The L Word: Generation Q Episode 108 Recap: Lapse in Judgment

Welcome to the final recap of the first season of The L Word: Generation Q, brought to you by the same network that brought you The L Word, a show about a tender young boy named Shay whose father leaves him on the back porch of his estranged daughter’s West Hollywood home sans explanation after stealing $10k from her generous benefactor friend leading Shay to a life of skateboarding, milkshake-drinking and Gay-Mommi-bullying before eventually breaking his arm, requiring his sister to become an underwear model to pay his medical bills, only to be re-snatched-up by his very own father mere episodes later and then to disappear from everybody’s consciousness forever and ever, amen.

Well, it’s the finale and what a ride this has been. It seems like just yesterday that my hair looked great at the Los Angeles LGBT Center and now here we are, running through the airport on the journey of a lifetime. I have SO enjoyed discussing this program with all of you over the past eight weeks! You can look forward to a solid amount of follow-up content this week.

Also, Carly and I pop in at the end of Monday’s episode of “To L and Back: Generation Q” and will be returning to our regularly scheduled podcast recapping of the original series on February 3rd! We’ll be kicking off with 306, which is, I’m sorry to say, REAL BAD.

Also in other big news: those Wildfang coveralls Sophie was wearing earlier in the season are back in stock.

We open at the raucous election night celebration for our one and only Bette Porter for Mayor 2020, where a local news anchor informs us that unlike all of us here reading this recap, the people of Los Angeles have “really connected” with Bette’s “commitment to tackle the opioid crisis head-on.” Inside, Dani’s topping all the scrawny gays and softest butches with her interests and desires — specifically, she needs poll numbers and she needs EVERYBODY to be on the registrar’s website.

You’ve heard the news, you know the mission. You should also know there is only one way that this mission ends: and that’s with the successful rescue of our people, off of New Caprica.

The crowd goes wild for Bette Porter as she makes her way through the throngs of admirers! She’s so pretty! Bette’s yanked aside by Maya, a hot reporter who wants Bette’s hot take on the latest polls, but Bette remains tight-lipped outside of being “cautiously optimistic.” Meanwhile, Alice’s flipping through potential dates on the exclusive dating app Raya, lamenting how she went from having “the greatest girlfriend” to two girlfriends to a dating app that shows you the same 15 people over and over again. Alice is going to get kicked off the app for letting Showtime film her using it, that’s against the rules! Shane favors a girl who’s taken 40 pictures of herself with a parakeet, but Alice isn’t ready for birds.

Oh, look at this. Monogamy is common among birds.

That’s great, because I love birds.

It is the practice of having a single mate during a period of time. Does that… mean anything to Nat?

Shane gets an ambiguous emergency call requiring her immediate attention, so obviously Quiara is having a miscarriage. Meanwhile, Bette’s won a district they weren’t expecting to win!!!!

Dani: “We could actually win this thing.”
Bette: “Well, that’s the goal.”

Any interest in dipping into Dana’s Secret Sex Room and seeing what you can to do uh, win MY “district”?

Dani, overwhelmed by either intense thirst or admiration, watches Bette recede into the crowd with a fully captivated stare. Alice shows Dani her bird girl.

Alice: What do you think of her?
Dani: I dated her. The birds were a whole thing.

Birds, Dani, I’m talking about a god-damn-fucking bird. Asking my girlfriends to be as civilized as some god-damn-fucking birds.

I want and need to know EVERYTHING about Dani’s dating life before Sophie!

Deep in the annals of Kit + Denny’s, Finley’s suddenly a bartender and is immediately distracted by Sophie’s arrival. The pain! The intensity! The deep queer yearning! A thing you’ll have to accept this episode is that there is no such thing as “time.” How much time has passed since the hospital hallway kiss? What happened just afterwards? What happened to Nana? Did Finley come back to the hospital the next morning? Is there a world in which Finley and Sophie, who live together now, have not already encountered each other post-kiss and been forced to discuss what happened? There is: it’s this world.

Wanna tongue kiss?

Meet me outside in five.

