The Comment Awards Are Strapping On Their Toolbelt

A small, brown and white dog peeking over their laptop screen, with a caption that says "Hey did you see that comment?!"

It’s Friday! A day that ends in y. And here we are, together! We are doing great!

(A friend has promised me that at a certain point in this pandemic and/or post-pandemic journey, the passage of time will start to feel like a real and measurable phenomenon again. But today is not that day!)

This week, we got another story from Trans Fiction, Trans Imagination! I love this series so much!

Saturday’s quiz, from Sally, was EXTREMELY relevant to my interests: Which Lesbian or Bisexual Woman in Space Are You?

Kayla reviewed Fear Street: 1994, which is a nostalgic delight by all accounts – if you’re into that sort of thing, of course.

The team reviewed We Are the Babysitters Club, a new collection of essays that reflects on the series that informed so many of our childhoods.

Drew spoke to Jen Richards about changing Hollywood one script at a time. This conversation was SO interesting!!

Sara Ramirez is no longer married! I bet you feel a way about that.

Finally, a use for the hammer loop that came on all of my high school jeans!

And then there were your comments!

On Quiz: Which Lesbian or Bisexual Woman in Space Are You?

The Heather’s Choice Award to Heather Hogan:

Sally, you are the only person who has ever or will ever ask me to choose between Madame Vastra and Baby Yoda — and I truly, deeply cherish that about you.

And the Tabby Open In Chrome Award to thisaintit:

I got Catra and was surprised until I remembered I have a tab open to buy cat ears because I saw a cute girl wear some in a Sam’s club and I’m currently bottling up my feelings as I type. So maybe there is some scientific method to this idk

On ‘We Are the Baby-Sitters Club’ Succeeds in Both Praising and Critiquing the Books of Our Childhoods:

The Kristy’s Great Idea Award to Charlotte:

This sounds great! And re: the Netflix series, this may not mean anything BUT after the season 2 announcement I tweeted at the showrunner Rachel Shukert: I’m so happy! The only thing that would make me happier: Kristy finally being allowed to be gay (which she clearly wasn’t in 1986, but like…we all knew) #MakeBartBarb

On No Filter: Thot Shit and the Destruction of White Supremacy, A+ Agenda as Ever Indya Moore!

The One Piece Award to shamblebot:

Celebs, they’re just like us! Frantically unzipping a jumpsuit because you had two drinks and you have to pee so badly, contemplating your life choices while sitting almost fully nude on the toilet

On Pop Culture Fix: The Crown’s Emma Corrin Has Some Binder Recommendations and Pronoun Updates For You:

The Feels Gay, Gay Feels Award to RMarlene:

Re: news that is not gay but *feels* gay, I feel seen. Sometimes a thing that is not technically gay becomes intensely gay due to the Gay Gaze. Michelle Yeoh falls in this category, due to my personal Gay Gaze at the very least, and I’m glad others agree.

On Anonymous Sex Toy Review: The Love Hamma Thrusting Vibrator:

The To-Do List Award to Noodlesforever:

I asked my partner what they’d do if I showed up with this in a toolbelt like “I heard you had something that needs hammering

And on Also.Also.Also: Legally Blonde Came THIS CLOSE to Having a Gay Ending, What like It’s Hard?

The Bend & Snap Award to Ashley and E:

I love Legally Blonde, I’ve seen it so many times I can quote it! I wish that ending or something similar could’ve happened. Also, this might be kinda silly I’d love to be Vivian one Halloween. All I need is a girlfriend who wants to be Elle!

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  1. Hi QG! Is it finally Friday or already Friday? This whole week felt like a Friday.

    I almost nominated the one piece comment! I always love it when comments I enjoyed during the week get a comment award. I actually loved that whole thread but the other comments were just us collectively drooling over Indya Moore.

    • As the author of the jumpsuit comment, thank you!! My thoughts reading No Filter are typically also of the drooling-variety but Kristen’s caption really spoke to something in me as I remember the terror of public restrooms once more with things opening up!

      • Yeah, I loved how well you captured the terror.

        I’m definitely on team Nope-don’t-care-how-cute-that-jumpsuit-looks.

  2. Stargirl season two:
    Somebody is wearing flannel during summer (school). No subtext there.

    • summer flannel is a solid look but may i suggest she cut off the sleeves for optimum airflow

  3. I’m so happy Noodlesforever’s hammer comment made it, I genuinely could not stop thinking about it and laughing all day yesterday

  4. Here for the meet cute over Legally Blonde. Nice to see this movie still has IT !

    • it really is a very perfect movie that would only be made better by the gay ending that half the cast apparently hallucinated

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