Top 10 Santana & Brittany Glee Musical Numbers

Haven’t you ever wished that instead of being what it is, Glee was actually just a show about lesbians with no dialogue, only music videos? I sure do.+



Top 10 Santana & Brittany Musical Numbers On Glee


10. “I Kissed a Girl” // Katy Perry (307: I Kissed a Girl)

This episode was a shithole of death and despair, but this song gave the whole female cast an opportunity to act like lesbians, and it seems like they had a really nice time with that.



9. “Disco Inferno” // The Tramps (316: Saturday Night Gleever)

This song is borderline unbearable, but somehow the performance manages to sizzle with sexual tension.


8. “Run the World (Girls)” // Beyoncé (303: Asian F)

This won Brittany the election… IN YOUR PANTS.


7. “Say A Little Prayer” // Dionne Warwick (102: Showmance)

Were we ever so young?


6. “Songbird” // Fleetwod Mac (219: Rumours)

Technically it’s just a Santana number, but it just split your little lesbian heart open and therefore feels like a Brittany/Santana number in your heart. Your split-open heart.


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  1. omg RIESE, I hadn’t seen the “I Wanna Dance w Somebody” number. Thank you for this. My brain, eyes and big lesbo heart love you so hard right now. In the words of my fave T-girl, “I’m gaggin’ right now, boo”.

    as in this is the best ever.

  2. Welp, there went 40 minute so of my work day and all of the productivity I built up over the morning. Looks like the rest of the day is lost, I’m gonna go home and eat some ice cream.

    Glee is capable of some magical, magical things.

  3. Relevant to my interests (much like Heather Morris’s face/neck/legs/muscles) is this post. It is almost the best post ever. EVER. (Obvs the best post has award-winning graphics emblazoned with the caption Hey You I’m A Bisexual).


    Also my bank account is so far in the red I can’t even, but I still bought the Glee arrangement of Rumor Has It/Someone Like You because it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened. My hearttttt.

  5. re: “I Kissed A Girl” (who happens to be my crush, so I’ll write this episode as my own personal fantasy–Note: this fantasy does not involve girl-on-girl kissing, since it would be inappropriate for this writer to inflict himself onto such a scene)


    re: “Survivor”/”I Will Survive”

    For the life of me, I don’t understand why you’d do a mash-up on surviving, and then have everyone play dead at the end.

    But hey, it’s Glee.

  6. Ignoring everything except the musical numbers (and anything Naya Rivera says) is the only way I can watch Glee and also maintain my sanity.
    I also kind of love Lea Michele’s everything, even though the writers have ruined Rachel Berry this season.

  7. I’m going to be real honest with you guys for a second. After the Glee version of Landslide came out I basically stopped listening to the original or the Dixie Chickss version.

    Judge away.

  8. I love “Say A Little Prayer” (I feel like Dianna Agron is trying to seduce us all in that clip) but is it actually Naya and Heather singing? It doesn’t really sound like them, and this was from the second episode, long before they had any intention to develop Santana and Brittany beyond back-up dancing and the occasional one-liner, so it might have been before they discovered their considerable singing talents.

  9. I really do love I Wanna Dance With Somebody, but I can’t help but notice the lack of interaction between Brittany and Santana during the number. I feel like it was the writers’ way of appeasing the Brittany/Santana fans without actually making the number “too gay” for Fox. In fact, if it wasn’t for the pronoun changes, I could probably show this to my mom without her catching on that they’re a couple.

  10. Damn, I had forgotten how much I love the Rumor Has it/Someone Like You mashup.

    Landslide still makes my cry.

    Me Against the Music, so incredibly hot.

    How the hell the did I Will Survive/Survivor not beat whatever crap it was that the other group performed. The Troubletones were far superior to the Glee club.

  11. You guys, this might be super late, but why don’t Santana and Brittany get to wear regular clothes more often. It’s not like anyone is going to forget that they’re the hot lesbian cheerleaders. Considering that’s one thing we all wished for at least 100/180 days of each school year of our lives. Also, I missed a couple of these songs. I was boycotting for a while because of the crazy ridiculous junk that built up in Glee-ville. But now I’m back. Mostly in hopes that Santana and Brittany get at least one makeout scene before the show ends.

    • I think it was established in a past episode that while you’re on the cheerleading team, Sue makes you wear nothing but cheerleading uniforms all the time. Quinn and Mercedes also wore the uniform 24/7 when they were on the squad

      Not that Glee normally cares about continuity…

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  13. Guys, watching those videos, I can totally see why all the fundie cray crays are convinced that this show’s gonna turn America’s kids into a bunch of raging queeros.

  14. if there will just be lesbians, i think we should let them talk. they will improv everything and it will be better than anything the glee writers have ever written.

    also, i will add “if i can’t have you” to the list.
    jump. suit.

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