VIDEO: Jessica Williams Delivers One Kickass Tirade About Stand Your Ground Laws In One Badass Suit

Yvonne’s Team Pick:

We should all give Jessica Williams, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’s first black woman correspondent, a standing ovation for her on-point realness on last night’s show. In a segment regarding Michael Dunn’s verdict and Stand Your Ground laws, Jessica delivered one kickass tirade about how black teens should protect themselves and the problem with Stand Your Ground laws all while wearing a snazzy suit.

Her advice to black teens include to stay in school — like just literally stay in the building, any building really —don’t hang out with friends, and to turn off their music. It’s her last line commenting on Stand Your Ground Laws though, really that last line, made me want to hug her or give her a high five after saying, “ooooo, burrrnn.” (do people even say that in real life?). She finishes with a literal mic drop that really is deserving of a mic drop.

Ugh, you're so cool.


Williams has been rocking every segment on The Daily Show, but really it’s the ones dealing with race that have shone. She recently spoke with Mother Jones about how she feels about race and comedy.

MJ: Sure, but your segments on race, racism, and privilege are some of your most popular. Why do you suppose that is?

JW: Because we don’t necessarily get to talk about that. Honestly, I love that that’s something where my race does come into play. I love being a black woman and being able to say those things. There’s truth in comedy, and that resonates with people of all races. You don’t have to be African American to really enjoy “Frisky Business.” But as far as being black, a lot of people in New York have been stopped and frisked, so that hits home for them. A lot of this stuff just pisses me off and makes me so mad that there’s something behind the eyes—the delivery is a bit more biting, and I think people can tell.

Williams is a rising star and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

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  1. People, I lover this woman, a lot.

    My crush for her is ridiculous, I just want to stare at her face while she makes wonderful, funny and astute words observing today’s pop culture.

    Plus I watched this clip like 10 times, WHAT THESIS!?! I’M IN *CONSENSUAL* LEG-HUG LOVE!

  2. I generally support gun rights, and this video is making me rethink my stance on stand-your-ground laws. Glad I could hear those statistics about racial bias, I never really put two and two together with the institutionally racist courts of the US and SYG. Thank you for posting it.

    Also, Jessica Williams’ voice is beautiful, I could listen to her talk all day.

  3. I’m having a moment of fan-girling vulnerability:

    My sister and I watched this clip together when it aired and I look at my sister and earnestly said, “I wish she was my girlfriend, like she is perfect! Am I asking for too much to date and have dog babies with some like her?”

    My sister looks me up and down and says, “Yes, you are not wearing any pants, girl bye.”

    Since then I have *tried* to become a better person who wears pants (most of the time).

    #foreveralonewearingnopants #ASconfessions

  4. Jessica Williams hits it out of the park again! I really can’t deal with news-related TV shows or too much news online because my anxiety disorder is basically out of control now and the constant “EVERYTHING IS AWFUL. OH GOD, SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!” of the news does NOT help.

    But I do make an exception for Jessica Williams’ TDS clips whenever I run across them, because she is amazing and hilarious.

  5. This was in the comments section on Jezebel about Jessica,

    “I would like to have a three-way with Jessica Williams and her suit. The tie can watch.”

    Even though it’s not my quote, I whole-heatedly agree.

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