Finley looks at Sophie with hesitant warmth, Sophie returns that emotion but with a little extra weight and remorse before pivoting to the RADIANT Micah and Jose, who definitely look like they’ve been fucking all day, and then, to the arrival of her fiancee Dani, who dares to defy expectations by telling Sophie she looks beautiful and that she’s so glad Sophie’s here.

Is that a… vampire bite on your neck?

Dani’s NEVER been this nervous IN HER WHOLE LIFE and she could PUKE at any second! Sophie says she’s so proud of her no matter what happens. Finley watches from across the room with a tinge of sadness. Bette Porter loses the 13th District which means the campaign attack ads I saw around town must’ve really done some damage! Here, I saved one for posterity:

Alarmed by this devastating loss in District 13, Dani darts off. “That was nice while it lasted,” Sophie laments, although it’s entirely fair for Dani to be too busy for her on this night of all nights. In other news, Jose’s done a painting of Micah and he is JONESING to see it.

Meanwhile at this social mixer, Alice sits at the bar with Angie, who’s deep in thought over that classic, eternal question: What Is Lesbian Sex?

Oh yeah don’t trust anything you see on network television, lesbian sex is not, in fact, chastely pressing your lips to another woman’s lips and then getting shot in the eyeball with an arrow

Alice wants to talk election numbers but Angie’s got a divergent line of inquiry:

Angie: “When did you lose your virginity?”
Alice: “Mmm. Okay. I haven’t yet.”
Angie: “I know you’re lying!”
Alice: “Okay okay, I was um… I was like 37.”
Angie: “You know what? I’ll just ask Shane. I think that’s perfect!”
Alice: “Okay okay okay! I’ll talk I’ll talk! I was 17. And it was with this guy who played my Mom’s son in a movie of the week.”
Angie: “What’s a movie of the week?”
Alice: “That was your takeaway from what I just said?”

Before we can get more details on this Important Sex Talk, there’s another Important “Sex” Talk happening just outside, where a seemingly sober Finley’s brought Sophie for a little relationship climate change denial. Finley would like to acknowledge her historical relevance as a “shitstorm for people” and her desire not to fuck up Sophie’s relationship with Dani. Finley nervously and clumsily suggests “select-all-deleting” everything that happened in that hallway, instead of what she should be suggesting, which is scrolling back, pressing play, and watching it again!!!

You know, I’m really starting to feel like our Lyft is never coming

Sophie’s not sure how to react — it’s all an act, after all, for both of them, trying to do the right thing instead of the thing they want to do. So they repeat how “good” they are, how “good” things are, even though they’re clearly “not good.” Finley heads inside. Sophie remains on the curb, looking despondent.

Shane arrives at the hospital to find Quiara waiting to see a doctor about some bleeding. Shane immediately recognizes her wife as the hospital’s Most Important Patient and determines her wisest course of action would be to yell at the kind receptionist just trying to do her job until she agrees that rushing Quiara in is very important. I hated this!

Do you want oral? Right now? I’ll do it! I’ll give you oral right fucking now I will!

Back at Kit + Denny’s Wild Election Night party, Dani and Vaguely Masc Extra #45 are playing with their little map game, ruminating over the slimness of the chance of Bette winning. This particular human is played by Lex Ryan, who’s non-binary!

Mom said if we finish all our chores, we can go to the mall tomorrow and see Jumanji: The Next Level!

But I already told my BFF we could go to LASER TAG tomorrow!!!

But! Good news: they won the 5th District! Beverly Hills and showed up for their one + only!

Dani rushes over to her love, Bette Porter, to celebrate the great news while her other love, Sophie Suarez, looks on.

Hey uh are there cocktail servers here or are we just supposed to order at the bar??

Deep in a Kit + Denny’s backroom, Bette and Dani hibernate to engage in the soothing, productive process of compulsively refreshing the computer screen.

Surely the recap is up by now??

Nope, it’s still these fucking “election” “results”!!!

Outside in the bar, the crowd has gathered to wonder why Jeff Milner looks like a creepy homicidal ex-husband from an episode of America’s Most Wanted in his campaign headshot.

