Top Six Tumblrs Featuring Butches Doing Things

When you love someone, the regular things they do become cute. And when they do things that are already cute, it’s like, a cute explosion. So how about when you’re a fan of an entire group of people? Take, for example, butches. Who doesn’t love a good photo of a butch doing something? Anything at all. But especially doing something cute.

Sometimes, though, it can be really hard to find such photos. A simple Google search doesn’t usually cut it:

kill me

Lucky for my little heart, Tumblr seems to appreciate Butches Doing Things as much as I do. Without further ado, here are the Internet’s finest sources of pictures of butches doing [cute] things.


Butches and Babies

via Butches + Babies

We’ve already told you about this one, but it’s worth revisiting.


Butches with Cute Animals

via Butches with Cute Animals

Really, what else do you need in life?


Baking Butches

via Baking Butches

I think maybe this should turn into a baking company with a storefront near my house. 


Butches Smiling

via Butches Smiling

This is perfect in its simplicity.


Butch Hands

via Butch Hands

This is about butches Doing Things with their hands and it’s hot.


Butches Fucking Butches

via Fuck Yeah Butches Fucking Butches

You’re welcome.


Wishlist: Okay, these don’t exist, but I wish they did.

  • Butches Leaning on Things
  • Butches Fixing Shit
  • Butches Driving
  • Butches Climbing Trees
  • Butches Making the Bed
  • Butches Sleeping
  • Butches Getting Caught in the Rain
  • Butches on the Internet Making Tumblrs Out of My Butch Tumblr Wishlist (also known as: Butches Being Meta)

Please feel free to create any of these for me, and also, tell me your own Butches Doing Things wishes!

this one’s mine

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Gabrielle Korn

Gabrielle Korn is a writer living in Los Angeles with her wife and dog.

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  1. Perfect post is perfect.
    I’m going to stare at these now and hope that a lovely butch lady other than my ex will magically show up at my school.

  2. I can’t decide if I want to be on these tumblrs or sleep with the people on these tumblrs.

    Although seeing no. 6, I definitely don’t have to choose.

  3. This is completely relevant to my day. I saw the sweetest butch couple on the L today. The one was reading and the other was asleep under the other’s arm, and they were just curled into each other, almost as if nothing else existed.

  4. at next camp i’d like to host a workshop entitled:

    Being a Good House Butch aka House Butching it Up

    “cuz i’ve got our baby on my hip, dinner is ready and oh, you see that? it’s called a clean house.”


    • Yes, please. That would be that would be so fucking hot. Even though i’m not butch, i would come through just to check out which butches wanted to partipate, lol.

    • My life goal is pretty much to be a house butch, takin’ care of my lady. :) Not that she needs me to take care of her, but you know what I mean…

  5. So I think the texts I immediately sent to my girlfriend upon seeing this post most accurately sum up my feelings about this:

    “This butches doing things post is the best thing”
    “I’m so happy right now”
    “Omg. Butches with babies. This is all the feelings.”

  6. Oh thanks, like I needed to become even more addicted to Tumblr than I already am.

    Seriously, this is awesome. Thanks Gabrielle!

  7. i totally do that butch thing where i just lean against shit all the time with my arms folded and my grin super crooked and cocky and shit. and i’ll cock my head a little bit and maybe raise an eyebrow like i know what the fuck i’m talking about, but i usually don’t because i’m actively fighting being weak at the knees for the gorgeous little thing in front of me.

    god, i feel like if i was a cis dude i would be the most epic douchebag manwhore and i would literally hate me so much.

  8. I just….so much to take in at once.

    Anyone else also wish there was a butches with bicycles? *swoon*

    • I might never leave my computer if there was a butches with bicycles. But really, all of these are wins.

  9. Butches with Babies makes me have so many feelings. Procreative feelings. Which is very weird for me. But erhmagerdz so cute!

  10. Damn, I love butches! I’d like to thank AS for catering to my butch hand fetish. It’s like a foot fetish but less kinky and I admire from afar. Now I feel like a freak for admitting that…

    • I don’t think liking butches is a weird or kinky thing at all. They are hot and amazing and should be fawned over.

      • agreed on all counts there, Torre, but i’m pretty sure that sydney was referring to her specific fetish for butch *hands*.
        and girl, i feel you. i don’t know what it is about them (there’s something that’s not purely about the sex, i promise), but the hands. oh god, their hands.

    • Can I just admit that I’ve had two semi-sexual dreams about Alison Bechdel in the last month? Okay? Okay.

