizza means you can eat it for breakfast

i would like this man as my cool uncle, please

attention blaine: this is how a bowtie should be worn


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  1. this is splendid.also it’s spiffing that I just used 2 words of this wonderful foreign language called english I just read in a book and had to google.very random information isnt it
    all I wanted to say is I really like this and I will from now on and forever associate thyme with a very bearded man:)

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