Top Five Live Feist Videos You Need To See

Leslie Feist is:

a) a Canadian
b) woman
c) who rocks a guitar

image credit: kai junemann

Aside from being super sexy, Feist is also super talented, as evidenced in these 5 videos I’m about to share with you and her 10 million Juno awards. Inspired by Intern Grace and a lack of willpower to study for exams.

Sea Lion Woman, live in Paris 2005

This song is super fun, and Feist is a total rock star. You should watch the rest of the videos from that Paris concert, as they are also fantastic.
“Nothing sexier than a woman who can carry a guitar and jam out like that…” – YouTube

Undiscovered First, Black Cab Sessions 2011

Feist &co. improvise some percussion in a (presumably) black cab. Mostly I love the before and after they play the song. I mean also the whole thing. Does anyone else wonder where they’re going?

Lover’s Spit, with Kevin Drew, 2007

Okay, the people screaming are annoying. But I just really love it when Feist stands on pianos, and this song is so awesome.

Look At What The Light Did Now, with Kyle Fields, 2010 (from documentary)

Just a few things about this video:

+ The peacock feather
+ The adorableness of this location
+ Feist has cowlicks just like me!
+ legs
+ The peacock feather

Where Can I Go Without You? with Chilly Gonzales, 2009

Oh my God, you guys. Her voice is so good. Did I mention I love it when Feist stands on the piano? I wish she would stand on a piano and sing to me.

Know How, Kings of Convenience with Feist, 2009

Just promise me you’ll watch it ’til the end.

If you want to skip all that sentimental crap, just watch this video where Peaches and Feist get in a pool together. Sidenote, Feist used to perform with Peaches as “Bitches Lap Lap”… so I mean just do what you want with that info. More Feist videos can be found on The Internet.

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  1. Argh, these are impossibly lovely. My brain cannot handle her. She’s too good.

    Also this article is excellent w/r/t saying the things I am feeling.

  2. Thanks for writing this. There is also a quite lovely new video for her song Bittersweet Melodies.

  3. Kings of Convenience + Feist = chills.

    I remember the first time I heard that song, clapping my heads and yelling, “I THINK THAT’S FEIST I THINK THAT’S FEIST”

  4. Proud supporter of great Canadian music approves of this post.


  5. Definitely had my first major sexuality crisis after spending an afternoon in 9th grade playing Feist and GATH on the guitar with the BFF I totally did not have a crush on.

  6. I don’t like it when people stand on pianos! I’m all “Ah are they getting scratches on it? Are they hurting it?” You can imagine what I’m like when people smash guitars. D:

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