To L and Back: Generation Q Special Pre-Season 2 Podcast Episode Is Here

The premiere of The L Word Generation Q’s Season 2 is just five days away so join Drew, Analyssa and Riese as we do a very quick recap of last season and dig into the most thrilling parts of the Season 2 Trailers. LIKE BETTE AND GIGI!

The usual:

Drew: Hi, I’m Drew!

Analyssa: I’m Analyssa!

Riese: And I’m Riese!

Drew, Riese, and Analyssa: And this is To L and Back Generation Q!

Drew: Wow, we’re out of practice! It’s been a long long time since we were last here, for purposes of The L Word.

Riese: It has been!

Drew: There was a whole pandemic. It’s still happening, apparently.

Analyssa: Well and “here” is only metaphorical, because we’re not actually all together.

Drew: No, I’m in Ohio.

Riese: I love Ohio.

Drew: I didn’t move to Ohio, don’t worry. I will be back in LA soon enough to have more lesbian chaos in Los Angeles.

Riese: You know what’s weird is that they’ve never mentioned Michigan in The L Word, like they have gone to — they’ve had Missouri, Illinois…

Analyssa: Really important Missouri representation.

Riese: Well, Drew wasn’t in The L Word, but you are in Ohio, so I’m just gonna count that.

Analyssa: That counts.

Drew: My life is basically The L Word, but there are trans women in it and they’re not playing cis, so…

Riese: Hey we might have—

Drew: Fingers crossed! So, for those of you who don’t know, To L and Back is an L Word recap podcast through that was hosted by Riese, who is here with us, and Carly Usdin, who is not here with us — but hi, Carly — that recapped the original L Word, and then last year when The L Word miraculously came back after — how many years was it, Riese?

Riese: Ten thousand.

Drew: Ten thousand years from 2009 to 2019.

Riese: Yeah.

Drew: Oh I did that math, 10 years. So, after 10 years it came back and we did some recap episodes of Gen Q, and now Gen Q is back!

Riese: Finally!

Drew: And we’re gonna keep going, but now Riese, because she’s no longer employed by the original episodes because they did finish, is joining us full time and we’re so excited about that.

Analyssa: Riese was cursed by some lesbian god that as long as there’s something airing on The L Word, she has to talk about it.

Riese: Yeah.

Analyssa: Some L Word anything is on, and Riese must be attached to a mic.

Riese: Yes, that is true.

Analyssa: Or a blog.

Riese: This is my curse. I really thought the curse had ended, you know? It is my burden and my responsibility. So that’s what we’re doing. So today in anticipation of this monumental event which is The L Word: Generation Q finally coming back, even though we’re all totally different people and a lot less psychologically stable, which at least for me is pretty sad.

Drew: Can you tell?

Riese: Can you tell we’re all doing great?

Analyssa: Ok, remind me what happened in Season 1. I’m famously horrible at this.

Riese: Do you really not remember?

Analyssa: Well, ok, here’s what I remember: running through the airport.

Riese: Ok.

Analyssa: That’s huge.

Riese: We’ve all been there.

Analyssa: We’ve all been there.

Riese: We’ve all run in an airport.

Drew: I was trying to catch a flight, not decide which of the people I was in love with.

Analyssa: Yeah, I was gonna say I feel like I’ve been running to catch a plane, but whatever. Ok. So Sophie’s running through the airport, that’s what I remember. I remember Sophie’s grandma was really sick and I was nervous about that. And Bette lost her run for mayor.

Drew: Yes.

Analyssa: And that’s probably all.

Riese: Ok, what was Alice’s storyline in Season 1?

Analyssa: Ok Alice, they brought on that writer dude.

Riese: Drew.

Analyssa: Oh, yeah.

Riese: Oh, but you guys gave him a different name.

Analyssa: What’s his name?

Drew: Yeah, what did we start calling him?

Analyssa: Owen.

Riese: Owen.

Analyssa: Right?

Riese: Yeah, he does have a strong Owen vibe.

Drew: Yeah, but I don’t think he’s coming back, so I don’t think we have to deal with that.

