This Is a Homoerotic Kristen Stewart Post

With the debut of Snow White & The Huntsman lurking ever-closer on the big bright horizon, a surge of Kristen Stewart-related media has overtaken the internet. We have been accumulating these tidbits over the past few weeks and now I’d like to present some of this information and imagery to you so that we can all experience it together, as a family.

Let’s begin with the cross-dressing ELLE Magazine shoot that made our tumblr explode last week:

Yup, that’s Kristen Stewart dressed as a boy, and also as a girl! You can re-create this look at home, see:


Kristen Stewart and Kristen Stewart are really cute together, aren’t they?


If you’d like to engage emotionally with the entire shoot, you can purchase the magazine at your local newsstand, or visit Needless to say, whomever conceptualized that shoot is a genius who deserves some kind of Feminist Porn Award next year.

Anyhow, you know who else is cute together? Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron! Interview Magazine, that crafty vixen, featured both women on its cover this month, accompanied by an intensely homoerotic photoshoot:

hey kristen do you wanna make out later or something?

The Interview interviews are worth a read — both Kristen Stewart’s and Charlize Theron’s. Stewart’s interview focuses primarily on her history of working with women, playing strong women, and acting for female directors. Stewart talks about working with out lesbian director Rose Troche on The Safety of Objects, bisexual rock star Joan Jett on The Runaways and of course Charlize Theron on Snow White & The Hunstman. She also speaks to the experience of being a generally awkward person unable to do that “sound-bite, be-candidly-funny thing.”

kristen, all you talked about all day was how you wanted to dress severely and watch "mad men" and now you won't even look at the television set


Last night, Kristen Stewart attended the Los Angeles premiere of Snow White & The Huntsman, wearing both costumes from her Elle shoot at the same time:

In the spirit of Ellen Page/Drew Barrymore circa Whip It!, Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron have become quite the twosome. Regardless of Kristen Stewart’s actual sexual orientation, she seems incapable of not developing homoerotic sexual tension with her female co-stars, and she and Charlize have definitely taken this to the next level.


For the second part of this post, I would like to share some videos with you. First I’d like to draw your attention to a fabulous interview from ‘The Question Box,” which Carmen posted in the Sunday Funday on May 13th, 2012. Now, moving forward!

1. Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron on El Hormiguero on May 17th:


2. Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and that guy on Moviefone’s “Unscripted”:


I will now conclude this post with the trailer for Snow White & The Hunstman, as that is ostensibly the sub-topic of this post. The film debuts this weekend. I’d like to see it. It’s gotten pretty good reviews.

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  1. I think Kstew looks unbelievably awkward in like 95% of her photos, and I kinda like that? she’s still that awkward tomboy. much like me

    I used to love indie actress Kristen steward and then I saw her on twilight and was unbelievably disappointed,I’m still not quite over that.
    but her doing more,better movies and being so very homoerotic with charlize helps.

    • I only knew kstew from Twilight, and didn’t really understand all the hype around her until last Sunday when I watched the Runaways, and now I want to have her babies. This post just tripled my lust for her. Also, Charlize Theron always makes me a little bit swoony.

    • I love her awkwardness in photos, especially after reading about how she deeply dislikes the way people demand that she smile or look more cheerful. Way to fight the “smile, baby” variety of body policing, KStew!

    • An English friend explained what “fit” means when poms use it recently, and now it’s haunting me! I literally see it ALL OVER THE PLACE!

  2. I’ll admit: I squee’d. Ever since fucking Panic Room and Catch That Kid, you guys. <3

  3. There’s this split-secondy unchecked dreamy look on her face right before Charlize kisses her cheek, like she turns her head in such a way to indicate she’s half-expecting a for-real makeout situtation, and then all this embarrassed awkwardness bursts out of her after the cheek-kiss and I love it.

    • I don’t want to say that I posted this exact same thing on tumblr, but let’s be real I did. She absolutely has some instincts kick in for a quarter of a second. SO GAY.

  4. Did anyone see KStew on the Graham Norton Show a week or so ago? She had so many facial expressions! I was amazed! And she was adorably surprised and happy when he said he wanted to talk about Snow White and not Twilight <3

  5. keep kstew.

    i will take Charlize and literally worship every inch of her while reading poetry to her, cooking/cleaning/domesticating all the things for her, and allowing her to make out with other women whenever she wants.

    seriously, Charlize is it and that Dior commercial with the Gossip…and oh mami…


    • I am obsessed with that Dior commercial. Charlize is a goddess and the only reason I am even remotely interested in seeing this movie.

  6. 1. Kristen please just be gay!
    2. Charlsten. Cutest/best hollywood couple? Uhh yah

  7. I love how Kstew does all the work for us when it comes to looking for gay subtext. Keep doing what you’re doing girl.

  8. I rode on an airplane with (i.e. 20 rows behind) Charlize one time! I pretty much shared my breathing space with her. That’s all.

    • ohmygod. so envious. I think I’d just strolled up and down just to look at her and be a creep.

  9. all this post is missing is the following picture, which i hope will actually post!

  10. I keep wanting to type a coherent message depicting how insanely attractive & adorable these two women are but all I can do is go “wharrgarrbbllleeeee” at my screen

  11. I feel like the title of this only needed to be “This is a Kristen Stewart post.” The rest is always implied when she is around.


    • She makes my gaydar go crazy.

