The Comment Awards Just Really Love Bees

Hello! Here’s a math problem for you: if I go to Trader Joe’s a couple of times a week, and I’ve picked up the habit of buying a plant every time I go…exactly at what point does this habit start to be an issue? I JUST WANT TO GROW A VERDANT, HAPPY WORLD, it’s all I want!

This week, KaeLyn wrote about motherhood and abortion access.

Valerie Anne put together this absolutely bananas amazing list of the 100 best LGBTQ+ sci-fi and fantasy TV shows of all time. I’m gonna watch ’em all!!

THE L WORD: GENERATION Q CONCLUDED in a finale I cannot spoil in any way because I have friends who still haven’t caught up! (If that’s you, stop reading now — one of the comments included below totally spoils the finale!)

This was a real gift, from Ranea: The Lunar New Year Coming Out Letter I’ll Never Send To My Mom.

Y’all are experts at…everything. 

For the Speakeasy, queer writers of color wrote about Generation Q, what they loved to see, and what they’re still waiting for. 

Lovers, friends, compatriots: we’re getting a fisting emoji.

Drew wrote about Work In Progress and about being…too much.

And then there were your comments!

On The 100 Best Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Sci-Fi and Fantasy Shows of All Time:

The Doctor and the Gentleman Award to shira:

Kristi: Gentleman Jack. / shira: is historical fiction. but fingers crossed the tardis shows up!

On Reine #4: Compatible:

The Be Yourself Award to Amanda ling:

*Be Steadwell’s “Leo

On The L Word: Generation Q Episode 108 Recap: Lapse in Judgment:

The Finley Strikes Again Award to Jarn and Riese:

My ex had two bikes stolen in Silverlake – both while locked to metal posts! Lol @ Finley thinking that bike will still be there when the owner wakes up in the morning. / Riese: My bike was stolen on Monday and when I said this in our group channel, Drew’s only response was “Finley!

And the Detective Angel Award to Ava Sommer:

I did some sleuthing and from a few internet searches and the overhead direction signs we did see I think I figured out who Sophie goes to/chooses. The flight information displays, the shot of the entrance(?) hall and the presence of a sign for an “escape lounge

On 101 Extremely Niche and Special Things You’re an Expert On:

The Idgie Threadgoode Award to ExceptForBunnies:

Can the bee charmer please get a column?

And the Well-Heeled Award to Snow and Rachel:

72 -the perils of being Very Tall Indeed

On Also.Also.Also: Demi Lovato Sang Her Damn Heart Out at the Grammys, Left Mine in Pieces:

The More Homosexuality Award to leep:

I love the links at the bottom of Archie’s comic in the New Yorker that offer “More: Humor Satire Homosexuality

And on Our Favorite Sex Scenes and ‘Ships of “The L Word: Generation Q” Season One:

The Roses Are Red, Tess in Priest’s Bed (I’m truly sorry for that one!) Award to Mew:

I made a little poem: Rebecca and Tess? Yes. 100% in agreement, Valerie.

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  1. The Idgie Threadgoode award! As a tomboy who identified very much with Idgie and had a huge crush on a real Ruth (from theatre group) and Ruth Jamison – and asked my mom several insistent questions about their relationship, I’m ridiculously proud.

  2. That’s some excellent work by Ava, thank you. Also, choosing Ontario to me means they boh wanted to save on a flight. Just one question though, if she chooses Finney does that mean she bought a ticket right on the spot?

  3. Aaaaaaaaa! Nice! Thanks!

    Roses are red, Tess in priest’s bed is also one for the anthologies. Now I’m imagining a cheesy not in proper form haiku collection for Gen Q. With illustrations, of course. Hmm.

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