Jeff Milner is not afraid to murder your wife with an ice pick

And then, finally, we reach the climax of this somewhat meandering storyline: Bette Porter loses. She will not be mayor of Los Angeles. Milner’s gonna run this city right into the ground! Dani sits down, crushed. Bette tries not to cry. Dani apologizes. “I did everything that I could. I’m so sorry.” Bette rubs Dani’s back and says that she did a great job.

Well, I guess this means you’re not my employee anymore so maybe we should…???

Bette’s stressed, compulsively re-arranging her strange outfit while repeating “it’s okay, it’s okay,” as Dani sits there with her fingers intertwined, overcome by despair and, perhaps, unconscious sexual desire for Bette Porter. Now it’s time for Bette to address the crowd.

At Shane’s Hollywood Mansion Palace, Shane is participating in Ye Olde Classic L Word Emotional Turmoil Practice I mentioned in last week’s recap: offering to make Quiara some tea. Quiara has had a miscarriage, and is understandably quite broken up about it!

Alternately I could make you a Hot Toddy?

Quiara’s non-reposnsive re: the tea. Shane’s gonna go ahead and make tea anyhow.

We cut to what appears to be the next morning in beautiful Los Angeles, California — land of the Golden Dream, land of beautiful birds and endless splendor and DaSoMi’s East Side Hideaway, where Sophie’s feeling like her whole body is closing in on itself — she’s sighing, trying not to cry, looking in the mirror like she wishes it was a portal to somebody else’s life — and Dani’s serving up some SERIOUS sideboob.

I remember when Finley’s lip was right here right exactly here on my lip…

I wonder if Bette Porter wears like, full pajamas to bed, or if she just sleeps in her underwear

Sophie enters the boudoir in her t-shirt and boxer-briefs to find, surprisingly, that her fiancee is still at home. Now that she’s unemployed, Dani’s not sure what to do with herself. Here are some things I just thought of:

+ Take a boxing class to get Strong Arms like Shane
+ Follow 10+ interior design instagrams, move all your furniture around, buy 6+ houseplants and then empty your savings account at West Elm
+ Make an earring out of feathers, just like Romi
+ Get a cactus costume and then eat at In-n-Out dressed like a cactus
+ Go to Target
+ Blow glass
+ Build a tiny shed in the yard and then go adopt a little dog and put it in the shed, but not permanently, it should really be in the house with you, the shed is just for special occassions
+ Listen to a domestic thriller on audiotape while walking in circles around your neighborhood
+ Stare despondently at the ceiling fan

But don’t worry, Dani’s got an equally great idea of her own:

Dani: “Let’s get married.”

I JUST told you about a Clay & Mixed Media Course we could take starting next week and you wanna get MARRIED?

Sophie acknowledges that getting married is, indeed, the plan, but Dani would like to speed up their timeline a bit.

Sophie: “What, ’cause you suddenly have time for me?”
Dani: “No. Because why not?”
Sophie: “Oh you know, I can think of a few reasons…”

Dani’s got no further inquiries regarding those few reasons, only an offer to fly them both to Hawaii tomorrow after Sophie’s show to get married. Sophie’s concerned about their families who’d like to witness this catastrophic union of souls and secrets. Dani suggests a party when they return with very strong tans that’ll look great in photos. Dani insists this is the best way to “start our life together on our own terms.” She bends down in front of Sophie and says “I just wanna be your wife.” I’d say from personal experience and also from watching a LOT of television that generally one partner pushing for an unexpected quickie wedding is NEVER a good idea! Just ask Jenny (RIP) or Carmen!

If we break up now, it’ll be free! Wouldn’t it be better to get married and THEN break up, so we can do it for thousands of dollars?

Is Daddy paying for this one too

Sophie reluctantly agrees with a, “My Mom is gonna kill me.” Yeah! She is! Your family will be heartbroken! They kiss. Dani bounds off excited. Sophie remains pensive. Ladies…. w h a t   a r e   y o u   d o i n g.

Why does Dani want to get married like this, instead of surrounded by friends and family who’ve been eagerly anticipating this event? Why must they do it now? There’s lots of other things to do in Hawaii! For example, on my trip to Hawaii ten million lifetimes ago with my then-girlfriend, I planned an entire day where we just went to all the places on the island where Lost had been filmed! We didn’t get married at all! In fact, we broke up like a year later and now she is engaged to somebody else. Let that be a lesson to everybody.

