The Comment Awards Are Sharing Their Spotify Top Ten

JUST KIDDING, I don’t have a Spotify, but oh boi did I learn a lot on Twitter today – namely, how much of the queer community still listens to music by the cast of Glee! What a journey.

This week, Carolyn and Archie compiled a definitive list of the top 50 queer sex toys you’ll need to get you (off) through this long, long winter.

Kayla wrote a gorgeous essay about superpowers for the Power Issue.

Valerie Anne reviewed Season of Love, this year’s queer answer to the Hallmark Christmas “Classic.”

Rachel wrote this perfect thing that knocked me on my ass, because of course she did.

The TV team wrote about their favorite and least-favorite characters on TV this year, and y’all had some thoughts about it.

This week’s Foolish Child made me laugh out loud.

Jehan reviewed Queen and Slim, which left her wanting so much more.

And then there were your comments!

On Reine #2: Foreplay:

The Resemblance Award to Heather Hogan:

Reine #2: Foreplay

On NSFW Lesbosexy Sunday Is Not A Love Bomb:

The Ends In Y Award to rachel:

”how can you tell when you’re horny”? It’s a DAY seems to be my current measure!

On “The L Word” Episode 305 “Lifeline” in Out-of-Context Screenshots:

The Wild Things Award to Mel:

I had a real chance at being straight before watching the pool scene. …I assume…tbh I don’t really remember a time before the pool scene.

On VOTE NOW! Bette Porter 2020? Davina Squeezed Past Denbo by One Vote in Round 3!

The WW Wow Award to Riese and Kayla:

w o w wow guys wow w o w

it’s ok……i’m sure dawn would have won if this were a mud wrestling competition

On Toward an Applicable Theory of Just Not:

The Loosen Up Award to Michelle and Noodlesforever:

“What else in my life is being held together only by my round-the-clock effort, gone the moment I relax my grip?” OOF

On No Filter: King Princess and Dana Fairbanks Had The Best Time at The L Word: Generation Q Premiere:

The Totinos Award to Carmen SanDiego and Chandra:

Carmen: Loving the pictures of TLW premiere. So happy to have this show back. It’s like this weekend is lesbian Super Bowl / Chandra: Who's bringing the Totinos / Carmen: Comment award!

On Pop Culture Fix: DC’s Gays Are Geared Up for Crisis on Infinite Earths:

The Big, Serious Processing Award to Mina:

Okay, but imagine if the Crisis on Infinite Earths trailer opened with “Crisis. Big crisis. Serious crisis. Big, serious crisis.” 😂

And on Bette Porter 2020? The Final Vote!

The Power Suited Award to adunlap and Chandra:

adunlap: I’m just excited the final vote is between 3 women of color! 🎉🎉🎉 / Chandra: See this is why the establishment is always trying to suppress the youth vote

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  1. The ends in Y award: and now I’m giggling bc I’m remembering the line “When they bury her, it’ll have to be in a Y-shaped coffin” and I haven’t thought of that since school but by gay I’m reclaiming it as a virtue.

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