Analyssa: And she and Nat — oh my god, it’s all coming back to me now.

Drew: I was like, did you think of Owen before you thought about Gigi?! Because um… Analyssa.

Analyssa: You’re so right. Honestly in my head those two storylines lived so separately, and Gigi was just for me.

Drew: I see, yeah.

Riese: A gift to us all.

Analyssa: So Alice, Nat, and Gigi briefly try a throuple — well, a threesome that turns into a throuple.

Riese: Yeah. A childcare arrangement. you know?

Analyssa: It’s so hard to find good childcare in Los Angeles.

Riese: It is so hard to find good childcare in Los Angeles!

Analyssa: And that doesn’t really work out.

Riese: In their opinion.

Analyssa: Yeah, in their opinion it doesn’t work very well, and so then—

Riese: In our opinion, it was highly successful.

Analyssa: Nat makes a really big play in front of Roxane Gay, right?

Riese: Yeah, she steals the mic from Roxane Gay.

Analyssa: I thought you were gonna say she steals the Declaration of Independence.

Riese: Can you imagine if Roxane Gay owned the Declaration of Independence? There was this whole weird subplot with the Bill of Rights?

Analyssa: There’s a whole National Treasure kind of thing going on.

Riese: Yeah.

Drew: Analyssa, no, that’s National Treasure, that’s not The L Word: Generation Q. I know they’re very similar.

Analyssa: Yeah, you can see why I got confused. She steals the mic from Roxane Gay, and she’s like, “I love you and I only want to be with you.”

Riese: Yeah, we were like [scoffs]

Analyssa: And we were like, ok, sure.

Drew: Everyone everywhere was like, “Why?”

Riese: Why?

Analyssa: Ok, somebody else go.

Drew: I was going to jump the gun, because I’m excited about — based on the trailer, so this isn’t a spoiler — because Gigi might be going out, now that she’s been kicked out of throuple land.

Analyssa: Oh, right!

Drew: Finley stole a bike at the beginning of the season and returned it at the end of the season.

Riese: Yeah, and she dated a priest.

Drew: Yes. She did, and Finley has a lot of religious trauma.

Riese: She dated the priest and then they broke up.

Drew: Is Olivia Thirlby not coming back this season? Do we know that?

Riese: No, she’s not coming back.

Drew: Ok.

Analyssa: I liked her.

Drew: Well, that’s probably what’s right for the story, but not what’s right for my crush.

Riese: I didn’t like them as a couple because, as you know, the only couple I care about is Sophie and Finley.

Drew: Big Sinley shipper, I think we’re all — Analyssa, are you a Sinley shipper?

Analyssa: Yeah! I think it’s what’s right.

Drew: Yeah, great. This podcast is a Sinley shipping podcast.

Riese: Right.

Analyssa: I mean, to be clear, Dani has her appeal.

Riese: Right. Powerful.

Analyssa: If I’m Sophie, I’m torn, but I’m not Sophie so I’m watching them and I say Finley, obviously.

Riese: Correct.

Drew: Yeah. I think we’ll see what happens this season, but I think there’s a world when Dani is not in the storyline of Season 1, I think I’m going to like her more. I think so much of Dani was in her relationship with Sophie, and I don’t really like them together. The only option for this show to continue is either they break up or they stay together and work things out in a way that is functional — or not functional, but L Word functional.

Riese: Which is fighting everyday.

Drew: Either of those changes I think I’ll like Dani more in that dynamic than I did in the first season, because I was just waiting for them to break up and was so happy when Sophie was cheating, which I don’t want to cheat. Something I still haven’t done since last season is that I still have not cheated on anyone.

Riese: That’s so good!

Analyssa: Yeah, that’s important.

Drew: Thank you. Thank you.

Riese: So Dani’s storyline was that she started out, she was working for her father, who is responsible for the opioid crisis, and then she met Bette Porter and she was like, “Oh my god, Bette Porter, I want to work for you. You’re so hot and you have a cause.” And then she started to work for Bette Porter. She’s like, “Where’s my office?” They’re like, “Just grab a desk with your cardboard box.” And so she had to do that and then she helped Bette Porter run for mayor.

