Five Videos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Megan Rapinoe

Footlocker recently released a commercial featuring a handful of athletes who I’ve mostly never heard of. It’s kind of terrible, so while I’m really only classifying it as “a thing that happened,” it was enough to rekindle my love for Megan Rapinoe. Rapinoe plays for the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team and the Seattle Sounders women’s team (thanks in part to the magicJack fiasco earlier this year, BUT I DIGRESS). The whole national team is awesome, of course, but the takeaway here is that everything Megan Rapinoe does is made at least twice as cool because of her personality and also her hair. I am not kidding. Nike sells shirt featuring her hair.

Also I would include the infamous “Megan Rapinoe Song”, but to be honest, it creeps me out. Moving on!

Megan Rapinoe Celebrates 50 Goals

The US Women’s National Team definitely has a personality cult thing going on, but at the end of the day, they are actually really good at soccer. Wikipedia tells me that Rapinoe scored 12 goals in 48 caps, which is not shabby. Aside from her wicked crosses and creative playing style, the Pinoe Leap goal celebration really is her calling card.

Megan Rapinoe Plays Guitar

It’s not the best singing, but that is just so far from the point. Listen, she covers Adele, which is an action I fundamentally oppose with very few exceptions, but this doesn’t even bother me a little bit. She could start a Nickelback cover band, and I would camp out to buy tickets.

Megan Rapinoe Does An Interview

A series of interviews, more accurately. She’s very charming. See also: Rapinoe and Lindsey’s player profiles and this interview she gave before her first ever big kid national team game.

Megan Rapinoe and Lori Lindsey Shop for Souvenirs

This video makes me feel like I’m friends with them, which is weird, but I’m not apologizing.

Megan Rapinoe and Others on Rachel Maddow

Blazers for everyone!

If you are still not feeling the love, you need to look at this photoshoot of Rapinoe by Ben Pigao because it is actually the most perfect thing.

The next national team game is against China on May 27, and the next Sounders match is on Friday, but neither will be on TV because of the patriarchy.

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  1. …. wow.. shes amazing… didnt really need 5 videos but these are a good five videos… this has to be the best thing ever on AS… pinoe is adorable

  2. I just want to say how happy I am that AS posts(now and in the past) about the USWNT. You have no idea how much of a fan I’ve been my whole life and it’s nice to see someone respectable on the interwebs write about them because male ESPN commentators creep me out with their sexist comments and mostly their general lack of knowledge for this team soccer.

  3. Before the World Cup last year I watched the guitar one like 15 times. I’ll have so many more to choose from before the Olympics!

  4. I am beyond thrilled to see you posted this!!!! I am like a teenager who follows Pinoe, Abby, Lightning and the rest on twitter and tumblr. My friends, who don’t understand, think it’s strange that I am squealing like it’s Tigerbeat. It’s TRUE!!! *swoon*

  5. Megan Rampinoe is adorable but I’ll always remember Abby Wambach as the reason I cared about soccer for the .2 seconds that I did.

  6. I find soccer insanely boring, but Megan Rapinoe and Abby Wambach make me feel like I should give the sport another shot…

  7. I love this whole team. I have been following the US Womens Soccer team for such a long time. I was so inspired at a young girl when i played as well.
    Megan Rampinoe def has awesome hair. I want it.

  8. I went on tumblr to find a .gif of her but couldn’t find any. What I did find is that a lot of women love Megan Rapinoe and a lot of them read Autostraddle. A lot ya’ll. Like A LOT.*

    *i can’t think of other words besides a lot because Megan Rapinoe’s hotness has made me forget words

    • She’s dancing in time to Spotify playing Dynamite… I don’t know if that’s slightly unsettling or awesome.

  9. Hope Solo is the queen of my heart (I’m a goalie), but there is plenty of room for Rapinoe and her hair.

  10. Intern Grace- you always post things relevant to my interests. I know all of these videos and almost all of these links, but seeing you compile all of them so nicely makes my heart swell.

    USWNT and Hannah Hart are probably what i spend most of my non-productive internet time on (or is it the most of my most-productive?)

  11. Off-topic: How does one post gifs?

    On-topic: INTERN GRACE. Why did you post this???? I have two projects due tomorrow and instead I am texting my sister (as the only family member I have who actually follows soccer for the love of the game instead of the players) about how awesome her hair is.

  12. This article is just wonderful. Thanks Grace!

    To those of you attending A-camp, do you have lots of feeling about Megan Rapinoe? I sure do and I would be delighted to exchange said feelings with you.

  13. I once wrote a marriage proposal to Rapinoe on a large piece of cardboard and carried it around my university campus before taking it to the Olympic qualifying games. I have the biggest crush on her, it’s so embarrassing.

    Grace, you just made my life with this article.

  14. I love how she celebrates all the goals with enthusiastic straddling. I have decided that from this moment on, that is how I will celebrate major life events.

  15. I’m glad other people share my obsession with this woman. My straight friends do not get it!

    Megan Rapinoe is that perfect mix of adorableness and hotness

  16. I am lovin’ the Pinoe LOVE! She’s the greatest…

    Also, for all the new fans you should follow her on twitter (@mpinoe) she posts a lot of gay-related stuff and it’s pretty funny too.

    Thanks Grace!

  17. Did y’all know she has a twin… who happens to be totally just as adorable as her?!

    the appearance of the actual image in this comment is brought to you by the autostraddle community managerettes and tegan and sara.

    • sometimes i feel like her twin is even more attractive. then i wonder how that is possible, because, see everything above, and then i go look at pictures of ali krieger instead.

    • Her twin, Rachael, also played soccer. They both played college soccer at the University of Portland (Go Pilots!)

    • that’s really awesome!

      (here, have some gratuitous rugby feelings: i always feel bad that i’m not interested in women’s rugby more. it’s something i should be super into in theory, but i just don’t get the game the way i do soccer or basketball. but it’s awesome women being awesome, and also tackling! and occasionally mud! i’m just really confused by the whole thing.)

  18. I started reading this article two hours ago, I got sucked into a Megan Rapinoe youtube vortex.

  19. Anyone else feel like the sexual tension between Pinoe and Lindsey is so thick it can be cut with a pocket knife? (the standard handy-dandy mutlti-tool type that all good lesbians have)

  20. err is anyone going to the salt lake city game on 30 june i say in a sorta related fashion? i would love to meet up/hang out since i’m going alone… have tickets for front row seats in section 21.

  21. I’ll be in the US while the Olympics are on, I will have to find somewhere to watch all the matches. Anyone know good places to watch Sport in NY, SF and LA?

  22. Had the great pleasure of watching Meghan and her twin sister Rachel play at the U of Portland. She had (I believe) two serious knee injuries but came back playing like a wild woman both times. Made me cringe and cheer at the same time.

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