Pretty Little Liars 202 Fashioncap: Tank Tops with Necklaces for Everyone

This is my first fashion recap of Pretty Little Liars but let’s pretend like I did my first fashion recap of Pretty Little Liars last week and jump right in:

Picking up where we left off last week, the Liars were all in their pajamas. I can’t comment on their sleepwear here because they’re wearing jackets over their PJs, it’s dark, and this scene scared me too much.

Why is it so terrifying here?

The next day at lunch I can’t figure out what the hell is going on with Hannah’s shirt so I won’t comment on it.

Emily is dressed really boring, I think because the costume designers are scared about making a zomg “butch or femme” statement about her.

Aria, on the other hand, manages to wear awesome earrings and a ripped jean jacket over a dress. It looks real gay. Jackets over dresses = gay.

As usual, Spencer (who’s apparently just moved in with her girlfriend Toby and their 10 cats) wears brown and manages to look better in her regular clothes than I ever have for a job interview.


What is it that makes this outfit such a win? Is it the belt? I think it’s the belt.

Scoop Neck Jersey Tee
12.99-Old Navy
Mid-rise corduroy pants
Palisades Belt
Glass-Pearl Earring
$18-White House Black Market
Shoulder Bag


Luckily, then Samara shows up! She looks awesome and I’m in love except her outfit is completely unremarkable and we never see her legs. I’m going to assume that this means that ABC Family thinks lesbians don’t have legs. It’s a common misconception.

The next day Emily and Aria both have dates to which they both wear slightly distressed tank tops and long phallic necklaces. It really cute on both of them except for the part where they probably showed up at school and argued over who’s turn it was to wear the phallic necklace.

I thought we said I had it alternating tuesdays

They tried to obscure my view with the popcorn, but in proper lesbetron form, Samara shows up to the date wearing:

1. Basically the same outfit as the day before, and
2. Basically the same outfit as Emily.

lesbian twins r scary 4 realz

Seriously though, I think there’s a valuable lesson here. Jeans, a tank top and a necklace should probably be everyone’s go-to date night outfit. I know it’s mine.

$21-The OutNet $10-GAP $25.99-Madewell
$78 -Free People $49.90-Express $5.80-Forever 21

The next day at school (yup we’re at day three) Emily shows up wearing a three quarter length shirt and a fur vest. I have nothing to say on this except told ya so.

I stole this from Santana

To be honest, I thought this episode was going to be kind of a wash, except then, at the end of the day, Aria busts out with this. The Episode’s Best Outfit. Long white patterned tank top, black shorts, belt, boots with socks and a leather jacket. I have no idea what season it’s supposed to be, but Aria looks awesome.

Like this but with shorts

Actually, I think it’s a skirt, but in my version it’s shorts. This is the outfit I’m wearing to Pride. Done.

Peacock Tank
$17.80-Forever 21
Sateen Shorts
$23.99-French Connection
Braided Belt
$89-Ralph Lauren
Long Chain Necklace
Biker jacket
Ankle Boots
$41.99 Wanted

Next time I’ll show you where you can buy those creep gloves A always has.

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  1. Jackets over dresses = gay.
    I ALWAYS wear jackets over dresses (when it’s cold). Maybe this means something?

  2. Hannah’s shirt. Was it a shirt? Was it a a fancy dish rag with holes and sparkles?
    Anywho, I loved that Aria wore socks with her ankle boots, it was a nice touch. She’s rockin’ it this season. It almost made up for the RIDICULOUS scene where the sun bursts into the classroom beckoning to her elder man love, Mr. Fitz.

  3. Yay, this is fun. Maybe the fashioncaps will answer this burning question – is Emily always wearing a polo shirt in the flashback scenes? Because it seems like she is but I’ve never tracked it.

  4. i’m so happy about this being a thing! PLL fashion is the best kind of fashion.

  5. It’s so funny that you did this you guys, because finding the clothes from pretty little Liars is part of my job… So if you want the stuff that was actually worn in this episode by Aria, go here:

    For kicks, Hannah:

    and Spencer: (her belt is actually from All Saints which is a store full of really, excellently gay items)

    (Ideally you would click on these links, be overwhelmingly impressed by the collections I have made, buy something and join the site. And then I will win the unofficial BESTEST INTERN award. So there’s that.)

    • Hey that’s neat, thank you. Do you do it for every episode? What exactly is your job? I’m still in shock that this is real.

      • Yes, I do it for every episode– it’s part of my job to bring buzz to the site and encourage people to check it out. We’re only a start-up and are going to have a relaunch in September under a new name and we’re probably going to get in touch with bloggers to see if they want to do this kind of stuff on the site for buzz/affiliate dollars. This is just part of my duties to bring people to the site and make people aware of what we’re doing. My job is just as general intern, with a focus on marketing.

  6. I wish that biker jacket wasn’t so expensive! I’ve been trying to find some leather-y jacket like that (and like whitney’s jacket she always wears in the real l word season 1) but am not really finding anything reasonably priced. any suggestions??

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