Taylor’s Team Pick: Bonus Doodles from Nedroid Comics on Tumblr

Nedroid, webcomic individual of sorts and creator of one of my favorite cartoons ever, Party Cat, has an amazing Tumblr. I don’t follow his actual website all that much, but his Tumblr is an amazing source for all manner of whimsical doodles and drawings, some of which you can now look at because there they are, right down there.

"There is a new cat in the house where I live. I noticed today that she has an exclamation mark on her back. Therefore I assume she is the most exciting cat in the world. "

"I Suspect This May Be the Hidden Glen of the Elves"

"I just like stomping, okay?"

But you should really look at more after your probably very quick-moving eyeparts are done marveling at the ones above. When I’m having a shitty day these manage to make me feel roughly 55% better, which is not a trifling amount of percents.

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    • “Mario, I’m worried about you. You’ve been hopping around in that frog suit, and I think that you’re actually starting to think you’re a real frog.”

      “But guys, I AM a real frog! Don’t you get it? I have big frog eyes, and my skin is GREEN.”


  1. hahah…. I never saw the PartyCat comics before but I’ve been following the Beartato and Reginald comics for almost a year and as you said, it simply made my daily life better 😉

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