[ETA: My friend who’s worked on political campaigns says that campaign workers often do impulsive things like getting engaged or married after a campaign loss as a response the emotional drop-off that happens when the candidate you’ve been working with doesn’t win.]

We zoom over to somebody’s apartment — Shane’s? It appears furnished? — where Bette muses, “I remember when Tina miscarried.” [Throwback #22: Tina’s miscarriage in Season One] Yes, we all remember when Tina miscarried. Especially Candace, she probably remembers it the most. It was a very sad time!

“It was so painful,” Bette says, remembering making out with Candace while she still had her overalls on.

I bought all the tiny elephants and tigers myself, okay? I got stoned and ended up in Kidsland. There’s actually also a tricycle in the garage and a few Bugaboos and Finley is supposed to be building a crib that looks like the Windsor Castle.

Don’t worry though, Shane’s doing okay!

Bette: “We’re here for you now.”
Alice: “Yeah! And if my show gets cancelled, I’ll be here a a lot more. And! Since I’m homeless, I’ll actually be here more than I realized a second ago?”
Shane: “Wow, we’re doing great.”

Ah yes, tfw when you and your other grown-up friends realize that despite being grown-ups, your lives are still hot messes. Bette’s optimistic about Milner’s opioid crisis task force, which he’s asked her to head up, and Alice is awed by Bette’s supernatural calm.

Bette: “We went out swinging, I gave everything I had to the campaign, and I found a way to be myself. What more could anyone ask for?”

I mean yes, sure, we did fuck all night before I told Tina she was the love of my life the next morning

I will not HESITATE to flip over this coffee table

Bette’s assertion gets Alice’s gears turning and so we….

…cut to the well-furnished offices of everybody’s favorite Bubble, The Aloce Show, where Alice is in the building and ready to address her minions with an inspirational speech! She discloses that two of her best friends suffered horrible losses last night and it got her thinking about relationships, and how maybe, just maybe, the best thing to do is to just “stay true to who we are,” even if “who we are” is not afraid to sleep with your ex-wife.

“Listen to me. I said you need to strive to better than everyone else. I didn’t say you needed to be better than everyone else. But you gotta try. That’s what character is. It’s in the trying.”

Clear eyes

Full hearts

Can’t lose our jobs

Alice set out to change a few people’s minds about a couple of things and if she can’t use this platform to do that, then she doesn’t want this job after all!

Alice: “…sometimes we have to take a risk, and let’s make the show we wanna make. well, make the show i wanna make. We have to make the show I wanna make.”

Finley laughs. Sophie looks at her, Sophie looks down, Sophie looks back, Finley looks back. The air is heavy. That thing that happens where you’re so obsessed with somebody that you can feel every movement their body makes even if they’re on the other side of the room.

Alice: Fuck the viral videos, fuck the network mandate. Sophie, I want Roxane Gay.
Sophie: You got it, boss.

Drew attempts to interject with the suggestion of a “middle ground” and is roundly rejected by Alice, who informs him that if he can’t get on board, he can get the fuck out of here. That’s right Drew! Go home and sit in your mayonnaise bathtub.

Drew: “So you’re gonna get… Roxane uh… Roxanne uh…”
Sophie: ‘Roxane Gay? Yeah.”
Drew: “Am I allowed to say that?”
Sophie: “Oh my god. OH MY GOD.”
Drew: “I wasn’t sure if that was like uh—”
Sophie: “OH MY GOD.”

Do you have ANY idea how much Indica it takes to get me through ONE conversation with you, Drew?

Finley laughs at Sophie, their eyes meet, Finley opens her mouth to say nothing because there’s nothing she can say. Sophie looks down, exits stage left.

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  1. Favorite Screenshots/Captions: 13, 19, 22, 24 & 25, 44, 51, 58 LOL!