Dani saying to Bette "Ever since I met you, I can feel things."

Riese: Then meanwhile she’s trying to plan a wedding with Sophie, because she just proposed to her. And then, as everyone knows, as soon as you propose you gotta plan the wedding the next day. You gotta immediately, you gotta get out there.

Drew: Traditionally.

Riese: Traditionally, as it is in the culture of lesbians, honestly of America, of people of humanity, we must immediately secure a venue. So they started to plan and her and Sophie, they had great sexuals. And a lot of fights because Sophie likes to talk about her feelings and Dani doesn’t. And Sophie likes emotional support and Dani doesn’t like to give it. And Sophie is herself and then Dani kind of wants Sophie to meet her where she’s at rather than the other way around. And they made Sophie’s family feel weird and so it was like a lot of tension around the wedding. And then Bette Porter lost the election.

Analyssa: Right.

Riese: And so then Dani was like, “Let’s get married and move to Hawaii” — or sorry, “Let’s visit Hawaii and get married.” They’re not going to move to Hawaii.

Drew: Yeah. And while Bette was running for mayor, Bette was also having sex with a woman who was married.

Analyssa: Oh my gosh, Felicity, I forgot her.

Drew: Felicity. Was she Bette’s former co-worker? Former employee?

Riese: Former colleague, yeah. Classic Bette.

Bette in bed with Felicity

Drew: Classic Bette. I remember someone got pushed down the stairs.

Riese: Oh yeah, Felicity’s husband.

Drew: Yeah, the husband got pushed down the stairs.

Riese: He was a bit of a mess, that guy.

Analyssa: Yeah, he kept showing up to places.

Riese: Yeah, showing up uninvited. And you know what’s going to happen if you show up uninvited to Jordi’s play?

Analyssa: You might get pushed down the stairs a little bit.

Riese: Yeah, you’re gonna get pushed down the stairs, and deal with it, you know what I mean?

Analyssa: Jordi!

Riese: Yeah, Jordi! Angie, should we talk about Angie’s storyline?

Analyssa: Yeah.

Drew: Yeah, Angie and Jordi, I love Angie and Jordi so much.

Riese: Angie’s cute.

Analyssa: And Jordi’s cute, and they’re cute together, and they like each other. And that’s basically — what, Drew?

Drew: That’s basically it, I’m just having feelings. I’m allowed to have feelings about the teenaged lesbians, one of whom is played by a trans actress but cis.

Analyssa: All of Angie’s lesbian aunts go to this play, even though she’s just doing stage crew, but it’s nice because Jordi doesn’t have any family going, and so Angie is like, “You guys can all come be embarrassing lesbians at my play if you’re really nice to Jordi.”

Riese: Yeah.

Analyssa: Which is very sweet of her. And they are!

Riese: They are!

Analyssa: They’re all very nice to Jordi.

Riese: And it’s so sweet, and Jordi loves them.

Angie and Shane

Drew: Ok, I just unlocked a new fantasy of mine, and it’s a bunch of embarrassing lesbians in their forties showing up to my high school play.

Riese: Well, you know, my mom could arrange that for you, you know? Sometimes I would go to the movies and her and her friends would also be there.

Drew: I’m not really doing high school theater anymore, though, so I don’t really know if it could be arranged.

Analyssa: We could stage a small high school — you could pretend.

Drew: Could we do Our Town?

Riese: I love Our Town! If I can be the Stage Manager.

Drew: That sounds great.

Riese: I fucking love the Our Town. “The” Our Town? Just Our Town. I love Our Town. Our Town’s my favorite play.

Drew: This is an Our Town podcast.

Riese: Oh my god, let’s just become an Our Town podcast. I bet there’s at least 35 Our Town fans out there who’d want to really get into Thornton Wilder.

Drew: Yeah let’s get into George and Emily’s relationship.

Riese: Yeah, let’s talk about Mrs. Soame’s reaction to the wedding.

