True Blood Characters Who Still Haven’t Had Sex (and Why They Should)

by Meredith Woerner

How in Fern Gully porno heaven will True Blood top last year’s neck-snapping sex sessions and vampire TV broadcasts? By mixing up the sextation on this show. It’s time for Andy Bellefleur to get his! But with whom?
Here’s our list of hookups we’re hoping take place in the new fourth season. Your move, True Blood.

Andy Bellefleur and Nan Flanagan

At first, I was tempted to wish for a sordid past between Andy and Hoyt Fortenberry’s Mama, Maxine. Thus planting the seeds of a potential Andy and Hoyt father-and-son, on-the-road episode (perhaps Maxine could blurt out the truth while juiced up by the dirt sex goblin?). But I just couldn’t do that to Andy — he deserves better. And even though Maxine and I can both get down in a muumuu to Claudine Clark’s “Party Lights,” she’s still a horrible lump of flesh and a rotten excuse for a human being.

Andy needs someone stronger, someone dangerous, someone who’s able to lift him up and physically twirl about his farmer’s-tanned limbs mid-coitus. Someone like Nan Flanigan. Bad ass vampire representative, with a mean shade of lipstick and a bitchy haircut. Sure, Nan may not be that into human men (last time we checked in her limo). But this no-nonsense missus could really turn around our beer-bellied law dog from Bon Temps. Andy needs someone with a little structure, who’s slightly scary (so he’ll actually listen to her). We’re tired of sad sack Andy. Nan, it’s time to cover Andy with your healing blood and vampiric lady-bits. For the good of the show.

Sookie Stackhouse and Alcide Herveaux

Two great tastes that taste great together? Perhaps. Look we all know this is bound to happen. And if Sookie doesn’t get on this soon it could be minutes until we see sneak a peek at Alcide’s muscled man-hiney. Also, if she’s sleeping with Alcide, this means she’s not sleeping with Eric. That’s a win for both my personal fantasy fodder and my rapidly depleting store of Sookie tolerance.

Steve Newlin and Jason Stackhouse

There is a real, carnal attraction here — whether it’s Jason looking for the role model he never had, or the Reverend searching for solace in the arms of the man he’ll never be. The second season was smothered in Steve and Jason’s sexual tension. This year, it’s time for the disgraced Reverend from the Fellowship of the Sun to step into the light of man-on-man sex.

Sophie-Anne Leclerq And Tara Thornton

Perhaps the only way we can save the two most despised characters of the True Blood ‘verse is to get them in bed together? They’re both at seemingly critical lows in their character’s journey. One is a broke, disgraced Queen. The other was kidnapped by a psychopathic vampire, and raped for most of last season (a bit of information that no other character on the show really seemed to care about). Maybe these two could kind find some sort of peace in between the sheets — or just Thelma and Louise themselves? (That’s a great idea as well.)

Barry Horowitz and Ginger

The vampires bellboy/fairy and the skin and bones vampire barback. Ginger and Barry are both such pathetic creatures, they almost deserve one another, don’t they? There’s no doubt that both could benefit from the deep, soft kisses that come from a life time of being the neglected one. But, then again, Barry could also be a delightful, if not slightly more neurotic, replacement for Russell Edgington’s consort Talbot. Still, I think someone needs to spend some serious time stroking both of these shivering, caricatures, reassuring them everything will be OK. Naked or not, that’s all just an HBO plus at this junction isn’t it? (Assuming Russell gets out of his cement prison).

Debbie Pelt and Pam

Coot got Old Yeller-ed. And Yvetta is Fangtasia’s day-old trash. So who will these two turn to for comfort in season four? What about each other? I’m not entirely sure Debbie’s mannerisms would attract Pam from the get-go, but this aged vampire seems to attract strays. This could be a mutually beneficial relationship for both — Debbie will need protection from those looking for revenge on Russell’s lackies, and Pam needs someone to keep her young.

Also on the table (for Pam specifically): Hoyt Fortenberry. Hear me out. I DO NOT think that Jessica and Hoyt should break up. I’m one bad decision away from tattooing this fake couple’s initials in a heart on my behind, that’s how much I love these two. HOWEVER. How great would a “this is how you have sex with a vampire” session between Pam and Hoyt be? Especially if Hoyt gets offended and turns out to be a lanky, yet respectable) demon in the sack? I can see it now: “Excuse me Pam, but I think I’ll take it from here.” (Cue the fast flippy-sex athletics.)

Eric Northman And Bill Compton

This has been a long time coming. Now’s the chance for Bill and Eric to get their sexual frustration towards each other out, and onto the small screen. It doesn’t even have to be pretty — it just has to happen. Although we would delight in a little Compton courting. Flowers, hand-holding, aggressive commands half-shouted in a terrible Southern accent. “Why Eric, I do believe your black heart has chained itself to my lonely soul. Let us retire in each others arms and borough in our pink flesh until the wee hours of daylight.” Huzzah!

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  1. I once tried to use my sexy Bill Compton voice on my girlfriend once while we were having sex.

    We broke up.

      • hhhahahahah. i just started watching true blood two weeks ago. i’m now on season 3.

        i walk around screaming and ranting like tara in a bill compton accent.

        can you imagine it?

      • All I hear is “sucky” said like a southerner.

        Which is kind of how I feel about Anna P as Sookie sooooo…. :/

  2. Sophie-Anne Leclerq And Tara Thornton

    I support this. I mainly just want to see Tara get down with another woman because Rutina Wesley is hot.

  3. How about Pam and Queen Sophie-Anne? Seriously, True Blood, you’ve got twohot chick vampires who dig other hot chicks, and they’re not going at it? Such a waste!

  4. I’ve been dying for Pam and Jessica to get together since Pam gave Jessica tips on alternative uses for chainsaws.

  5. I really don’t like Anna Paquin as Sookie, but I wouldn’t mind seeing her with Eric, even though I could possibly go raving mad with jealousy…I dunno, I think it’s those darn dreams of hers.
    I also don’t quite like Stephen Moyer as Bill, but he needs to get it on with Eric. Basically, I just want to see Eric doing ppl. Oh, and Jessica. She needs to get down to business and start doing some people up in this mutha too.

    • HOLY HELL! I’d forgotten Papi was joining the cast this season!!!!!!!! O_o
      I’m very afraid for the state of my heart now. Very afraid.

      • I’m really hoping that I can see Papi as who ever her character is and not waiting for her to bust out with magic circles with all the ladies ever.

        (but really i just want her to bust out with magic circles with all the ladies, ever)

    • …I think I just had a heart attack. Giant crush on her already. I have a thing for girls with short hair in menswear.

      Well so much for being able to think about anything but that picture ever again.

      It took me a good five minutes to formulate a coherent response to this.

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