    – “Inside, Dani’s topping all the scrawny gays and softest butches” – Thanks for that Riese
    – “I want and need to know EVERYTHING about Dani’s dating life before Sophie!” – SAME!
    – I hated the hospital Shane scene too.
    – Here for Dani’s Ariana Grande look.
    – “Dani rushes over to her love, Bette Porter, to celebrate the great news while her other love, Sophie Suarez, looks on.” – LOL
    – All you Dani haters can say what you want. But Dani did not CHEAT.
    – That side boob was perfectly proportioned & symmetrical. Like someone carefully placed it there for that scene. I’d like to send this person their favorite treat.
    – Dani & Bette… I know I’ve said the previous times that I wanted to see them together at least once but I’m glad it didn’t happen. I like the slow progress of it brewing from a Mentor/Mentee relationship into Dani having cougar fever.
    – I’m starting to think Arienne Mandi just has a resting lust face.
    – Also, Sepideh Moafi is Persian. Arienne Mandi is half Persian. I mean, Dani can speak Persian to the kids… Ilene/Marja?
    – Does anyone know how old Arienne is?

    Hilariously fantastic recap as usual Riese. Thanks for taking the time to do this all season and spark the conversation within the community. You have my support from London with anything you need for the site. I’m in tech so Ill be happy to contribute in anyway I can. Maybe revamp it for you :D

  2. I don’t know if this was on purpose or not, but the 14th District that Bette loses includes Boyle Heights, which is the area that Dani’s Dad is getting his new land from Jeff Milner. Which was possibly trying to imply that he used his weight in the area to pull for Jeff.

  3. They hired the lady from Bones to be Bette’s new love interest. Noooo! I need to see Bettani. They are doing a great job with this slow build between Bette/Dani but there sure better be a payoff. Bette deserves a long term relationship with someone who has chemistry to at least match Tina. Random reporter lady, no. Someone’s wife, no. So much potential here. I see a Bette/Dani love story. Please.

  4. – So, I’m on the Dani is boring train. Sorry folks. Next season, given her Machiavellian father, I think her storyline should involve her father engineering a meet cute for her with a more “acceptable” girl who proves to be anything but.

    – Shane’s new business – Dog Uber! Or, Duber if you will.

    – Sophie choses neither Hawaii nor Missouri – she winds up in Budapest (nobody gets this joke but me, I’ll show myself out).

    – Sophie and Finley are kind of the only characters I care about?

    All in all, I hate this iteration of TLW less than the last one. I always felt like Ilene Chaiken was trying to punish us for some obscure reason. This season didn’t feel that way. But it still had that same sloppiness in the writing where I couldn’t understand the motivation of more than half the characters. We know what good, well written TV looks like these days. Can we try harder in the future? This felt rushed.

  5. Long time lurker, bla bla bla…

    First, thanks Riese for the recaps! Truly a highlight of my week…

    It was…okay? Glad it exists…

    Next season:

    Please be gone Psycho Hose Beast Quiara… a cute face does not excuse manipulation…
    Better for Leo, obvs
    Hope Tess is back…
    Confused about Gigi, Sepideh was a principal, but Stephanie was only end credits-worthy? Gigi better be back…
    They could still totes make Jordi trans…I get the desire to play cis, but, c’mon…or give us someone new…
    All the OGs were great, still miss Jenny (well, Mia…) goddamn JB, you fucking renaissance painting!
    No more breedy nonsense…
    Sophie grew on me, as did Finley, didn’t really care for Toboni prior, but she’s adorable.
    Dani is pointless as is. I agree with [someone] make her single, otherwise, Sooh and Dani=snooze…

  6. I was really excited about Shane having a dog, and Shane teaching her dog some tricks and Shane and her dog riding (well, driving) into the sunset…

    But then I remembered Mr. Piddles and how this is The L Word and how Shane can never have nice things!
    I’m scared.

  7. I’m going to go ahead and give my honest minority opinion: the show is poorly written, bordering on unwatchable. There are too many characters and so no build up for anything, no tension to be found, hardly any plot.

    I like all the old characters as much as ever, and some of these new characters are good (Angie, jordie, Rebecca, quiara, tess) and I’d like the show to actually explore them. Finley, however, is insufferable. She is the lesbian analog of an annoying frat boy. Sophie and Micah both seem boring? I mean, I got to know so little about them, I guess even calling them boring is presumptuous?

    This season felt like soft porn for the queer community. That’s it. I get we’re starved, or maybe some just like that escape valve, but omg come on.

