Tumblrs of Butches Doing Things: A Reprise, Thanks to You

Once upon a time in October, we published a list of Tumblrs that featured butches Doing Things. I was really excited about writing it because butches are my personal favorite. Included in that post was a wish list of things I wanted to see butches doing on Tumblr, and because you guys are the best, some of you went ahead and heeded the call. In celebration of your commitment to pictures of butches doing things and to thank you for catering to my e-needs, I’ve rounded up some of the Tumblrs that were made directly in response to the post.

Keep in mind: these don’t have a lot of pictures on them because they are fairly new, so why don’t you submit some photos and help make everyone’s life a little brighter? Do it!

Butches Leaning On Things

i couldn’t decide on just one!

Butches Leaning On Things is actually a dream come true. Your comments about butches leaning were totally adorable, so I’m really glad that this vision now has a home.  As commenter Julia put it,  “It’s like descriptions of butches leaning is the porn I never knew I wanted.” Now you have the pictures to match the words! Happy leaning.

Butches Fixing Shit

How does this only have ONE picture on it? I mean personally I find fixing shit to be too stressful to think about taking pictures while it’s happening, but that’s why you need an additional person there to be calm and also to remember to snap a photo for the queers on Tumblr. So come on, you guys! The space has been provided and now it’s up to us to fill it.

Butches & Books

Hi Ivan Coyote

Butches & Books was made by the very same perfect angel who brought you Butches + Babies. The tagline reads, “There’s nothing hotter than a well-read butch,” and I couldn’t agree more! There’s no way to know if every single one of these butches is necessarily “well-read,” but they certainly look nice holding books, so.

PS I just need to express my dismay that there is a Butch on Bikes tumblr that is tragically not about butch dykes, so if someone wants to get in there and remedy this urgent situation, I won’t complain. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I saw the latest post on the Butches & Books tumblr and the fabulous person’s pants gave me Feelings. Oh please please someone start a “dyke jeans” blog. I need more pictures of women being super lesbian in dyke jeans in my life.

  2. I FEEL butch but also when I look at these blogs I feel like my hair is a bit too long for my submissions to qualify…which is probably ridiculous of me, but it’s how I feel anyway.

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