Butches + Babies

Laneia’s Team Pick:

The thing about tumblr is that it really brings out the best in people w/r/t topic creativity and unique collections. I mean, anyone can start a tumblr for cute cats, but cute cats with cute girls? That’s more like it. An entire tumblr dedicated to preserving one’s past livejournal entries? Yes yes. Or maybe photos of lesbians eating cereal, for example, ahem.

Which brings us to the most recent really good idea for a tumblr: Butches + Babies.

Butches + Babies is exactly what it says on the box: butches holding babies.

What they mean by BUTCHES:
“Butches + Babies will not define butch for you – you have the freedom to do that yourself. I will not judge or critique you, and I encourage the same from the readership. Butch, in all of its iterations, is welcome here.”

What they mean by BABIES:
“Human babies, of course.”

It’s only just started, so you’ll need to help this project along by submitting photos. What if you had a photo of a butch with a kitten in one hand and a baby in the other, eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes?

Think about that.


Thumbnail image via Offbeat Mama

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  1. i was thinking about starting a tumblr about this exact thing. now i can look at the cute pictures of butches and babies without any of the work. thanks internet!

    • queering the life of a child is so much fun. one of my friends has three kids – two girls and a boy – and the oldest one likes to say things like “He can’t do that! It’s for girls.” or “I can’t do that. It’s for boys.” Then I get to go “No, it isn’t! Go play! Have fun. You can fight that monster all by yourself. Take your sister with you.” 😀

      subverting gender roles is a good start since they’re all under five.

  2. Laneia! Are you familiar with the work of photographer Catherine Opie? Check out “Self Portrait/Nursing,” and “Oliver in a tutu,” and any of her domestic series.

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