The Comment Awards Are Relishing the ’90s

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Hi there, shiny happy people! Today I have a tip for you courtesy of this cold I have had for approximately 84 years: Did you know that gnawing on a hunk of dark chocolate can work on a lingering cough just as well (and even better, for some people) than sucking on a cough drop? I only just found this out and tested it and I cannot BELIEVE I have spent my entire life buying disgusting cough drops when I could’ve been eating chocolate. So many years wasted!

(You’re welcome. I love you!)

This week, Mel B confirmed that she slept with Geri Halliwell back in the day, news that traveled back in time to make seventh grade Queer Girl’s heart explode.

Samira! Wiley! Karen! Walker! Will! And Grace! Listen, I haven’t seen the episode yet but I truly have no words.

Since things are all 90s all the time around here in a way that is making me extraordinarily happy, here is Every Major Female “Star Trek” Character, Ranked By Lesbianism.

Vanessa wants you to meet your long-distance crush IRLAnd to remember that distance goggles are a thing!

Need some dapper, MOC looks for the summer months? Mika’s got you covered.

Have you voted yet in AS’s Coming Out March Madness?

Please read this lovely, lovely piece about queer Emily Dickinson.

And then there were your comments.

On “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Introduces Cameron Esposito as Rosa’s Girlfriend Like Some Kind of Soft Butch Fever Dream:

The Leather Look Award to shamblebot:

My sexual orientation is Leather Jacket 4 Leather Jacket

On Mel B Confirms She and Geri Halliwell Definitely Boned During the Spice Girls’ Glory Days; I Am Deceased:

The Zig-a-zig Ahh Award to Carmen SanDiego:

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends indeed

On Samira Wiley Arrives on “Will & Grace” to Turn Karen’s Bisexuality From Running Joke to Swoony Storyline:

The Gay 90s Award to Gilbert:

So I’d never actually finished a whole episode of Will and Grace in my life, but half way through reading this I felt that I must see it! And omg, an old sitcom playing a woman as bisexual for laughs actually just fucking going there, in a really sweet and honest way is just everything I’ve ever wanted from a gagreel comedy from the 90s. Fucking loved it.

On Every Major Female “Star Trek” Character, Ranked By Lesbianism:

The First! Award to Elizabeth S.:

As a life-long Trekkie, many of whose first gay crushes we on Star Trek, this is everything! I agree with pretty much all of this. I have never felt more seen as a queer woman. Also, I would let Jadzia murder me.

And the Disposition and Intent Award to Sally:

I was rewatching some Discovery only yesterday with my mother, and when it got to the bit where Owosekun opened the trapdoor, it took all my strength not to shout aloud “GOOD WITH FLAPS!” as I mentally re-evaluated her lesbian potential.

On Monday Roundtable: Our Ideal Birthdays:

The Announcement, Announcement, Announcement! Award to Al(aina):

this is so dreamy also my birthday is happening during a-camp just a reminder JUST A REMINDER

And on Traveling to Meet Your Long-Distance Online Crush: A Gentle Guide:

The Love Is Not A Lie: Extreme U-Haul Edition Award to Chandra:

My now-wife and I met in person on a spontaneous whim after a mere 2.5 weeks* of online flirting etc., and the window of opportunity for this visit just happened to coincide with her family’s traditional annual New Year’s Eve party, so I met her literal ENTIRE EXTENDED FAMILY of 40+ people on the second night there. So that’s one way to get to know someone!** (*We had been friends online for a few months longer than this but still) (**Results may vary)

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