      • Okay! I admit to having a dreams about Rachel Maddow in the past month. Also, I had a dream about holding babies last night after looking at the Butches holding Babies tumblr. Apparently, AS is catering to my fetishes and invading my dreams…

  11. Someone make a Tumblr of butches reading. I would, but I don’t know how to internet.


    I wouldn’t even say I’m generally attracted to butches but add the puppy and BAM, cutest goddamn thing ever.

  13. There needs to be a Butchin’ It Up With Marni tumblr, I’ll write the theme song (jk I already did).

  14. Considering I just got turned down by a cute butch-leaning (in both senses of the word) girl for not being femme enough, this is relevant to my interests. Thanks AS writers/community for reminding me that butch on butch does exist. Typically I do go for slightly femme of center girls, but this one butch girl made me weak in the knees. Since I hover around androgynous (some days slightly femme, other days boi/butch) it’s usually hard for me to win over anyone other than the curious straight girl…and that never lasts.

    • Aw i’m sorry to hear that :/
      I’m boi/butch if you wanna get all technical who has a soft spot for boi/butch folk and I tend to see femme and butch get to together rather than butch and butch

    • That sucks! I propose we all pledge not to use the phrase “you’re not ______ enough” when turning people down for dates.

  15. I’d like to nominate a “Butches drinking microbrews and looking smug” tumblr.

  16. thank you thank you thank you thank you for compiling this list. I was having a bad day and feeling sad and this list (especially baking butches & butches fucking butches) lifted my spirits!

    • “Sweet Baby Lesbian Jesus” may very well be my stage name for when I break into the business of show as a singer/songwriter/performance artist/professional napkin folder.


    Ridiculously fuckin’ hot, y’all. :)))))) I def. identify as butch/boi but I also love/am attracted to butches (and slightly more effeminate men when it gets right down to it but that’s a long discussion) who look the part and get their shit done. I feel like I’m in the minority with this, but there’s a tumblr for everyone yaaaaay!

  18. butches with cute animals!! everything that is right & good. but like, butches doing just about anything makes me swoon :D

  19. To be quite honest, I’m not the biggest fan of babies…..but that butches & babies pic is too cute :)

  20. Minty post, thankyou :)! Didn’t know about Baking Butches, but now I am following it – happy days!

    Also, all of your list needs to exist!

    Really though, you could make a blog of ‘Butches making a cuppa’ or ‘Butches putting the bin out’ or ‘Butches putting the clocks back’, and it would still be amazing and awesome and follow-worthy.

  21. Butches in the Bath!! Hot butches, but with tasteful foam covering anything too naughty, maybe holding a bottle of something.

    Think I just got an idea for my next photography project :D

  22. 1+ for butches fixing shit.
    …And butches hands? Always sexy. 1+ for simple pleasures, anyone?

  23. I aspire to be in that “Butches Leaning on Things” tumblr. I’m going practice my lean right now…

  24. I sent this link to one of my partners and she called me “the best boifriend ever,” then told me how much she loves my butch hands. Thank you so many times, Autostraddle. =)

  25. Love the pics of the “Butches” some are SO cute! Keep the pics coming! How about a Calendar of Butches? I’d love that….

    • OH MY GOD YES.
      my life is so much more complete now.
      butches who read: please submit to this tumblr asap.

    • also, related:
      i was actually looking for a picture of judith/jack halberstam reading yesterday after i suggested the butches with books tumblr, and while i did not find such a picture, i did find this one.

      halberstam holding a koala.
      i died.

  26. Thank you for this list. I am not thankful for my friend Hannah sending it to me first thing this morning. It almost killed me and I got nothing done all day. Grr you Hannah! (I know she’s reading this)

    Also can some of you American butches emigrate to Ireland, pretty pretty please?

  27. Ha. What great timing. I submitted a pic of Sugar with a baby to Butches + Babies just Monday. I have been checking it everyday. Butches with babies make me swooon so hard. Also, a big fan of the Lean and watching butches fix stuff. I could watch that all day. Great article!

  28. Dude. DUUUUDE
    I want to make ‘butches learning things’

    That would be awesome. Im gonna make this happen

  29. I’m a Butch and I love surprising my girlfriend with flowers after I finish a long day at work.

  30. Hey so I run a tumblr blog too that is really hot and wanted to share it with you all if you didn’t know it already. It’s got lots of hot butches on it, but is not specifically focused on just them. It’s and is dedicated to hot queers and their pompadour hairdo’s. You all can thank me later (and please do stop by and submit photos of your lovely selves if you sport a pomp or know someone who does!).

  31. I just discovered this page and I literally got short of breath looking at it this morning.

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