Analyssa: Ok, I actually did unlock an L Word memory just now.

Riese: Was it about Angie?

Analyssa: It’s about Angie’s play, which is that — doesn’t Shane bring her ex-wife to Angie’s play?

Riese: Yes.

Analyssa: Aren’t they kind of making eyeballs at each other?

Riese: She brings — so Shane’s storyline. Shane shows up in Los Angeles on a private jet. She fucks a girl on her kitchen counter in a new apartment that Alice got her, but she doesn’t have any furniture. And then she fills it with furniture.

Analyssa: She’s super rich.

Riese: Shane is like, “I’m going to buy this bar that’s going out of business.” It used to be lesbian now it’s straight. She meets Tess and Lena, they’re girlfriends, they work at the bar. Tess is played by Jamie Clayton, Lena’s played by Mercedes Mason. Then she decides to buy the bar, she turns it into Dana’s, it becomes a lesbian bar. Then she fucks Lena, so Lena and Tess break up, Lena skips town, and then it’s Tess and Shane running the bar together. Meanwhile, it turns out Shane’s getting divorced from her ex-wife Quiara, because her ex-wife Quiara wants to have a kid and Shane doesn’t want to have kids, despite Shane wanting to have kids in the original series, but that doesn’t matter, right? Time is a flat circle.

Shane saying "I got divorced on my birthday!"

Drew: Yeah. Jenny Schecter is still alive.

Riese: And Shane’s an entrepreneur.

Analyssa: Shane’s an entrepreneur, and then she finds a dog at the end.

Riese: Yeah, so then at the end she finds a dog and adopts it, and that’s love. That’s how you find it and that’s how you have it.

Drew: Tina!

Analyssa: Tina.

Drew: Tina comes back towards the end, she shows up. So then Tina’s around and it’s like, oh, are Bette and Tina gonna — all the Betina shippers who seem to exist for some reason, even though I don’t — look, I approve of everyone, I accept all people—

Riese: Do you?

Drew: So I’m not judging. No, not at all. But I’m not judging specifically if you ship a television couple that I don’t ship, that’s a level of, that’s fine, I don’t care about that, as long as there’s no other — you understand, I could add some caveats, but you know what I’m saying. But I will say, not from a place of judgment but from a place of wonder, I don’t understand the Betina shippers, and unfortunately for Betina shippers, Tina’s getting married to someone named Carrie, who we do not meet in the first season, but we sure will meet in the second season!

Riese: Yeah, and she’s gonna be played by the legendary Rosie O’Donnell, and I’m really fucking excited about that.

Drew: And it means that we also are going to have a butch character on the show because Rosie — I don’t know if you’ve seen in the trailer, but—

Riese: Oh my god! Short hair, silver fox.

Analyssa: Wears a lot of button ups.

Riese: Little glasses.

Analyssa: I love her.

Riese: A little awkward.

Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie O’Donnell as Carrie in THE L WORD: GENERATION Q “Late to the Party”. Photo Credit: Liz Morris/SHOWTIME.

Analyssa: What else is in the trailer? I watched it like 3 times but I just remember it being a lot of really quick cuts of hands.

Riese: That was the first trailer, then we got another trailer.

Drew: We see that Bette and Gigi hook up!

Riese: Yeah!

Drew: Which is thrilling for everybody.

Riese: Are there any other Season 1 storylines that we didn’t go through?

Analyssa: Micah!

Riese: Oh, Micah! Micah’s storyline is that he meets this guy, José, who lives next door. They start dating, but José’s a little mysterious and sometimes he says they’re gonna hang out, and then he says they can’t hang out, and then Micah’s mom comes to visit and everyone cries. And then Jose has an art show and Micah goes to it and this guy’s like, “Hey, look at how much he’s developed as an artist,” and he drew this very strange picture of Micah.

Drew: Oh my god, I forgot about that! Oh my god, I blocked that out! Oh god, I’m not going to sleep tonight. I forgot about that.

Analyssa: The mermaid painting!

Riese: The mermaid picture!

