This Is Sunday Funday’s Very Gay Love Letter to Megan Rapinoe, The Notorious RBG, and Kate McKinnon

Hey, curly fries! I’m back at the beach again, this time with my perfect person Geneva in tow, but I took some time to find all the best good gay news for you anyway because that’s what love looks like and also what else am I supposed to do while Geneva and Eli take naps together? Besides melt, that is.

Yep, Still Talking About the World Cup

+ We are all made of Megan Rapinoe.

+ Taylor Swift invited the USWNT on stage with her at a concert in New Jersey because EVERYONE FUCKING WATCHED THE WOMEN’S WORLD CUP.

+ ICYMI: These are the best Instagram photos from the USWNT ticker tape parade because you guys, there was a USWNT ticker tape parade.

+ Canadian goalkeeper Erin McLeod and fellow soccer player Ella Masser got married after the World Cup and don’t care what you think about it.

Enter Seattle’s Kitty Hall

I wish this were a joke because nobody’s named a building after my dog yet, just saying.


Seattle Mayor Ed Murray issued an official proclamation on Friday, complete with his signature and a shiny golden seal, declaring that City Hall — where the local government conducts business — had been renamed for the day as “Kitty Hall.”

This is a real thing.

The Notorious RBG Answers Her Fan Mail

Sabree sent Ruth Bader Ginsburg a bitchin’ lace collar, and guess what? SHE’S GONNA WEAR IT, YOU GUYS. Dreams come true. Oh, and she sent back a note, that too. Let’s all send RBG mail, I feel like it’s a recipe for a confidence boost.


Ireland Wants to Protect LGB Teachers

An amendment to a non-discrimination law in Ireland would make it illegal for religiously-affiliated employers and organizations, such as Catholic schools, from firing LGB teachers — and it passed the Seanad on Tuesday.

“LGB teachers can be secure in the knowledge that speaking about our families and our relationships, in the same way as our colleagues, and that being gay or lesbian will have no bearing on job security or on prospects for promotion,” said Anne Marie Lillis, the chairwoman of the INTO LGBT Teachers’ Group. “When signed into law this legislation will end the threat of discrimination in primary schools based on sexual orientation.”

“The INTO has always advocated for the equal treatment of our members and to remove the weight of discrimination being felt on the grounds of sexual orientation,” said Sheila Nunan, General Secretary of the INTO. “These amendments will further that aim and ensure that the lives of our teaching colleagues significantly improve. It is a victory for all teachers in our classrooms throughout the country. This is the culmination of the hard work our members of the LGBT Teachers’ Group have done over many years.”

Lumberjanes Just Won Everything

Sooooo the Lumberjanes team just won two Eisner Awards!

art by Noelle Stevenson

art by Noelle Stevenson

I’m Calling These Ghostbusters, IDK About You

Same-Sex Civil Unions Are Now a Thing in Chile


Same-sex couples lined up to apply for civil union licenses across Chile Thursday, making history for the queer community in the nation.

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  1. OMG guys I need to knit a sweater for RBG. My knitting game is limited to scarves and hats, but if I improve and make her a sweater, will she wear it??

    • My best friend from high school recently finished law school and about sixty years ago plans to be the Notorious RBG and I told her when she succeeds I will learn how to make a lace collar just to make her a lace collar

    • i really hope she sends you a selfie of her in it, actually, autographed. you deserve it.

  2. Talking about Chile, elsewhere in South America same-sex marriage is legal in Argentina, Brazil, French Guiana, and Uruguay. Civil unions are legal in Colombia and Ecuador. A same-sex marriage lawsuit is pending before the Venezuelan Supreme Court. Homosexual acts remain illegal in Guyana, but nowhere else on the continent

  3. The protection for Irish teachers is fantastic! I went to an English catholic school and can only imagine the pressure on a teacher in a similar environment in Ireland. Kids are cruel, sometimes so are adults, sometimes legal protection is all you have. Although i notice there was not T reference?

  4. Oh cool :) great to see the Irish content.

    For context, 96% of our primary (elementary) schools are owned or run by religous bodies. The seanad is our upper house of parliament, it’s not directly elected by the people, it’s powers are limited.

    This is still great news though as the Seanad can sometimes be very conservative. In the recent refrendum while the majority of the Govenment (lower house/commons) were Yes supporters, a number of the prominent No voices, were Seanad senators.

