Where the F*ck Should I Go To Eat? and Other Combinations of Food and Cursing

Do you like food?  Do you like cursing?  So do I!  And so does this web designer, and he’s telling you where to fucking eat your fucking dinner, in the proud tradition of the internet helping you to make food decisions with bad language.  Fuck.

fucking nicolas restaurant

via Where The Fuck Should I Go To Eat?

Head to Where the Fuck Should I Go To Eat? and type your address in.  And then you’ll fucking get a fucking suggestion for where to eat.  There’s also an equivalent for getting fucking drunk.  It’s worth noting that this web application is so good, it got in my fucking head and recommended my favorite diner the first time I ever touched it.

fucking cornish hens

via What the Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?

And if you’re fucking poor like me and you need to cook your fucking dinner, you can ask the interwebs What the Fuck Should I Make For Dinner, as we discovered a few years ago.  And guess what, if you don’t fucking eat meat (like me!), you can still totally use this!  And you can get recommendations for fucking delicious goat cheese tartlets which I am going to make as soon as I obtain a fucking tart pan.  Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be an option for vegans.  But I know you all can work your vegan magic and fucking make it vegan.  FUCK YEAH NUTRITIONAL YEAST!

WTF is also available on the iTunes app store, and you can follow them on Twitter.

Enjoy the fucking food.  You’re welcome.

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  1. Cursing and eating? two of my favourite activities together! Yay!
    I entered my location, but it still tells me to wait the fuck up :/

  2. “FUCK YEAH NUTRITIONAL YEAST!” I have this exact thought several times a week!!! Fuck yeah, vegan “mac and cheese”!

  3. Fucking hell. The amount of fucks in this post is not nearly enough. I’m gonna go have breakfast from the fucking diner down the street, now that it’s been suggested to me with bad language.

  4. It’s just confirming the fact that you can’t find a single fucking thing to eat where I live.

    • Also it can’t find my fucking location right now. I guess I’m just doomed to fucking starve.

      • Please, just have some toast or vol-au-vents or a Russian salad. We’re coming and we’re bringing boiled egg and soldiers! You just have to hold out a few more hours.

  5. Fuckity fuckerooni this made me fucking laugh so fucking much, I was like, What The Fuck, stop fucking laughing. you’re gonna fucking disturb the fucking neighbours. fuck.

  6. For those of you who are loving the fuck out of this website:


    I have it set as my fucking homepage, it always cheers me up.

    • I was fucking looking for this! I fucking googled for like half an hour but I couldn’t fucking remember what it was fucking called. Now I feel fucking stupid. Duh.

    • LMAO I just get an “IT’S FUCKING HOT”.

      which is the truest statement I have heard today.

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