VIDEO: Lesbian Proposes Dressed As Blaine Warbler, Glee-ful Musical Number and Adorableness Ensue

The idea of a Katy Perry song and the show Glee being involved in a wedding proposal seems a bit terrifying, but Ann and Jackie have proven to YouTube that it doesn’t have to be. Highlights include the girls in shorts, kneesocks and blazers and the puppy at 6:27. The best part is that the girl thinks the whole musical number is a birthday gift, but nope, that’s just a prologue to The Big Question. (h/t to shewired!)

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  1. i haven’t even watched this yet and i already know i’m going to be obsessed with it.

  2. I wasn’t expecting the height difference! But awww, it was so adorable. :’)

    • I thought it was awesome routine.

      The height difference was definitely noticeable.

  3. Karla

    Awwww sooo freaking adorable! I just melted!

  4. I proposed to a song by Adam Lambert and it was perfect but this makes me wish I’d put on a huge show like that, too. :-D

  5. Being proposed to in public is actually one of my greatest fears, but I just laughed so hard when the one proposing was like, “Yes or no?!”

    • Haha yea. It almost got awkward there. I’m not sure if public proposal is my thing, but I know a lot of people love it. I’m assuming if I know someone well enough to consider getting married, we also know each other well enough to know whether or not doing it in a very public way will enhance the experience.

  6. I am pretty much falling all over myself over how cute this is. awww.

  7. Do not watch in public if you don’t want to make a fool of yourself with all the facial expressions you will be making.

  8. No amount of radical anti-marriage politics can stop this from being the most adorable thing and making me cry.

  9. Can I just say that I’m enchanted by the height difference in this couple? It makes it double-triple cute.

  10. I just cried at a coffee shop and made all the faces because of how adorable this was! This is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day and I just saw my friends new puppy today so that’s saying a lot.

  11. I cried so hard watching this that I was embarrassed when my dogs looked at me.

  12. Kelly

    Super adorbs. I love all the cheek kissing!

  13. …am I the only one to think this was kind of an awkward proposal? Super adorable song? Check. Awesome friends helping out? Check. But…the whole procession to greet every single person that was there as a witness? And the actual proposal was very rote. I mean, okay, maybe this wasn’t a huge surprise, but…I dunno. This didn’t do it for me. =\ #buzzkill

    • Jezz

      You’re not the only one, I totally agree with you. Also public proposals like these always seem to me to be more about the presentation & the public than the relationship itself…. I guess that detracted from the adorableness for me #megabuzzkill

    • Just Because

      Well, greeting everyone there was because they were all very close people to the couple — close friends and family who all made the trip for the occasion. The one proposing wanted all the most important people in both there lives to be there for the moment. Also, its customary for their family to greet the guests.

      It wasn’t just a, “Hey, let’s do this in front of a bunch of people!” thing. It was a “This is the most important thing to me with the most important person in my life, and I want to share it with everyone that matters to us” type thing.

  14. Tina

    Even though I cried because of how adorable this was, it was really awkward, especially when they kissed like 50 people before she proposed and then she didn’t answer right away. I mean, I probably would have said yes even if I didn’t want to just so I wouldn’t embarrass my girlfriend. I think public proposals are good for people who have already discussed marriage so they aren’t rejected in front of tons of people.

    • I’m essentially banned from even considering making a public proposal because even though the answer would be yes, I’d probably trigger an anxiety attack from my intended-fiancee because ALL THOSE PEOPLE AND ALL THAT ATTENTION AND PRESSURE HOLY SHIT isn’t romantic to her.

      • ^This! There would be tears and embarrassment and quite possibly a public ass kicking as well. All of which might take the shine off the “Yes”.

    • I thought the same thing…I had to skip through that because it was way too awkward for me

  15. This is super cute!!!

    Side note: If anyone ever proposed to me in public, I would be so mortified! One of my biggest fears!

  16. Josie

    Adorable. I watch these things and it is just freaking CRAZY how far we’ve come in 20yrs. I know things are far from perfect and there is a long way to go for total inclusion socially and legally for LGBT folks (Autostraddle requires that disclaimer), but really…honestly…if you would have told me nearly 20yrs ago when my partner and I committed to one another in the quiet of our own home that queers would be proposing in public and then putting in on the internet…well, I would have never, ever believed you. And to do it so elaborately with family and friends there to share the joy…nope, never would have believed you.

  17. Vanessa

    I don’t cry… it doesn’t happen very often at all. So watching this at work and having to answer the phone mid tear was strange for me.
    Thank you for the joy!

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