Anonymous Sex Toy Review: The Love Hamma Thrusting Vibrator

Over the last few years, sex toy companies and stores have asked us to review their toys in exchange for, you know, their toys. Today we’re reviewing Love Hamma Thrusting Vibrator from Spectrum Boutique.

Lifting the pink Love Hamma Thrusting Vibrator from its packaging unlocked something deep inside me. A need I hadn’t realized existed. A dyke dream previously unnamed. I wanted to get fucked by this hammer-shaped vibrator. Pounded, if you will.

A product photo of the Love Hamma, a vibrator shaped like a realistic hammer with a hammer head on one end and a slightly curved shaft on the other where a hammer's handle would be.

The Love Hamma, as advertised, is like a regular hammer in size and shape. It’s almost as heavy as one as well. The difference, besides the light pink color (it also comes in black), is the functionality. Although, after use I would totally bet money that this toy could put a nail into a wall. I almost tried it, but after using this toy there was no way I was going to potentially damage the motors when I have a perfectly fine hammer that isn’t $130.

The Love Hamma head offers seven different speeds and vibrations that I would rank as a solid medium in terms of strength: not going to wow you if you use a magic wand, but much stronger than many vibrators on the market. What I think is genius about this design–besides the role play potential–are the various parts you can put against your bod. The face of the hammer provides a flat surface to grind against while the claw of the Hamma can cup your clit. For internal play, flip it around as the handle has three vibration speeds. Yes, I did just google “parts of a hammer”.

Thrusters are having a moment in the sex toy industry and rightfully so. Toys that can do the penetrative work for us? Yes please! What the sex toy industry usually means when they talk about “thrusters” are toys with two heavy internal parts that shake with enough force they create a back-and-forth motion. Not all thrusters are successful however, many lose their oomph once they’re inside a tight body, the motor too weak to create movement while muscles squeeze against them. Thrusting toys can’t replace human fucking, but they’re a hell of a lot of fun.

The Love Hamma, I’m happy to report, did not have this problem. The thrusters are strong and the ten different patterns were fun to explore. The Love Hamma has two different handle options, a straight one and a curved end. The straight handle looks much more hammer-like but I opted for the curved end as I need a little shape to hit the internal spots needed for an orgasm. I didn’t orgasm from the internal thrusting, but also, I didn’t need to. The vibrations of the toy got me and my brain practically came on it’s own just from the Love Hamma being such a fun concept.

For those wanting a solo thrusting experience, I would probably recommend a different toy that’s easier to hold alone. But for partner play and occasional solo use, this toy is totally worth it. I found myself using the face of the hammer externally while the thrusting motor was on. While it wasn’t quite pounding against my body, it was a different and hot sensation than just vibration. With an experienced impact play top, there’s no reason you couldn’t use this toy as a joyful impact toy as well.

Not all pervs will look between their legs and see the handle of a hammer inside their body and think, “that’s hot”, but for those that would, this is your toy.  The Love Hamma is easy to hold, the buttons are clearly marked, and just think of the erotic potential of inviting someone over to help you build shelves, but in a sexy way. You know a toy is worth it when it inspires you, to play in new ways, try new things and create new experiences and that is just what the Love Hamma does.  It might not be everyone’s wet dream to get fucked or to fuck with a hammer, but for the curious and the daring, this would be a unique toy to add to your belt loop next time your crush calls you over to help out with some handy work.

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  1. I asked my partner what they’d do if I showed up with this in a toolbelt like “I heard you had something that needs hammering” and they acted like they didn’t hear me.

  2. oh my god oh my god i … is this my dream vibrator? it might be.

    i think my lingering question is – does it/could it work as a rabbit? or is it more of a two sided, separate experiences, toy? this does not change my interest in any way, i’m just curious.


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