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Quiz: What Should You Play After Stardew Valley?

Way back in 2020, when the Pandemic struck and everyone I knew was playing Animal Crossing, I didn’t have the money for a Nintendo Switch. A friend was playing a different cozy sim, however, on their laptop — a cute little farming game called Stardew Valley. I opened Steam, bought the game, and soon I was exploring a whole new world, a pixelated little utopia where townspeople could be won over with gifts and farming always turned a profit. I fell in love with Robin, the unattainable carpenter, and I was hooked.

Three years later, I’ve played through Stardew nearly as many times as I’ve Googled “when is the Haunted Chocolatier coming out?” Stardew’s developer, Concerned Ape, is just one person, and the wait for their next release has felt as long as an unskippable cut scene. But worry not! Turns out, there’s a whole universe of cozy farm sims, management and open-world games out there. Which one should you play next? (And don’t forget to take the Which Stardew Valley Character Should You Marry quiz if you haven’t already!)

What first got you hooked on Stardew Valley?(Required)
What throwback game do you still love playing?(Required)
Choose a color palette:(Required)
What quote from a queer-coded cartoon speaks deeply to your soul?(Required)
What do you spend the most time on when you play Stardew?(Required)
What was your favorite board game growing up?(Required)
Which vacation appeals to you the most?(Required)
Choose a cupcake:(Required)
You wake up tomorrow morning on an unfamiliar island. Your basic needs seem to be met, at least for the time being. What do you do first?(Required)
I know we love it, but what frustrates you most about Stardew Valley?(Required)
When dreaming up your avatar, you tend to give them:(Required)
Finally, choose a venue for your marriage to Robin the Carpenter:(Required)

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  1. Given that I just started playing Stardew (or as we call it here, “Gay Farm”) in October, I think my answer is going to be “More Stardew” for now! But I’ll keep an eye on Littlewood, since this highly accurate quiz said I should.

    Also: I laughed so hard at “Robin, the unattainable carpenter” 🤣
    (Don’t tell Emily… she seems to get jealous, even though I was dating her *and* Leah *and* Maru all at the same time before Em and I got married?)

  2. I’ve taken this quiz 5 times now trying to get the game in the top right corner of the thumbnail image but I got Stardew Valley three times and BOTW twice 🙈 Could someone please tell me what the game with the adorable little witch in the forest is?

  3. I got My Life at Sandrock after debating buying the game before I even took this quiz this morning. 👀 Is there any way I can get a full list of the games in the result, I tried to take the quiz way too many times to hunt them out haha.

  4. “Spiritfarer is a cozy game about death! In this indie release, your character takes over a boat that ferries newly departed souls to the afterlife. The game is both custodial and reflective, and the art is absolutely gorgeous!”

    This is extremely my jam, and I didn’t know it existed– thank you! (I’m a hospice volunteer, and I spent a lot of time trying to persuade people that they should think about and document their end-of-life wishes.)

    • I loved spiritfarer and the story is amazing, but the gameplay got really frustrating for me before I finished. It’s a platform jumper and I just can’t get the double jumps well enough to go to a lot of places. It’s too bad because it’s such a sweet story.

    • Since you’re a hospice volunteer you’re probably much stronger than I am, but I cried at least a dozen times playing this game. I’m 96% finished now, but I did kind of mess up and ended the game before I completed it. If you want to know what to do to avoid that scenario, let me know. I’ll be as vague as possible to avoid potential spoilers.

    • It’s such a great game! I’m almost done and I still always hug everyone because I get a little hit of cozy oxytocin seeing it. Some of their hug animations just enhance it (I was so sad to see Atul go – I thought his hugs were the best).

    • Spiritfarer is the best! I’ve played it through twice. The story is so beautiful and moving and you will definitely cry probably multiple times while playing this game. I would say, with a nod to the person who commented about gameplay difficulty above, that while there are keyboard controls, on my second play through I had a controller, and it made so much difference to my level of enjoyment with some of the more platformy bits.

  5. Breath of the Wild. I concede that the description has some accuracy, but between BotW and Elden Ring I’ll stick with Elden Ring. Lovely open world to explore, difficult Soulsbourne combat, and lore that just gets me hooked.

  6. I got Littlewood, which I already played and LOVED. I haven’t actually gotten more than a day or two into Stardew Valley because it has too much story/learning curve for me. I only want to play games that are mindlessly repetitive where I can do the same thing over and over while watching TV and not have to spend any non-TV-watching time learning now to play! Littlewood was perfect for this. Are there any others?!

  7. And I get… Stardew Valley! Again! The only game on Switchy I’ve played more than Stardew is BotW.

    And I like Robin, but Caroline got to me first. This straight man has always preferred the excellence of older women. I want to stand in that plaza corner with her and Jodi, and shoot the shit.

  8. I half expected to get a game I’ve already played, and sure enough I got Littlewood.

    Solid chill game, I would highly recommend. Now I need a list of games to play for people who liked Littlewood lol.

  9. I got Sky, which I have been meaning to check out for awhile! Sounds like most of the other options are games I’ve already played, so this quiz worked well for me lol.

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