  8. Thank you Riese for these excellent recaps of the L Perd Generation Hapley.

    I was very disappointed at the demise of the thruple, the absence of Tess, Shane pulling a Karen at the hospital, and Quiara’s out of character nastiness.

    On a brighter note, the bird lady was too real (I’ve heard tell of a ferret lady near me), Angie is delightful, and Finley doesn’t annoy me anymore. Sinley is an absolute disaster but their scenes together are very sweet.

  9. I’ve generally been pretty happy with the changes/improvements/things the show has done this go ’round. But I have some FEELINGS about how they ended the throuple storyline, so here goes:

    What a crock. Setting up the “bad queer” angle very much felt like they were saying all the cool, hip queers are in polyam situations and so Alice suddenly wanting monogamy was almost like the radical, unexpected choice. HELLO THE WHOLE SHOW HAS BEEN MONOGAMY-FOCUSED.

    It felt like a slap in the face to those of us who are polyamorous and basically never ever see that reflected in media, let alone in an at all positive/this-can-work way. It also felt like it came out of absolute left field, given how Alice was written and acted to be super game for and into the throuple situation up until basically the very end. They could and should have absolutely explored the discomfort of Nat and Gigi hooking up without her, and how to work through those internal jealousies (being polyam does not mean you’re never jealous!), and the complicating factors of Gigi being Nat’s ex/co-mom.

    But damn, way to throw the relationship AND Gigi totally under the bus there. What happened to make Nat suddenly pull the about face? How does Gigi feel about getting absolutely jerked around here? Presumably she’d developed feelings for Alice, too, not to mention getting a second chance with her ex-wife/mother of her children, etc. and then this? Yiiiikes.

    But yeah, mostly mad at the implied “haha jk jk monogamy is what’s radical and unexpected and isn’t this heartwarming to see them fuck over another human without comment to have this romantic moment on public media?”

    Booo, I say, boooo!

    Still holding out a sliver of hope they come back and deal with this next season in a more thoughtful manner. I KNOW this is ultimately a soap opera, but you can absolutely still deliver meaningful representation to those of us who so desperately need/crave it without getting our hopes up and then taking what amounts to a massive narrative dump on our heads.

    /end feelings rant

    • yeah i agree 100%. i also got the feeling that shane and quiara have an open relationship, but it wasn’t made explicit and i would really like it to be! now that i’m older and wiser and know a lot more about being poly than i used to, re-watching the original series i want to scream all the time SHANE IS CLEARLY POLY, PLZ STOP BEING IN MONOG RELATIONSHIPS SHANE!!

      also alice has been in a love triangle before (with tasha and jamie) and i feel like that would DEFINITELY come up, especially because nat is a therapist, when they attempt to explore the feelings that could arise from this situation. it was never really clear what the “rules” were when alice walked in on nat and gigi, and it wasn’t really processed in the aftermath.

      generally speaking poly relationships in the media have usually just been girl-girl-guy and I think there was a real opportunity here!

      at the same time, they only had an 8-episode season (the original had 14 for its first season) and i think that really shortchanged the show as well. they had a lot of story to get through.

      • Yeah I agree, a lot got short-changed in the season. And admittedly I have stronger feelings about this storyline because I am in a polyam relationship, and basically never see it depicted anywhere (or well). I deeply appreciate how much you were cheerleading the storyline and its potential, though, and your work generally on these (always delightful) recaps!

  10. So let’s see, we finish out the season with 0 trans women, 0 nonbinary people, 0 bi/pan people, hardly any butch (other than andro/soft butch) main characters, and an absolute trainwreck of a throuple storyline, making it very clear this show is once again for monogamous cis femme lesbians only, playing out the same tired cheat-then-recouple-then cheat-again tropes ad infinitum? Yawn. I’m out.

    I can understand why this website needs to continue covering the show, but I personally am not interested in investing any more of my limited free time in watching media that almost completely fails to represent me, my relationships and most of my social circle.

  11. Remember the episode where Dani says to Sophie in the bathtub that she’s scared Sophie will leave her just like she left her ex for Dani? She was in a relationship when she met Dani. And look at it now, it is happening. And Dani’s dad was also very right.

