TOMBOYISH: Ari Fitz’s New Series Is Like Looking in the Mirror

Carmen’s Team Pick:

Ari Fitz, certified Reality TV Queer and probably your best friend on Twitter (#misfitz for life, duh), has launched a new webseries that likely speaks to who you are as a person. The YouTube style chronicle, TOMBOYISH, is a hybrid documentary and fashion show that shows you the well-dressed people of Ari’s higher-profile world (and takes you into their brains) and offers style advice to the masses hoping to f*ck gender and look good doing it.


Fitz described the show’s focus as “andro-tomboyish” style in the email announcement she sent to her fangirls, and when I watched it I found that description to be spot-on. From oversized flannel to skinny jeans, the show is a breathing attempt to define Ari’s very own kind of style — one that resonates deeply with, well, a lot of us. From boy clothes to girl clothes and back again, it showcases the variety of ways people can express themselves without putting themselves into gendered boxes at the department store.

So far, the series has talked patterns and prints, showed us how to “look swaggy”introduced us to Kelly, Ari’s eternally hip filmmaker friend who showcased her looks on a rooftop, and taught us how to go thrifting with great results. What will she bring to the fifteen-inch screen next Tuesday? The only way to know for sure is to subscribe.

In the meantime, you look great.

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