The Comment Awards Are Mild & Annoyed

Hello! Did you know that you made a miracle? I am so goddamn grateful for every single one of you, always!

This week, Erin blessed us with a quarantine edition of Straight People Watch!

Yao tried to balance work and life in Baopu #72. 

As Vida’s final season comes to an end, Carmen wrote about the show’s impact and legacy.

This is so! Exciting! Heather sat down with One Day At A Time showrunner Gloria Calderón Kellett!

For the latest installment of Year of our (Audre) Lorde, Jehan wrote about finding a way through current times in Lorde’s final book of poetry.

Autostraddle has a new Trans Subject Editor! Meet Xoai Pham!

Uhhhh, no, no one can copyright the Bi Pride flag.

And then there were your comments!

On Straight People Watch: Quarantine Edition:

The Spit Take Award to Sally:

Erin, could you not have shipped out some PPE before we read this article. I just spit out my tea laughing, and probably infected the tomato plants. Irresponsible!

And the Imagine! Award to Charlotte:


On Baopu #72: Working From Home:

The Hard Lessons Award to Adrian:

I made this my phone lock screen. Hopefully it will sink in somehow <3

On “To L and Back” L Word Podcast Episode 405: Lez Girls:

The Eviscerated I Am Award to BettyOnIt:

The Jenny/Alice/Monet fight had to be improvised as no way would IC imply that Jenny’s writing is bad.

On A Definitive Ranking of Good & Gather Snacks at Target According to Me, a Bitch for Target:

Also, please note that there is a strike today, 5/1/2020 – save your Target purchases for later if you can! <3

The Comments & Awards Award to Leapfrog, Clara and Chandra:

If one more effing restaurant or brand names themselves “something & something” I am going to continue to be mildly annoyed by it

On Pop Culture Fix: Law & Order: SVU Finally Has a Bisexual Main Character Who, Curiously, Is not Olivia Benson:

The Ladies Who Zoom Award to Caitlin:

one day i hope to be a tenth as iconic as the ladies who zoom

On Alice Wu’s “The Half Of It” Lives Up to the Hype by Fulfilling and Subverting the Expectations Set by “Saving Face”:

The Starstruck Award to Hana:

I am so starstruck! What an absolute dream combination of artists right here. Saving Face, Ash, and Huntress were all formative for me, and I cannot WAIT to see The Half of It!

And on Pop Culture Fix: Janelle Monáe’s Final “Homecoming” Trailer Is Here and Queer and Weird as Hell:

The Live Deliciously Award to Meg:

the phrase “coven of artists” is just delicious, thank you for this delightful roundup

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      • If it helps I messed up yesterday too and felt the same way @amidola.

        Appreciate the Cando attitude!

        Hope you’re doing ok, considering. Can’t imagine how exhausted you must be rn. Sending love and tea/whatever your tea equivalent is 💜☕

        • My tea is coffee;-)
          Thanks @snaelle!
          We’re not nearly as badly off as some places, but still, it’s been two months, and if there’s another wave after easing lockdown, I’m just going to sit in a corner and cry.
          I’m probably going to do that anyway sometime.
          Everything’s just been so f****** dramatic and heartbreakingly tragic.
          Also, I really hope that we’re going to have a very necessary conversation about how feminism has failed and why it has in the last few decades.

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