The One Where I Cover all The L Word Stuff At Once: SCOOP on Kate’s Three Rivers pilot, New Lezberado, Interrogation Tapes, etc.

1. The L Word is Life Goes On … Round-up:

Kate Moennig/”Shane”: This morning The Hollywood Reporter reported that Julia Ormond will be playing the head of surgery at Three Rivers Hospital in the CBS-commissioned pilot Three Rivers. Ormond will be working alongside actors Alex O’Loughlin, Christopher J. Hanke, Justina Machado, Daniel Henney and YOUR FAVORITE ANDROGYNOUS STAR OF STAGE & SCREEN Katherine Moennig. The one hour pilot will film in Pittsburgh and if it gets picked up will continue filming in LA I believe.

EXCLUSIVE! (if you re-post this information obtained directly from Autostraddle, please credit the source (autostraddle) or Shane will hunt you down and cut your tits off, and — BONUS! — if/when things change you can hold my ass accountable instead of yours): Pilots often undergo massive revisions and restructures before getting picked up, let alone on air and commissioned for additional episodes [you may recall Pam Grier’s initial role on The L Word — initially known as Earthlings — was a lesbian who videotaped everything and had the chart tattooed on her back]– but as it currently stands, Kate’s role “Miranda Foster” is a surgical fellow at a organ transplant clinic — Pittsburgh’s William Foster Transplant Institute. Yep. That’s her Dad who was a great doctor with lots of Beliefs and then he died. Her Mom, it seems, is also not in the picture. [Shades of Grey’s, anyone?]. At the show’s start Miranda has just left her last gig on bad terms with the head of surgery who banished her from the OR ’cause of her fiery volatile personality and cursing/mouthing off during a procurement (Miranda blames this on a bad period following her Dad’s death, re-states desire to be a good doctor, also argues that she was right in the situation to be upset, puts the patient first at all costs, etc.). Miranda’s intelligence is appropriately shaded by an unshakable ethical core. She yells but it is for! the! good of the patient! Like Shane, Miranda is self-destructive and tattooed and loyal to the bone. Will Miranda be a return to the universe of heterosexual characters for the consistently gay-typecast Katherine Moennig? I really don’t know. The fact that I don’t know suggests that she’s gonna be a het. Or maybe a realistic bisexual character or something? OMG! THERE IS A UNICORN OUTSIDE MY WINDOW RIGHT NOW AND SHANE IS ON IT!

2. Jennifer Beals/Bette: will be joining the cast of Fox’s Lie to Me for a multi-episode arc as “an assistant U.S. attorney by the name of Zoe Landau” who hires her ex-husband (and father of her daughter) played by Tim Roth to help her with an arson case. Thanks to reader Nicole for the tip.

ETA: AUTOSTRADDLE REPORTS that Bette Porter fans can look forward to seeing Beals in another ball-busting quick-thinking role — always the first with a subtle dig, relentless in her dedication to her work and passionate in her beliefs (justice, privacy, self-sufficiency). Landau and her foil, “fib detector” Lightman, have lingering issues although Landau is now in a new serious relationship [with a man].

3. Leisha Hailey/Alice : will be playing at Dinah Shore with her kickass band Uh Huh Her . That’s all I got. Probs after that she’s coming over to hang out with me/feed me bananas, make videos with me, etc. I am going to ask Miss Cleo about this, but Showtime’s picked up a few new pilots and there’s still no word on The Farm . Personally, I actually don’t want it to be picked up. With all due respect, I don’t think we need more IC projects on our radar. I’d rather see our  “empty” canvas as “open” than have our little lesbian quota filled by another shitty show by the woman that fucked up the first time around. I’m willing to wait — we waited so long before, after all – for something that’s really good, rather than settling for this. Leisha’s a great musician, and I’d prefer another Uh Huh Her show, I always love those & feel somewhat changed by them. Or a really good show written by lesbians that told the way we actually lived and was also funny and sexy and smart. OMGUNICORN ALERT!

4. SPEAKING OF! Here we’ve got the latest episode of Showtime’s hit online television series Lezberado, starring me Riese as a girl named “Lezberado” who likes The L Word. I actually kinda love this episode and I think his editing is BRILL. I’m being serious. Also I was doing an imitation of Janet from Intervention reacting to the cancellation of The L Word in one part. Give it five stars!

ETA: International viewers — even dear Canadians — have reported difficulty viewing this video so I’ve talked to Showtime and they are looking into this problem — obvs, prior Lezberado eps haven’t been blocked internationally and this one isn’t supposed to be either. Check the comments for other tips on how to watch it from another country.

Here’s a viewer’s guide if you need assistance:

5. Some of y’all have asked me about the Interrogation Tapes — if I want to recap them, etc. Soooo … here’s the scoop: they kinda piss me off!