      Also, I’m convinced the title is search engine optimization at its finest. Like Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual, but for Kristen Stewart.

  12. i can’t wait for her to come out!

    that elle shoot has a few weird editing problems which were distracting to me, but otherwise so hot and queer.

  13. She is so that “straight” friend whose sexuality you don’t want to define and you want to let them come out on their own terms but sometimes you’re just like GIRL SERIOUSLY LOOK AT YOURSELF.

  14. I can’t even with these two. Kristen’s face in the middle one of those 3 gifs is just too adorable. Also I don’t normally care about/for her much but that Elle shoot… DAMN GURL.

    Also this movie looks BAD ASS. I want to see it.

  15. Ah, this is precisely the post I needed from Autostraddle after practically melting when I saw the re-run last night of her interview on Jimmy Kimmel. It’s like you folks here can read my gay little mind.

    I have been hyped for this movie ever since that first poster reveal with her in full armor. It’s like Godiva-covered crack for the eyes.

  16. I once read someone describe Kristen’s unique blend of stardom and awkwardness as being like watching a unicorn walk through a screen door.

    • Whoever wrote that is genius.

      Also, your username–awesome. If Mavis “the Betty Crocker of cyberspace” Beacon reads Autostraddle, then you know it’s gold.

  17. I watched Zathura a while ago and I was really surprised because she could actually act.

  18. Aaaw, they’re so adorable in interviews together ^^ And in general. Also, I loved how Kristen looked almost all the time at Charlize and kept laughing at her jokes, SO CUTE (oh, she totally likes her – the ending much? *grins*)

    Also, Kristen being all awkward is just making me swoon all the more =D

    (Can’t wait until I get to see the movie, it’s gonna be awesome! =D)

  19. I was waiting so so hard for this post. They’re both being so incredibly gay in every interview I just can’t deal with my feelings.

    Also, I received my Autostraddle ‘Zine yesterday and I appreciated all the Kstew in it. Muchly.

  20. What interview is the “i want you/you got it” gif from? Kristen is sooo cute in that!

    I used to be so certain she was a queermo but I don’t know anymore. The whole PRomance with cedric diggory has been going on an awful long time for it to be fake, especially without either of them ever slipping up and being seen with another partner. Still a girl can dream.

    • Well… if it’s for pr, then they’re going to want to keep it up until after the very last Twilight movie has come out. Besides, she may not be straight even if she’s in a real relationship with a guy.

  21. Has Charlize always been this funny? I feel like the two of them bring out the best in each other.

  22. “Kristen Stewart and Kristen Stewart are really cute together, aren’t they?”

    Now THAT is what I would call autostraddling.

  23. When I met Kristen Stewart she was lovely and not as awkward as she comes across, however she didn’t ring up on my gaydar much..I’m hoping it was just having an off day!

  24. She has a really Aussie sense of humour, imo. She got a good dose of Aussie from her mum that’s for sure :)

  25. “Last night, Kristen Stewart attended the Los Angeles premiere of Snow White & The Huntsman, wearing both costumes from her Elle shoot at the same time”

    In my head I read this as:

    “wearing both costumes from her Elle shoot AT THE SAME DAMN TIME.”

    I think I’m a hood rat.

  26. First of all, everyone here is awesome.
    Second, y’all need to check out the Access Hollywood interview with Charlize Theron. To quote her: “I wish I had some Kristen in me”… and then i blacked out, came to, and replayed.

    Here’s a link:

  27. This was def the best interview I’ve seen from KStew. And all the press she’s doing with Charlize is turning me into a big fan of her’s, too.

  28. Kristen, I wanna make out with Charlize and wear boxer briefs too! Girl, how did you know?

  29. This post has suddenly become relevant to my interests because omigod Charlize Theron is the fucking funniest smartass ever, and I recently discovered that my girlfriend looks like KStew from a specific angle which really throws me off sometimes.

    Anyways. Shipping them hardcore. This is a fantastic coupling.

  30. I’m in Kansas City and tonight is the first night of Pride weekend. I spent my evening watching Kristin Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman. What’s gayer than that?!

    It’s an awesome movie, BTW!

  31. You know, I used to not like Kristen Stewart because of that whole Twilight gig and the facial expression ability of Keanu Reeves, but this is starting to make me want to look at her other stuff.
    I might actually have to go see that movie now…

  32. The movie is basically two hours of You In The Woods With Kristen Stewart, with a few dwarves thrown in, and then she puts on some armor and you get to see a lot of close-ups of Charlize Theron’s face.

    You should see it.

  33. Have we talked yet about how Kristen seemed to be with some sort of a ladyfriend at the MTV Movie Awards?

    (Even if they are just friends, the queerness I feel emanating from those seats pleases me greatly.)

  34. omghowdidimissthis article– omg kstew kristen kristen omg help help help heeeeeeeelp i’m dying. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    i tell myself one of the reasons i want to see snow white and the huntsman is because of the cool creature designs and the mirror guy design, and mostly it looks like a fun fantasy film to watch. but also and mostly i want to see kristen stewart. *__*

    • Fact: A single Kristen Stewart gives off enough heat to power the Greater Antilles islands for 9.8 years.

  35. I love this post sfm, but it pains me because of my internal conflict of whether the Kristen/Charlize ship name should be ‘Charten’ or ‘Charstew’, either way, OTP!!!

  36. +10 – have been in love with KStew ever since the first time I watched The Runaways.

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