    But also… if i’m honest, my favourite parts were the RBG fanmail… and Megan Rapinoes smile in that gif :)

    • That is really interesting. I had no idea most elementary schools there are religiously affiliated.

      • “Most of these young people who voted Yes are products of our Catholic schools for 12 years,” he said. “There’s a big challenge there to see how we get across the message of the church…We need to sit down and say ‘are we reaching out at all to young people?’ … We’re becoming a church of the like-minded, and a sort of a safe space for the like-minded,” he said.”

        Thats a quote from our archbishop after the referendum (the 96% may be slightly decreased as the government is trying to diversify)

    • oh wow, holy shit. that’s a lot of religiously affiliated schools and thus, many queer teachers to protect!

  5. thank glob for seattle. kittens. taking over city hall. what more could i ever want in my life??

    • What more could you want? You could want Seattle’s cat cafe (Seattle Meowtropolitan) to be up and running!!! But sadly, it hasn’t opened yet, to my knowledge… :(

    • the kitten in the photo is so cute! Its too much! (except its not too much ahh kittens <3)

  6. I once had a dream that Ruth Bader Ginsburg kissed my firstborn child on the forehead and then we had brunch together. If this dream came true, I would die completely fulfilled.

  7. The picture of Erin McLeod and Ella Masar is so cute and made me really happy. Do you think they got married at Kitty Hall?! ;)

  8. Yet more evidence that the USWNT is living my lesbian dreamlife.

    Also, congratulations and warmest wishes to the people of Chile!

  9. Oh Megan Rapinoe, you are everything.
    Side note, I never knew what a ticker tape parade was until today so thanks for that!

  10. Is this Sunday Funday even better than usual?? Every single thing in this article made me so happy.

  11. I’m really looking forward to the Ghostbusters movie. And T-Swift inviting up the women’s soccer team was the best!!

  12. I love how much of this is about the women’s world cup players, and am looking forward to reading the article about LGB teachers tomorrow during my lunch break (because everyone needs something to look forward to, right?).

  13. oh my god if I got a letter from RBG I would probably stare at it for the rest of my life

    … so maybe it’s a good thing that will never happen because then how would I read Autostraddle?

  14. I just really really really want Kate to play a lesbian in ghostbusters. Some ppl are like, I’m glad their costumes are unflattering because they aren’t being hypersexualized, which is great, but I actually think they look awesome in those outfits. Fuck “flattering”.

  15. Ahhh they’re filming Ghostbusters on the street I used to walk down every day to grad school!

    Also also that Megan Rapinoe vine is everything!

  16. I’m solo happy that the bit about Megan Rapinoe mad it in here. I saw the video earlier this week on twitter and couldn’t stop laughing. There are a lot of reasons to love the USWNT, but the unapologetic queerness of their out players is definitely at the top of my list!

    Between Megan Rapinoe’s “GAAAAAAAAAY” exclamation as the one word she would use to describe herself and Abby Wombach kissing her wife after winning the world cup- Gah! I just love them.

    • yessssss. like, not only do y’all kick ass and shit, but you’re also the gayest human beings ever and everyone loves it? like, how amazing is that. oh, right. THE MOST AMAZING.

    • someone needs to make her a lace cape to wear in her other life as a superhero, obviously.

    • as someone who watches frasier over and over again i just want you to know i’ve always been cheering for seattle. I’M ON YOUR TEAM, SEATTLE.

  17. I wasn’t allowed to openly cheer for the US in the finals game last week because my family home is now #TeamJapan, but damn, I finally get what all of you have been raving about with Megan Rapinoe. She is delightfully adorable, and I’m adding my name to her “Lesbian Fan Club” roster.

  18. So when the discussion first circulated about the Ghostbusters reboot with an all-female ‘buster cast I had a friend on facebook who said, “That’s stupid, I want an all-male Ghostbusters!” I nearly had to be restrained from driving several states to where he was, grabbing him by the shirt collar, and saying, “Read that out loud, dummy. Read that out loud.” That was some naked, stupid misogyny there.

    • #readthatoutloud is just my new response to all dudes who opine openly about things, i think. thank you.

  19. Not even American and super pumped for your soccer team! Also Taylor Swift, always down for Taylor Swift. Sure, it might be a publicity stunt but how cool that – to a concert comprised primarily of teenage girls – she went, ‘look at these athletes, some of them queer (or, in the case of Megan Rapinoe, gaaaaay), look how cool they are, let’s celebrate them!’
    Idk I’m really happy about it, you guys.