Drew: Oh, wow.

Riese: But the biggest shock is that the guy at the show is José’s husband.

Analyssa: José’s married.

Drew: That is the more important plot aspect of this situation.

Micah talking to Jose saying 'Well I used to be a lesbian before, so..."

Riese: And we all know that Micah deserves better, because so far he has no flaws.

Analyssa: Yeah, he seems to be just a sweet loving friend.

Riese: Yes.

Analyssa: That’s all. He’s not trying to hurt anyone.

Riese: No, he’s not, he’s just being there, and he’s being supportive, and he’s allegedly a professor.

Drew: Give Micah flaws! Have Micah cheat on someone! No, not everybody cheats. But Micah can have flaws that aren’t cheating, maybe Micah’s flaws are staying with someone that doesn’t treat him very well.

Riese: I mean, they definitely are.

Drew: Sometimes your flaw isn’t that you treat other people poorly, but that you treat yourself poorly.

Riese: Oh my god, that’s so true.

Analyssa: That is deep.

Riese: And that’s so relatable, you know? I think that’s all the storylines. The things that we’re excited about from the trailer: first of all, obviously, the pairing of Bette and Gigi.

Analyssa: Have we mentioned it at all yet?

Riese: Have we mentioned it?

Analyssa: A couple times? No?

Riese: A couple times.

Drew: That’s exciting — wait, can I just break down for a second why it’s exciting.

(L-R): Sepideh Moafi as Gigi and Jennifer Beals as Bette in THE L WORD: GENERATION Q “Late to the Party”. Photo Credit: Liz Morris/SHOWTIME.

Riese: Yes.

Drew: Because I just feel like there’s a lot of nuance.

Analyssa: Hair. There’s a lot of hair.

Riese: Beautiful hair.

Drew: So, yeah.

Analyssa: What if this podcast was just us heckling Drew for real opinions?

Drew: You really undercut my joke because there was no nuance, I was just gonna say they’re both really really hot, but because you guys went that route now I can’t — now my joke won’t land, so, yes, their hair and really all of them. And also that they’re both very top-y. That’s exciting for me personally. I love a top for top.

Riese: Top off!

Drew: That’s why Bette and Jodi, I love it. I mean I don’t love what happened in the original — like Bette and Jodi would be my one true pair if Bette had actually grown, but she didn’t, so I don’t actually like that for Jodi, but a lot of years have passed, so maybe Bette can handle a top for top situation now.

Riese: I think we’re gonna have some top offs.

Analyssa: I think we might have some top offs.

Riese: I think we’re gonna have some top offs.

Analyssa: I want to see Nat and Alice — ok, I know that this is controversial, I don’t think their relationship is working, but I like both of those actresses and I like them, I think they are funny in the scenes together.

Riese: Yeah, they are.

Analyssa: I don’t think their relationship is good as people.

Riese: Right.

Analyssa: But I do understand — do you know what I mean?

Riese: Yeah.

Drew: Right.

Analyssa: So, I’m excited to see more of them and see if they figure something out, or maybe just make a bunch of quips at each other, because I like that.

Riese: Yeah, I like that.

Drew: I mean, they’d be great exes.

Riese: Yeah.

Analyssa: Yeah.

Drew: But only if they have a reason to keep seeing each other, so they’d have to really stay in the friend group together.

Nat in the backseat of a car

Analyssa: Let’s give Nat a job on The Aloce Show.

Riese: On The Aloce Show.

Analyssa: On The Aloce Show. I always forget.

Riese: She’s a therapist, so she could be like on Unreal, how they had that therapist, you know? In the back who talked to people? You know what I’m talking about? She could do some emotional labor.

Analyssa: She could have a monthly segment where Alice has her talk to a celesbian or something. That would be fun.

Riese: Yeah, that would be fun. Therapy. Yeah.

Analyssa: Ok, more things to break down from the trailer, or things we’re excited about?

Riese: Yeah, I’m excited to see what happens with Sophie and Finley. Did I mention that?

Drew: Yeah.