    Sophie is just the kind of person who will move to the next available person once things aren’t going as she wants. Total crap behaviour. I was team Sophie before. But now, she has no moral highground on that matter again.

  12. Dani’s dad : am I the only one thinking that he is homophobic and classist? It is only in the last episode that he says Sophie is not right because her family is broken. And I don’t believe that he doesn’t like Sophie just because there was a divorce.

    Also : I don’t want Bette and Dani to date. They are two alpha femmes working together knowing what they want with there life. They have to become friends and talk about their perspective, it’s a femmeship.

    • I’m praying they don’t hook Bette and Dani up. It is guaranteed not to end well and it really makes Bette look like a workplace predator, which I am super not cool with the “predatory lesbian” angle. She hooked up with the carpenter at her CAC job, she had a brief affair with one of her grad students, Jodi was a colleague I think (who Bette tried to force into resignation after they split-up), and then we started this series off with the revelation that she slept with Felicity when they worked together.

      Hooking up with Dani would certainly play to Bette’s MO, but I’m personally not interested in another “Bette dips her pen in the company ink” story line.

      I would much rather the sexual tension between them remain unrequited, which seems like the more relatable and realistic story line. I think most people have had experiences where they’ve been attracted to a coworker/boss/employee/teacher/student and still managed to NOT jump into bed with them. It would be more interesting to see that navigated in a way where the attraction has to be reconciled with (not prioritized over) maintaining a professional relationship.

  13. I’m disproportionately worried about the sitch with Tina’s fiancé, people.

    First of all, her name is Claire, which to be totally objective, sounds blonde. Call me completely unfounded, but a blonde bitch named Claire does NOT sound like the hero we are gonna need to check Tina going forward.
    I once saw a 6-month-old baby have her ears pierced at a Claire’s, and she DIDN’T EVEN CRY. Tina is WAY older than that, y’all.
    What the fuck are we gonna do if Tina tries to revisit the infamy of the poncho-por-la-paunch wardrobe era?Hmm? Just let Claire handle it? Ha.
    Remember that Willy-Wonka-sipppin’ lean-purple-striped burlap sack that, as best I can tell, was pulled directly off of a Grand Canyon guide-donkey’s back mere seconds before “Action!” that Tina wore like a tree skirt in the old seasons? Yeah. And she managed that aesthetic flash-bang during the Bette “Fuckin’ Bet” Porter Administration, too.
    This is not a drill. I think we should consider bringing Tasha back for this. Or even Laci and her fliers? Fuck idk but we need to get ready.

  14. Thank you, Riese. Every one of these recaps is pure joy. I’m so happy to have the L word back. The best part of the articles is the Aloce Show. Too funny! Also your picture captioning game is on point. Thanks again, and I can’t wait for the second season to hurry up and get into my eyeballs!

  15. Love these recaps so much! Such an awesome combo of belly laughs, callbacks, and truly thought-provoking insights :)

    Please forgive the essay, lol! Ton of thoughts to share. Gen Q isn’t perfect but there’s a lot I like about it. All the OG characters, of course, and the callbacks. But also liked the more diverse (and more realistically representative) casting choices. Favorite characters among the newbies: Finley, Sophie (and her entire family!), Tess, Angie, GiGi, Rebecca. Pierce had some great scenes – wish we would’ve seen more of him!

    I didn’t really expect to see some meaningful takes on, like, shame and recovery from emotional trauma, personal growth, self-forgiveness, struggles w/ alcohol use, and faith/religion/spirituality. On The L Word. Is this real? What is happening??? IDK but it’s a nice surprise & sending some healthier messages than the original show imho.

    The Angie & Jordi kiss, and Shane’s/Quiara’s reaction, stirred up some interesting feelings for me. Obviously it’s an adorable moment. But it just struck me what a different world they’re growing up in, for better and worse, but on the better side. Angie doesn’t have to hide her crush (/being queer) from her mom, or Uncle Shane, or any of the adults closest to her. She’ll have access to info on relationships and communication and boundaries and sex that I absolutely didn’t at her age. Ya’ll get what I’m saying, right? It made me intensely happy (if also kinda bittersweet?) to imagine a queer youth first-crush-date kinda story free of all the crap people in my generation generally went through. I so want this for real-life queer kids :).

