It’s Raining Girls, Helena Peabody and Party Photos

0. BREAKING NEWS Helena Peabody’s L Word Interrogation Tape is up at!

0. BREAKING NEWS PART II: The L Word‘s Jennifer Beals has been cast in Fox’s “rookie hit” Lie to Me as “an assistant U.S. attorney by the name of Zoe Landau” who improbably hires her ex-husband played by Tim Roth to help her with an arson case. Thanks to reader Nicole for the tip.

There’s gonna be all kinds of new stuff going up today and this week, I hope everyone is ready to rock. Also — I’m behind on emails and stuff, so I’ll get to all of ’em ASAP.

1. The Advocate is gonna let the girls in! This is REALLY SERIOUS BIG NEWS for us queer publishing geeks. “While The Advocate is a vital part of LGBT media, the articles and advertisements have been primarily geared towards gay men … it is with great pleasure to announce that the April 2009 issue has been one of the most inclusive editions. The magazine still has a long way to go, but praise is due when a company commits to diversity. The magazine featured more lesbian couples, muxes (a sub-culture of trans Mexicans), and some other portions which reflect the diversity of our community.” (@queers united)

2. Thanks to Sarah for this tip — A Teacher’s Commitment Ceremony, and the Seventh Grade is Invited. There’s many things to love about this essay. Here’s one of them:

Were [the students] surprised to learn [their teacher] was gay?

“He’s not gay,” said Japhet Guzman, 12.

“No,” agreed a lanky 13-year-old who walked with a bit of a tough-guy swagger, “he’s not gay. He’s bisexual. Why don’t you ask him?” (Mr. Nalley confirmed this.)


3. This woman scares the shit out of me because if I were to face. my. debt. in. the. mirror. I would probs kill myself. Therefore I am afraid to read this interview of Suze Orman I saw gay-quoted on one of my favorite blogs girlfriendisahomo so maybe you can just read it for me and tell me all the gay parts.

4. Unfortunately Ruben Noe Coronado is not a character in an Ilene Chaiken vehicle, in which case he could’ve had the baby whenevs, wherevs, defying science and biology (though a transman can undergo gender reassignment surgery and leave reproductive organs intact, taking testosterone is a big ixnay for transmen looking to get pregnant. It appears most news sources covering this topic are not making a clarification, and I’m suspecting that they’ll totally get away with it beacuse nobody knows anything.): Woman Holds Off on Becoming a Man to Give Birth To Twins (@ny daily news) [sidenote: that title is ALL KINDS OF PROBLEMATIC.]

5. A new look at how the right of queers to adopt/have children has been unfairly employed — by both sides — in the gay marriage debate. The Kids Aren’t Alright: The Gay Marriage Movement and its Manipulation of Children and Youth (@the bilerico project)

6. Battlestar Gaylactica heads off into the sunset. (@queerty)

In the grand spirit of the Autostraddle family and per reader request, I present a gallery of evidence of our drunkenhood from Robin & Alex’s b-day bash Friday night DJ’ed by Carlytron. I did not have any special duties, it is always special for me just to actually show up at a party, bc I am mostly afraid of other people. Except when I’m drunk. I even made a new friend, I was social McSocialstien. I’m not drinking again until Cinco de Mayo.

Twitter Conversation:

grrreen: @autowin aren’t you contractually obligated to document every event u attend on like a queer, interesting Julia Allison

autowin: @grrreen I want “like a queer, interesting Julia Allison” on my business cards. Not that I have any. u’re right though I/robin should/will.


crystal-iconfrom Crystal
Rolling Stone wrote an interesting article on the economic crisis. “The Big Takeover: The global economic crisis isn’t about money – it’s about power. How Wall Street insiders are using the bailout to stage a revolution.” You can read more here. Also! Just as a side, Australia now has its first elected female Premier. That’s sort of a big deal for us. The Dawn Chorus wrote about it here.

alex-iconfrom Alex
I’ve never read any of those newfangled Harry Potter books, but if they looked like these fictional redesigns I probs would have. [@here are things I like]

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  1. i haven’t read the fix yet…but:
    helena peabody is drunk and is seduced by xena during therapy…
    you should check this out.

    • Yeah. Me too, that’s why I try to avoid Suze Orman at all costs. hhaaha. all costs! get it? zomg.

  2. I saw that the Advocate was becoming more inclusive.

    Oh and “Woman Holds Off on Becoming a Man to Give Birth To Twins” is definitely one hott mess of a title. I am sure they will be receiving all kinds of hatemail for that one.

  3. My reaction to Helena’s interrogation tape: LOLWUT?

    Also, you can tell how out of it I’ve been this weekend because I saw half of those links and didn’t even think to send them to you. My brain is on spring break for sure.

    While I’m a little upset with Alex not reading HP, I will say those redesigns are hot.

    I like party pictures! [Would it be creepy/weird to say that I’ve already seen them? Helloooooo facebook!]

  4. Ka-chow. I expect to be on the pay roll now, pronto.

    And they changed that title to:
    Woman undergoing sex change to become man is pregnant with twins

      • Maybe its the small town midwestern girl thing- but I rarely hear any other term. Of course, people here think the F word is ok. …I hate it here.

        Hey Carly- do you watch ‘Lie To Me’? Ausiello says Jennifer Beals is doing a guest spot starting April 29.

  5. Riese, I think you and that boy Chet on Real World Brooklyn shop at the same eyeglass place because he has those same glasses(I think. If not, close enough). I know this because I want them…
    If the Harry Potter books looked like those redesigns, I would still have the dust covers for mine (which I threw away because I didn’t like them)…

    • ooooo do you think he also shops at Ricky’s NYC: The Place for Beauty? I confess I actually have 20/20 vision, but have been shamelessly wearing glasses from time to time for about ten years now. Usually I get them at claire’s in the mall, or at Ricky’s or Urban Outfitters — $10 or so — or I borrow my friend’s glasses (this can be witnessed in many vlogs/l word watching party photos) to see if I can still see. It’s like being drunk without the being sick part.


  7. xena and helena are going to totally do it in the interrogation room. its gonna happen……i know it….

  8. i second green’s opinion on the pics.

    btw, you guys should start to fill us in with internal autostraddle gossip, à-la-our chart (alice’s, not the website).

    just kiddin’-but you know, after 6 years under IFC’s influence, i can’t help to believe that “this is the way that we live” ;)

    • I hear DJ Carlytron slept with a mobster’s wife and took two grand onto a boat in the bahamas, was last sighted in the DJ booth at Ellen and Portia’s vow renewal ceremony, spinning the Macarena which I requested on Friday night but which she refused to play. True story.


      oh, it totally is the way that we live. except the money earned to work performed ratio is a little different.

  9. Riese – I’m digging the glasses, even though you don’t need them.

    Carly – your hair is awesome.

    Everyone else looks great per ushe. The NY Times article made me smile :).

  10. OK Xena was TOTALLY flirting with Helena Peabody – wow, wouldn’t they make a frighteningly amazing accented couple? (Dreams….)…….*smile*

  11. the teachers commitment ceremony story made my heart happy alot. i went to my 2nd grade teachers just wasnt the same…

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