The Comment Awards Are Imagining The Future We Need

Hi, pals! You’re doing great! I think that maybe we should bake some cookies. Cookies feel like a reasonable response to [gestures vaguely]… everything. What kind are you going to make? I think I might make snickerdoodles!

This week, Greasebats embarked on a staycation.

Autostraddle turned 11 whole years old and the team celebrated with an AMA! (This is an A+ post, but the MANY amazing questions and answers are totally worth the subscription!)

Drew tried trans dating app Fiori and had some thoughts.

I’m not crying, you’re crying: Six Black Trans Women on Sending Abundant, Overflowing Love to Zaya Wade.

There’s never been a better time to get good at sexting, and Vanessa’s here to help you do just that!

Jourdain reviewed Saint Frances, a film about an interracial lesbian couple and the white nanny they let into their lives.

Stuck at home this week? Read an angsty romance novel! Casey’s got eight of ’em for you.

I fucking love the US Women’s National Soccer Team.

And then there were your comments!

On Gey in Kikh: Easy Pizza Hamantaschen for Purim:

The Cat in the Hat Award to Caroline:

I will be informing my mother that Cat Hat is a mandatory portion the Hamantaschen-making process. lol that my brain thinks it should be spelled “humentaschen”

On “Supergirl” Episode 514 Recap: VR Troopers:

The VR Troopers Award to EM:

My head for the rest of my day: “We are VR TROOPERS three! vir-tu-al re-al-it-y”

On Queered & Careered: Five Unconventional Ways to Honor Yourself at Work:

The License to Bitch Award to Sophia:

Wow, what a great idea to write ourselves permission slips! I just wrote one on a post-it giving myself permission to take up as much space as I need, even be a bitch if it comes to that.

On No Filter: King Princess Is Shooting Nudes With Her Girlfriend Quinn Wilson, Good For Them:

The Princess Angel Award to :), Clara, and thatottergirl:

:) : Prosthetics! Okay. I was wondering why King Princess looked like a Buffy vampire last time she was in No Filter. / Clara: I mean, wouldn’t you prefer to look like a Buffy vampire all the time if given the option? / thatottergirl: Wait…puffy brows, frequent shirtlessness, a penchant for brooding, and a love story from the 1950s? Is King Princess actually ANGEL?!

On You Should Join A+ So We Can Have a Merch Giveaway!

The Awwww+ Award to Muffin:

I am an A+ member because yall have shaped my ENTIRE life for the better – my mental health, my physical health, all of my relationships, did I mention my mental health, more days laughing! A safe place on the internet that is not stealing my attention to get someone elses money. A place of inspiration and vision and care and growing. Not without struggle no, but the best kind of struggle – the one where we grow into the future we need.

On Eight Great Angsty Lesbian Romance Books:

The Satisfied Award to Lyra:

A lesbian love story set in the world of Hamilton?!?!?!?? It’s everything I love in one book!! WOW. Casey, thank you for bringing this to my attention!! And there’s a whole series of these?!? Amazing!! Prime reading material for being stuck at home during pandemic season!

And on Also.Also.Also: The USWNT Really Said “F*ck You. Pay Me.”:

The Lori Petty Award to Vidney Tuesday:

I don’t wear a lot of sports apparel but petty lesbians might just change that.

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  1. Thank you QG!! You’re exactly what the doctor ordered.

    Also that King Princess/ Angel thread is going to have me giggling all day. These are the only kinds of crazy theories I want to be reading rn.

      • It would make so much sense you guys! They both have names that are just descriptive job titles. Oh, you’re a king AND a princess? That’s so holy and chaotic that you must be an angel.
        Anyway, thanks for your appreciation of our convo! :) and Clara such talented instigators

  2. I’m proud that my first solo comment award was about taking up space and being a bitch.

    • Lex

      I’m feeling oatmeal maple cookies, but I do have brownies fixings already measured out 🤔

    • I probably won’t bake cookies for a while (just bought another box of Thin Mints), but I do plan to make some tortillas from scratch…

      (jaja but really, they’re so much more delicious that way)

          • Lex

            Imagining the smell.
            All fresh tortillas are good tortillas, except for the ones from that time I put mystery mix seasonings in the masa.

    • Ginger snaps for sure, and then like a quiche or something a few days from now when I get bored

  3. With many of us being quarantined, and all the tv shows getting ready to go into hiatus, I say that it’s time for a ship tournament.

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