    I’ve loved every single scene between Sophie and Finley! So much! I don’t have a strong preference either way on whether they end up dating, or being friends who don’t have sex, or being friends who do have sex, or any other shape of a connection two queer people can build together in the 2020’s. All I care about, is I don’t want to see their connection broken (neither friends nor lovers / not talking), and I want endgame happiness for each of them – no matter who they’re dating. No tragic endings for these two or I. Will. Riot!

    About Micah. I see a deeper betrayal going on than “he didn’t tell me he had a husband (and maybe an open relationship?)” – though that’s already a pretty big deal, especially for a sex partner. But José is also a cis artist who painted Micah, a (nude) trans subject and lover, and displayed that painting publicly. Benefited from it, careerwise. That already holds a lot of potential for exploitation or consent issues, objectifying or fetishizing, cis queer lens on trans queer experience, etc etc (which is also interesting at a meta level for the show…but I digress).

    Think about how Micah reacted to his stoned momma whipping out that baby photo at the restaurant (none too pleased). And what Micah told José back in the pool – that he *wanted* to tell him everything, but because of how the cis world often reacts to him speaking his own truth, he doesn’t talk about pre-transition years. Micah slowly chose to trust José more and more as the season went on, and I get the impression that when he agreed for José to do the painting, he assumed this was within a monamorous relationship with long-term potential. He assumed José viewed him as a romantic partner, not “just” an artistic muse or stepping stone. And I believe this is why it hurt so much to learn he had a husband – I think that made Micah immediately feel shitty about seeing his naked image hung in the gallery.

    On a totally different note. The original TLW gave more screentime to queer friendship and had more of a sense of queer community & queer space. It was often a very narrow slice of queer community (e.g. wealthy, majority-white, abled cis lesbians), and required us to suspend disbelief on How Do They Have Time/$$$ For All This, but even so. Sometimes the main characters (collectively, not just in twos or threes) would hang out at The Planet, or step onto a cruise ship, or ride with Dykes on Bikes at Pride, or pontificate Deep Thoughts about interconnectivity and The Chart, or drunkenly shout their coming out story to an unfamiliar group of lesbians, or belt “Closer to Fine” off-key in a packed mini-van, or casually mention their “dyke community back in Wilmette” or compare/contrast wlw scenes in L.A. versus the Bay Area, or or or. There was a sense of belonging to a community, a sense of relief and kinship and history/legacy in entering/creating queer spaces.

    Flipping the sports bar into Dana’s is a nice touch, and there’s one (1) scene in an MCC church, but overall I barely feel that “community” aspect with Gen Q. And I miss it. I truly like the new characters but I’m a little sad to see how much more their lives (or at least, their screentime) revolve around work and relationships.

    As for what I hope for in Season 2…

    -trans women characters, non-binary characters (amab & afab), fat characters
    —p.s. assuming Alice still has a show, maybe some trans guests yea?

    -give Micah, and any/all trans characters, closer connection to other characters & major plot threads

    -bring back the throuple! (or other realistic, healthy polyam representation)

    -let us know that other, offscreen OG characters are happy and well. I NEED to know that Shay is OK, and whether Shane stayed in touch? I’d also like to see *at least* a throwaway line for other characters like Tasha, Helena, Carmen, even Max (and his kid, plz).

    -IS SOPHIE’S GRANDMA OK??? (a.k.a. less loose ends plz?)

    -make it OK for older generation characters to not have or want kids, yeah? there are other legit life goals, other meaningful relationships (than parent/child), other ways to give love and make an impact and leave a legacy, etc etc. kids are great; heteronormative pressure to procreate-or-else-your-life-has-no-meaning is not so great!

    -Finley’s path to self-love and shame-free sexuality and finding peace w/r/t religious upbringing, with lots of support. but also lots of Finley in general- sweet, goofy, hype-man, brotastic, messy Finley!

    -intergenerational friendships, mentor/mentee-ness, and banter. this show has a huge opportunity to reflect on gen x vs. millennial vs. gen z queer culture and I think these writers could make that real & funny as hell!

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