VIDEO – Julie & Brandy In Your Box Office #4: The Runaways

Julie Goldman & Brandy have something they want you to do. They want you to go see a really, really, really good movie, and they’re gonna tell you why. And it’s gonna be dirty, sexy, dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty lesbian dirty, 70’s.

Also this week: Brandy studies fisting, Julie saw Joan Jett at a sex club, and cocaine is better in giant freezer bags, right? Sure it is. Welcome to the raunchiest/funniest show on the entire internet:

Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard are the Matt and Ben of Lesbian Movies.  They are a sensational acting/writing duo that are trying to cause a sensation with their sensational, lesbian romantic-comedy, Nicest Thing.

Since no one wants to make their movie or cast them in anything, they feel it is their duty to harshly judge everyone else’s work; based on a sliding scale of rage, bitterness, lesbianisim, and lack of any real significant training.

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    wow hilarious
    and yeah you do kind of feel like running out of the theater to cause destruction and raise hell afterward…

    glad i’m not alone on that one

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    I’d like to inform you that my computer is now covered in seltzer water because of those fisting sound effects. So worth it.

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      We did a sort of world premiere of the video in our hotel room earlier and at one point Kelsey spit up her mojito all over everything and we had to pause, wipe down, and restart, i actually think my phone is still sticky

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    Omg I love the gallon ziplock bag full of coke. I was worried they would hate this movie like the others but this movie was AFUCKINGMAZING and I’m glad they think so too.

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    I’m still waiting for the theater in town by my university to get it. Ah! So impatient.

    Hilarious. As Always!

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    I can’t imagine the Runaways flick is better than this video review. You guys are fucking awesome.

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    Gotta say…this was a GREAT review. I love the chemistry between these two and their witty dialogue makes me LOL!!

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    i just saw this movie so i could watch this and i loved it! wanna start a rock band, lol

    1. julie being excited about smoking a cigarette
    2. more brandy dancing please
    3. brandy’s fisting demonstration and julie’s BOOM BOOM = amazing
    4. it made lesbian stuff look real delicious – highlight
    5. i want to lick coke off your body = amazing

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    I can’t wait to get to see this movie- hope it’s as good as this hilarious review! (And, hypothetically of course… If someone had happened to see Joan Jett in person, especially at a sex club, I would be soooo jealous.. Stupid confidentiality agreements preventing people from being able to tell the whole story!)

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    Loved this episode! I saw the movie last night and was totally blown away. Kristen Stewart’s acting was a pleasant surprise. Only complaint I really had? Not enough about Lita Ford.

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