    Also I’m loving all the other good news….though I don’t understand Kitty Hall??

    • i think kitty hall would just be a great place to be all the time idk!

      also, thank you for being pumped! and i’m sure taylor swift would thank you, too, if she were here. ARE YOU HERE, TAYLOR, CAN YOU HEAR ME TAYLOR.

    • ha! only if megan rapinoe herself promises to make a profile and add us all as friends, i think. that seems fair.

  20. I think I finally ran out of places to post that Megan Rapinoe vine… But I could maybe find a few more…it’s worth it.

    • feel free to post not only the vine but this entire uswnt-inspired funday everywhere for the rest of your life. do it for the children, hat. and also for the rest of us.

  21. This entire Sunday Funday made me squee with delight! That wedding photo! THAT KITTEN! MEGAN RAPINOE.

  22. Not that we needed additional evidence of RBG’s awesomeness … but wow, is that note not awesome? (And gracious, and so many other good adjectives.) And that wedding pic. As the kids say these days: I can’t even!

  23. RBG’s lace collar gives me so much hope for our world.

    What a stunningly beautiful, heartfelt gift. The (many, many) hours of work on the creators behalf are a fitting tribute to a wonderful woman and reflect a generosity of spirit that our world so dearly needs.

  24. I kind of want to have the vine on loop in the background of all my day to day activities.
    I just feel like it fits.

    • when they make a movie about you i’m gonna make sure it plays in the opening AND closing credits.

  25. Not to brag or anything but Lumberjanes won the Eisner/Seattle become Kitty Hall on my birthday and I really enjoyed those gifts from the universe.

    • thank you for sharing your big day with the rest of us in queer magicalness! and happy belated! <3

  26. Yaaaass Taylor Swift! Also that wedding picture is so beautiful. And lastly I am SO psyched for Ghost Busters!

  27. We’re allowed to send RBG handmade things in the mail?! ::Cancels all upcoming plans:: Off to Michael’s!

    • this was legit one of the first thoughts i had, like i was just like “wait so i can actually send her love letters like just because like i can just SEND HER MAIL?”

      let’s start an autostraddle fan club for RBG and then send her big ol’ gay care packages every once in a while, y’know, just to let her know we care.

  28. the amount of times that I’ve watched the Megan Rapinoe video is truly embarrassing… but it’s also suddenly become my entire worldview so no regrets. I legitimately teared up when reading the note from Justice Ginsburg, who continues to be the classiest smartest and coolest role model a future law-lady can have. also I SCREAMED when I read about the two Lumberjanes Eisner wins; that comic is amazing and Noelle Stevenson is A DELIGHT and deserves all the comics awards possible.

  29. My Chilean co-worker and I were just talking about that!

    Also, congrats to @graaace and everyone else behind Lumberjanes. WOO WOO!

  30. Super hyped that the US women and Women Soccer is getting some traction post-world cup. Hopefully, the game keeps growing. Glad to see the exposure for all the women of the world cup.

    • i’m all about this, yes! like i keep being like “wow, we’re still talking about the uswnt?” and then i pause and i’m like, “WOW! WE’RE STILL TALKING ABOUT THE USWNT!”

      let us never stop until all the fame and glory is theirs now and forever, is what i’m saying. amen.

  31. I am so happy to live in a time where RBG reigns supreme, the USWNT is full of hot celesbians, and the Ghostbusters are women

  32. I’ve never been one to watch sportsball of any kind, but the USWNT had me entranced…there’s just something really tantalizing about powerful women kicking ass at soccer??? Also, I’m just really really glad that alternative lifestyle haircuts are a universal thing (I enjoyed seeing them on the other teams as well as USWNT).

    • yes, like i generally cannot focus on a sports game but i could watch the uswnt all day because it’s just like me sitting on the couch eating pretzels thinking about how handsome / cute / amazing / totally gay everyone is

  33. t-swift <3 !!!
    she also recently hung out with uzo aduba apparently?!? ugggh this girl, i can't deal with the awesomeness since she discovered feminism :)

    • seems like a really good commercial for feminism would be a PSA of formerly feminism-averse celebs talking about the cool people they get to hang out with now that they’ve come to the dark side. as in, i would watch it over and over and over again.

  34. I know I’m way late on this, but feeling fully obsessed with the USWNT these days. Megan Rapinoe is the most crittery thing ever and I hope she never stops.

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