Riese: I am excited to see what happens with Micah and Maribel.

Analyssa: Oh, right! Your number one ship.

Riese: My number one ship, because in the trailers, and in some stills that we’ve already seen, they are spending time together.

(L-R): Leo Sheng as Micah Lee and Jillian Mercado as Maribel in THE L WORD: GENERATION Q ÒLean On MeÓ. Photo Credit: Liz Morris/SHOWTIME.

Analyssa: They’re pictured in the same frame.

Drew: I would be so excited about that.

Analyssa: That would really be a huge shot-from-half-court situation.

Riese: Right, exactly.

Analyssa: That would be really impressive for you.

Riese: Thank you, thank you. I did say in a post that I made a really strong case for why they should be together and the chances are strong that somebody who already thought of that is in the writers room, was reading that and was like, “Ugh, now everyone’s gonna think that we got the idea from this bitch,” you know? But in an alternate world, I guess no one reads anything I ever wrote, and they thought of it anyways because it’s just a great idea.

Analyssa: Yeah. You just tapped into a great idea.

Riese: Or they’re just friends. Pff.

Drew: No, no, I was going to say or they did read the post, and then you gave them the idea, and they’re gonna call you and they’re gonna go, “Riese, we need to give you co-writer credit on this script.” And that’s how television is made.

Analyssa: And that’s how it works.

Riese: I did unfortunately say in the post, I did explicitly say, “this is a free idea.”

Analyssa: Oh no! You can’t say that!

Riese: I did, I said, “this is a free idea,” and so now I’m giving it away for free.

Analyssa: You have to retroactively edit and say, “this is an idea that you could pay me for if you call me, this is the number, thank you.”

Riese: Yeah, because the thing is that in one of the trailers, Micah says, “I slept with a girl.” He says it to Dani, and he says it’s a girl, and I’m just saying, who’s the girl? I don’t know, maybe.

Analyssa: Bisexuality returns to The L Word.

Riese: Because her character was upped.

Analyssa: Oh, to regular?

Riese: Mhmm affirmative

Analyssa: Good for her!

Drew: I love this. I’m fully on board. I was always on board, but I’m on board with your guess that it’s actually happening, I think that it makes a lot of sense.

Analyssa: Wait, is the second teaser the one where Finley has a black eye?

Riese: Oh yeah, oh yeah that’s true. We have seen Finley with a black eye, and I’m gonna go out on a limb here, that it’s from Dani.

Analyssa: Interesting.

Riese: Yeah. Also, Alice is writing a book.

Drew: Alice is writing a book, and I, for one, can’t wait to read it.

Riese: I hope — do you think it’s gonna be like another Lez Girls, in so far that it was written in 35 days and then already has a publisher and is ready to hit the presses?

Analyssa: Almost assuredly.

Drew: Probably. I wonder if the book will have a bunch of personal details about her friends and then the ghost of Jenny schecter will show up and be like, “Hey, I have Monet actually here, because we’re both in the afterlife together, and let me tell you, Monet’s on my side, so go fuck yourself.”

Riese: Yes.

Drew: “Monet thinks you’re a big hypocrite.”

Riese: I’m hoping that Alice’s book will be providing an opportunity for additional backstory on what happened in those ten thousand years between the original series and Generation Q.

Drew: Oh, see, I hope the book gives more backstory of what happened before the original L Word started and Bette and Alice were dating, because that’s also one of my — that’s my weird ship, is that I like would love Bette and Alice to be together.

Riese: I don’t think anyone’s spoken about Bette and Alice more than you. I would say that if you added up all the times in the world people have talked about Bette and Alice, all of them, and then compared them to the amount of times that you personally have talked about Bette and Alice, it would be the same amount of times.

Drew: Yeah, and I love that for me.

Riese: Balice.

Drew: Here’s the thing. I mean I’ve already justified — last season I talked about why I think they should be together, so I don’t need to get into it again, but I will say, who doesn’t like getting fingered at the opera? You know? And that’s not the main reason that they’re compatible, but—

Analyssa: But it was the first one to come up.

