The Comment Awards Are Fighting for Your Love


Hi, pals! Real talk: the Comment Awards might be a little sappy this week. I just wanted to wrap us up in all of your perfect little moments of happiness and love!

This week, Reneice asked very nicely and you all told her who your crushes are!

Cameron feels some ways about Pride.

Even if the berries are gone from our bellies, A-Camp X will live forever in our hearts. Here are some of the staff highlights!

These lesbians wore suits to their wedding and looked A M A Z I N G.

Tops, bottoms, and switches – oh my! Take the Autostraddle Sex Survey here.

This is relevant to your interests EVEN THOUGH LOVE IS NOT A LIE.

And then there were your comments.

On FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: It’s Just a Little Crush:

The ??? Award to lnr:

This may be the cheesiest thing I’ve ever written, but I got married last week and I’m crushing so hard on my wife right now. Also that’s the first time I’ve typed “my wife”. We’ve been together for 6+ years and I guess this last week or so has been a reminder of how amazing she is and how lucky I am, which often gets lost or taken for granted during day to day life. Also I know I’m super late to this party, but I’ve been developing a bit of a Cate Blanchett crush lately.

Reneice: Well this is the sweetest freakin thing i’ve ever heard! CONGRATULATIONS! You have a wife! If you wanna share any cute photos i’d love to see! This is just so so great and so so sweet. Also, welcome to the Cate Blanchett crush club. I could you not really? / lnr: Wedding photo taken on a beach. Both spouses are wearing jean shorts, white button-ups and leis. It's near sunset.

On Sunday Funday Is Proud as Hell With Stephanie Beatriz and Queer Food Culture:

The She Is Risen Award to SpicyTofu1994:

OH MY GOSH, I LOVE THE OLD LESBIANS. Just another example of how Lesbian Jesus unites us as a community <3 <3

On A-Camp 2018, We Hold You In Our Hearts: The Autostraddle Roundtable:

The My Heart Grew Four Berries That Day Award to nosthaste:

Camp is such an important place to me. Feeling seen and cared for by so many inspiring people has been a cathartic experience for me. I like to imagine all that love and gratitude growing hot in my body and radiating backwards into my past. Into all the moments of my adolescence when I felt (deeply, profoundly) that I was too weird to have friends. I imagine the warmth of camp filling my 12-year-old heart and inspiring me to live unabashedly. Friends from the future, propelling me forward, loving me because of and not despite. Thank you for creating this place, it means so much.

On Tops, Bottoms, Switches, What Do You Mean: Take Our Autostraddle Lesbian & Queer Sex Survey:

The Outdoor Voices Award to Chandra:


On No Filter: Shane, Tasha and Alice are Making Guac for Pride:

The Pilot Season Award to Al:

Carmen and DJ Kittens is the Persian action I didn’t know I needed. It could make a great tv show, two lesbian DJs that compete against each other at events, but are also married and madly in love.

On Oh, Hey! It’s Alyssa #50: Moving Day:

The Missed Call Award to Mika Albornoz:

Panel of Alyssa kissing their partner. Mika has added an image of an incoming call from him on an iPhone, which the lovers are ignoring.

On “The Bold Type” Episode 204 Recap: Relationships Are Hard!

The Frequent Flyer Award to birobot:

I absolutely loved this episode and also assume that that lesbian bar exists in the same universe as the airport where they let you hang out in the terminal and have sex in the first class lounge before being deported.

And on 55 Questions to Obsessively Ask Yourself After a Lesbian Breakup:

The Lady Problems Cavern Award to Em:

Number 55 seems like the right response to all problems, tbh. Kennedy’s retiring? To the cave! Global warming? To the cave! Lady problems? To the cave! Grocery store is out of beans when you want to make chili? Fuck everything. To the cave!

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