It’s like when you finally break up with your girlfriend, and then she starts doing all that shit she’d been incapable of doing while you were together and you’re like, “okay, so you could’ve done this all along but you just chose not to until the shit hit the fan?” I’m trying to send positive energy into the world and don’t wanna dwell on the negative but! Lord, it just feels like a The Farm commercial from Ilene for Showtime and the fans. It strikes me more as very clever marketing moreso than as actual entertainment or artistry.shaneshaneshane carmencarmen lezberadolezberdoesn’thavearingtoit.

6. Huzzah! Carlytron’s TV post will be up soon. You must must read green’s interview of Meaghan O’Malley of Queering Domesticity [I’m really into that stuff] and Stef’s latest SXSW update which’ll drop Tuesday at some point. Robin and Crystal on deck. It’s like the Olympics.

ALSO! Vermont voted in favor of the same-sex marraige bill – so the bill is moving on to the house! Thanks to Intern Vashti.

7. I will add to this post as new information rolls on in, so check back for this and the regular daily fix tomorrow.

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  1. The Lezberado video is not available in my country?! Really Papi? I watched the other ones…

    • I just watched it! We gotta “beat the system” by using a program that blocks your IP. I just downloaded Hotspot Shield and even if it takes longer to buffer the videos at least we can see them.

  2. really? damn, I had no idea. Have I been blocked in foreign countries? I mean maybe it’s the nudity? JK. I wrote the showtime guy to ask him why that’s happening. I guess that’s probably why the views haven’t gotten to 100K yet as it usually would by this time,’cause that shit be blocked.

    Maybe I can get Intern Vashti to rip it for you guys and I can put it up somewhere. I mean obvs I would never advocate ripping stuff off of youtube but I don’t know what else to do. Rawr. Sorry. :-(

  3. as far as i can’ve never been blocked before and i always had the pleasure to watch your videos.
    it’s for sure the nudity. no burqa = no video in europe…at least that would totally cover jbeals nippels. JK.
    i don’t want you to be a criminal, but it’s very cool that you asked mr. showtime.

  4. *sigh* – video not available in MY country or domain – I’m in CANADA!!! You know, where gay marriage is LEGAL!!! It must be a showtime thingy (I KNOW that Showtime’s website for the longest time used to be unavailable thru Canada eventhough we get L Word here – duh Showtime!).

  5. why are so many videos being blocked in other countries? hm.

    also, CFS are my mother’s initials, so for REAL, at first, i thought, “omg, Cynthia knows how to comment on autostraddle?”

  6. So, Showtime said there’s no “geo block” on the videos so it must be a youtube bug that should eventually be sorted out? Hopefully the hot spot shield that CFS suggested should work for everyone?

  7. Lol, so I was reading through this and where you thank me for the link to VT’s same-sex marriage bill it almost looks like “hey! This bill is on the up and up ALL THANKS TO INTERN VASHTI!”


    I won’t deny this.

    ALSO! I uploaded Lezberado to vimeo so all of you outside the US could watch it!

  8. sweet im a tipster haha. that made my day sadly

    as of right now I am listening to an extremely ignorant conversation going on next to me in the library… the topic of the spanish man being pregnant with twins came up.. and this kid from another country immediately started insulting Americans and America and how we are so stupid to be so open minded yada yada yada.. and only in America would pregnant man be in the news. Really? Check your sources there buddy

    Then hestarted talking about homosexuals and how in his country you get sent to jail for 3 months (I think thats how long he said) for homosexual conduct… and then the American girl said well that is good because it isn’t natural and she does not care what anyone says “its not natural and it is not right and something should be done” …good luck with that skippy

    I did agree with him on one thing though. It is quite sad that in America someone like Kim Kardashian ends up making millions after having a sex tape. Sadness haha

    sorry I just had to type this up real quick and vent because it really pissed me off — therefore this comment is full of typos I’m sure. Don’t judge me haha

  9. Still can’t watch Lezberado – but thanks Vashti – says I need “permission” to watch it – huh? I even registered on Vimeo and no go – no permission to watch the clip…help?

    • Yes Intern Vashti it seems has accidentally set it to private. I’m sure she will fix this shortly as soon as she is done with those other things she does all day like “go to class” and “pursue a college degree” and “do things that directly benefit her future” instead of what I’ve always envisioned her doing which is more like “stuff for me.” La-la-la.

  10. If Kate were Meredith Grey, I’d be so much more into G’sA. Which is funny, b/c I don’t even care for KM that much — but it would be so much more tragic, and I heart tragedy.

    I don’t think we would’ve ever heard Mer’s little, “Love me, pick me, choose me!”, speech, either.

    I watch that show too much.

  11. I’m with you on what Leisha -should- do next. I don’t want to hear how they plan to explain why Alice took the fall for Jenny. I just want Leisha to just write music forever and ever and never go to the Farm. Common Reaction is so amazing that it makes my brain giggle, The Farm will not do that.

  12. I really refuse to believe that Rose Rollins is straight. I went to a lesbian Xmas slumber party in the not so distant past …. lots of sex toys for the secret santa gift exchange – racy comments – tongue wagging, dildo snatching – what did they do???? They cuddled! They cuddled in the morning! Nothing else! That being said, I am a cuddle whore.

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