Drew: I’ve never been fingered at the opera.

Riese: I’ve never been fingered at the opera. I think… mmmm…

Drew: I haven’t been to that many operas, though.

Analyssa: Like, at a movie theater, but I was in high school, that doesn’t count.

Riese: Fingered in a movie theater?

Drew: Were you seeing the movie adaptation of Phantom of the Opera?

Analyssa: I wish! I love that movie.

Riese: Carol’s a little bit nervous about the new season because she knows that there will be a dog in it, and she would just like to make sure that everybody knows that she’s still the top dog.

Analyssa: She’s the number one dog.

Drew: Well, do you think that she’s worried that maybe they’re gonna have to cast a bunch of dogs but they’re gonna be like, “No no no, they’re playing cats, trust us, they’re playing cats, they’re not actually dogs. trust us.”

Riese: We have discussed that Carol might be a cat.

Drew: Oh, so there you go, so maybe Carol will feel really represented.

Riese: Yeah, she will.

Drew: And you know what, I love that for Carol, because really what I want is for Carol to feel represented in the lesbian community.

Riese: Well, I hope she does because did you see that meme on Netflix @most?

Analyssa: That the dog is named Carol?

Riese: Yeah.

Analyssa: Yeah, I did see that. I thought of you.

Riese: I thought if this isn’t about my dog personally then I’m moving back to Ohio, where I’ve never lived, but could.

Analyssa: Well, so Riese is joining us for the rest of the season! Other changes that we have are that we have a new logo.

Riese: We’re gonna have a new logo for these episodes!

Analyssa: So don’t get confused when you see a pretty new picture! It’s still the three of us being annoying.

Riese: Yeah, but if you do find us annoying, I would suggest just keeping it to yourself, and not necessarily posting a bad review. Or you could just email us and let us know, because the thing is you don’t want to erase us from Apple — erasure, you don’t want to do erasure.

Analyssa: You don’t want to do erasure.

Drew: Lesbian erasure is a big problem in the community.

Riese: It is.

Analyssa: That’s a great point.

Drew: And lesbian erasure is when you don’t like our podcast.

Riese: Yeah, lesbian erasure is leaving a bad review.

Analyssa: It’s when you think we’re annoying.

Riese: I only leave reviews to say positive things or to be like — I left a review recently that was like, “Can you please make it so that the descriptions of the episodes are there instead of the sponsor messages, because I don’t know what any of these episodes are for this podcast.” You know? It was a technical request.

Analyssa: That’s helpful!

Riese: But I gave it 5 stars.

Drew: That’s how I feel about Uber drivers. I’ll be like, “Hey, maybe don’t say these things about trans people,” but I’m still going to give you 5 stars and tip 30% because I’m not a monster.

Riese: Right, yeah, one time I ordered something on Postmates and got something totally different, 3 hours later. And I still tipped 20%, right? And Gretchen was like, “I honestly think if a Postmates driver came to my house, opened the door, and ate the entire meal that I ordered in front of me, I would probably still tip 20%.”

Analyssa: They’re not paid enough.

Riese: It’s on us.

Drew: Hey, so can you tell that there was a pandemic and that we haven’t seen a lot of each other and miss each other? But we’re gonna say goodbye for now, and wrap it up, and talk to each other off mic about our Postmates orders, but we’ll be back next week with a recap of the first episode of The L Word: Generation Q,” and then back the week after that with the second episode, and sort of that schedule moving forward. And we’re so excited to be back!

Riese: We’ll also be recapping it on Recapping it will take me a really long time, and so I appreciate your support, your commentary, your page views, and also any positive reinforcement that you give me, because I’m actually really insecure.

Analyssa: Riese loves validation.

Riese: I really need a lot of validation. Well, guys, thanks for listening and we’ll see you next week for a recap of the first episode! Right?

Analyssa: Yeah!

Riese: And we can’t wait. We’re so excited. Drew’s excited too but she accidentally stopped recording.

Analyssa: So now she can’t be on it.

Riese: But she’s excited, like so excited. Ok, bye!

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