The Comment Awards are Sandwiched in a Corner with Kristen Stewart

A small, brown and white dog peeking over their laptop screen, with a caption that says "Hey did you see that comment?!"

…Oh wait no, that’s just HEATHER HOGAN!

Anyway. I have a very specific question for you: remember skeeball? The tokens! The tickets! The grungy balls!

Today, on this, the 246th day since this new life began, skeeball is somehow what I miss.

This week, A. Andrews interviewed Isabella Rotman about her new book, A Quick and Easy Guide to Consent. I love this (and the whole Quick and Easy series) so! much!

Kamala made meat sauce in The Dyke Kitchen.

This roundtable on periods — pain, dealing, treatment and more — was literally everything I have ever wanted. A GREAT DEAL OF THE POPULATION DEALS WITH A SIGNIFICANT HEALTH ISSUE THAT IS UNDERSTUDIED AND MINIMIZED BY PROFESSIONALS! FUCK THAT! And more talking about what ails us, please!

Ahem. Where was I?

Right! Drew’s review of Heather’s Dinosaur Movie Ammonite made me cackle with glee.

Donald Trump lost the election. (Can somebody tell him?)

Rae wrote about tweezing and gender and the last line just blew me away, please go read it!

Finally, this: Black Women Organizers Deserve More Than Just Your Flowers and Thank Yous.

And then there were your comments!

On Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer, and Trans Candidates Won Big Again in State Elections This Year:

The Ready to Mingle Award to Peebs:

As a close personal friend of RI State Senator Tiara Mack, I’m obligated to tell you all that she is single and her DMs are open.

On Baopu #79: What is Safe Space?

The New Growth Award to Lauren:

So beautiful. I spent time meditating on each and every one of these spaces, and the way they’re depicted as new growth from difficult terrain is so poignant

On Kristen Stewart’s “Happiest Season” Trailer Makes the Yuletide Gayer Than Ever:

The Courage Award to AJ:

So the woman who kills Terminators in her spare time is afraid to tell her parents she is dating Kristen Stewart :D

On “Heavenly Creatures” Is a Queer Adolescent Nightmare:

The Representational Burden Award to Donna M:

As one of my first queer films, Heavenly Creatures was too tragic to fully enjoy. I appreciate it a lot more now that it doesn’t bear the same representational burden. Winslet and Lynskey are fantastic and the fantasy world stuff is so well done. I do wonder what motivated Peter Jackson to make a movie about murderous queer teens in the 1950s.

On I Visited the “Happiest Season” Set to Chat With Kristen Stewart and Clea DuVall About Their Holigay Rom-Com:

The M.’s Heart Grew Three Sizes That Day Award to M.:

I cannot wait for this movie. I cannot even believe it is a thing. it’s like someone looked into my brain and made it. I can already see myself realizing that the reason why I thought I hated Christmas movies was because they were all sooo incredibly heterosexual (and not bc they’re cheesy and romantic). I have already realized that what I needed were cheesy as fuck romantic lesbian Christmas movies!! we are allowed to fall for those stories, too!

On In Pandemic Times, I’m Having a Digital Victorian Gay Romance:

The Uphill! Both Ways! Award to Iarran Mé:

My husband and I were long distance for several years before we got married – and this was back when long-distance calls cost extra. (#OlderStraddlers represent! We had to phone uphill BOTH WAYS, THROUGH THE SNOW.) So we wrote letters constantly. We still have them. We still refer to in-jokes that got started in them. Here’s hoping in fifty years you and Plum are settled on the couch reading your old letters together and smiling. Good health to you both, may your reunion come sooner than you fear.

On Pop Culture Fix: Gossip Girl’s New Boss Promises “Many Queer Characters” in the Reboot, XOXO:

The Wild Ride Award to Carine Norvez:

I’m th one that tweeted Autostraddle about that Christmas movie and having just seen this wild thing last night, I am on the edge of my seat for the review

On Wild, Fat, Queer and Black: How I Became Free In The Mountains And Never Left:

The Be Right There Award to Noodlesforever:

shea, this was fucking fantastic and it reminds me of all the times I’ve been in the mountains and all the times I wish I had stayed there.

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  1. So on the topic of big queer Christmas films, I cannot wait until they do the classic, bizarre vaguely European province has someone who has to marry to inherit the throne and save Christmas trope, BUT REALLY FUCKING QUEER.
    What shit but great film trope do you want to see made really gay, with or without Kristen Stewart?

    • Such a good question!

      I really really love cheesy dance movies and all I want is the gayest one ever…underdog inner city dance team with no budget takes on posh team but the sexual tension is reaaaaal.

      Or…the queer senior citizens group saves their community centre through burlesque…and rediscovers the meaning of community, revitalizes their town, the crops grow again etc etc

    • Ooh, I love this question–maybe a classic 50s-style musical, but (even more overtly) queer?
      I grew up watching anything with Gene Kelly in it, and would love to see an On The Town adaptation where the women sailors get to New York and like, and want to visit outdated queer tourist sights, or meet girls they coincidentally went to high school with, or generally have a soundtrack written by Leonard Bernstein and paint the town lavender.

    • I love this. So many holiday movie tropes need to be queered!

      I want a queer version of “cynical person falls in love with someone who looooves Christmas and discovers the true spirit of the holiday”. I’m imagining Kristen Stewart and Janelle Monae in that photo of them sitting next to each other (you know the one –

      I want a reverse Hallmark, where instead of the urban professional woman going to small town and discovering love and purpose there, a small town queer goes to the big city and discovers love and purpose and awesome queer found family. (this too could star Janelle Monae and Kristen Stewart).

      And I want a queer opposites attract holiday road trip like The Sure Thing.

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