VIDEO: SNL’s Top Lez Kate McKinnon Does Ellen Impersonation On Ellen

Kate McKinnon, the first out lesbian performer on Saturday Night Live and former Big Gay Sketch Show cast member appeared on Ellen’s show today. Ellen gave Kate an Ellen outfit and then Kate ran with it and it was super-cute.

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    um, so this just made my day!!!!!! which one is the fake ellen? the one who can shake it just a little better. 😉

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    oh my god I just died. That was brilliant.
    Also, I just realised I dance just like Ellen. Standard.

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    Is it possible to implode from joy? I have a feeling we watched a dream come true just now.

    Also, my crush on Kate has gotten to the point where I feel jealous when other people have crushes on her.

    I’M ELLEN.

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        Does anybody remember what Portia De Rossi used to be like pre-Ellen? I do. She seems like a much happier person now. I know she’s said that Ellen has had a lot to do with that in previous interviews. And she does look really cute in that outfit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in anything like that before. It works for her.

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          Oh definitely. I don’t want to say, “Now she looks like a lesbian!” because what does a lesbian even officially look like? But I’m glad she feels like she can play around with gender a little bit and not have to look waif-like and uber-femme if that’s not what she wants to look like 24/7 (not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with being a hardcore badass femme lady, but I think we all know how she struggled to keep up appearances she felt she had to maintain), and I think she really deserves someone as awesome as Ellen.

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    I think my heart just grew three sizes. Either that’s the cholesterol and I need a doctor, or Ellen and Kate are just that magical together.

    Also, I need never be ashamed of my dorky white girl dancing again.

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    I think if I ever met Kate McKinnon, I’d be as starry-eyed as she was meeting Ellen. McKinnon is t’funny and t’awesome.

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    I just died from happiness. Also I love Kate McKinnon and I want to gay marry her. Or even just hold her hand.

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    Everything about this was perfect!!! Oh and the video someone else posted of her meeting Portia was adorable too!

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    Anyone else distracted by the hole in the crotch in KM’s pants? Or am I just always focused on vaginas?

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    my CHEEKS HURT from smiling/laughing so much. This was freakin hilarious. Go Kate Go!!!!

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    Had not seen this but its pretty funny. Btwn Kate and Cecily Strong I have trouble picking the new Kristen Wiig but I’m enjoying them both.

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