The Comment Awards Are Crushing On Kristen Kish


Hi pals! I tried to char romaine for dinner last night and it did not work. It ended up kind of…wilted, instead. Tell me, chef friends! What’s the secret?

This week, the team bared their hearts for a V-day roundtable on love.

Alyssa wants to draw you and your bod! (I’ve never had better eyebrows.)

Over on Jane the Virgin, Rosario Dawson happened!

Into period sex, or curious about it? Carolyn’s got you covered.

This is a really important, personal essay on adoption and motherhood, and it’s also FULL OF ADORABLE PHOTOS OF KAELYN’S VERY OWN REMI, who’s already 16 months old!

This gave me so many feelings: You Need Help: Is It Normal To Feel Sexy When You Gain Weight? (Yes)

And then there were your comments!

On Monday Roundtable: How We Knew We Were In Love:

The Moment Like This Award to Amidola:

It’s true,too, this forever. There is a part of time that’s not linear, where the person I was then, loved the person she was then and there’ll always be those two of us and that then. I hope that helps, Carolyn. Love’s not a lie, it just exists without a watch or map. Or any common sense, for that matter.

On Alyssa Andrews Wants To Draw You (Yes, You!) For #AllQueerBods:

The Out of this World Award to Amanda ling:

As a human person with extremely thick hair right next to barely adequate eyebrows. I am in my Tesla on the way to Mars about this drawing style!

On Rosario Dawson Has Finally Awakened Petra’s Bisexuality on “Jane The Virgin”:

The Best Gif-t Ever Award to Natalie:

Blonde woman with chopsticks saying "I'm going to give the gays everything they want."

And the Back On My Bullshit Award to Jack H.:

re: the very last line of this article that says in small print “there’s already fanfic

On Kristen Kish’s New Cookbook Helped Me Wine and Dine My Valentine and So Can You:

The Valentine’s Kishes Award to Autumn:

I am OBSESSED with Kristen Kish!! I got to meet her and go to this awesome intimate tasting menu event hosted by Jaynes Beard (a monthly private culinary party for lesbians and queer people in NYC!!) anyway she’s amazing, her food is so scrumptious, and she’s gorgeous <3 Also they gave out signed copy’s of the cookbook sooo I’m totally gonna make an amazing Valentine’s Day dinner for this lady I’m crushing on hardcore using recipes from Kristen’s cookbook!!! Thanks for the wonderful VDay plans ☺

On Also.Also.Also: Dept of Ed Officially Does Not Give a Sh*t About Trans Kids:

The Where’s Waldo Award to Brooke:

Wait, so are we not going to talk about that great Shocked Sarah Paulson snuck into the cover photo on this? That shit made my day. It’s like the gay version of Secret Mickey’s where they hide random Mickey heads in the walls at Disneyland.

On No Filter: Gaby Dunn Is on Her Way to Steal Your Wife:

The Now With Wings! Award to Natalie:

I love that Christian Siriano sees Danielle Brooks for the angel that she is, so he went ahead and gave her wings.

And on Valentine’s Day Cards For Queer Women, Pt. 2:

The Hard Candy Valentine Award to Kristana:

Image of Ellen Page. Text: I'm taking a page out of her book and telling you how much I love you.

Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day, loves!

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  1. Where in these awards is Carmen Sandiego? Nah, I’m just kidding. She’s probably got twice (or maybe even three times…four times?) the awards that I have.

  2. PS. I only wrote that comment instead of finding the picture because of my dismal history with mis-typing the very simple image instructions XP

    • “In my Tesla on my way to Mars” might just be my new favorite way to say “out of this world,” so THANK YOU FOR THAT

  3. Thank you for reminding me of that roundtable. I’m going to wait until I have a cup of tea, a spare hour and a hankie ready.

    I need to be prepared.

  4. Thank you, this comment award is giving me a lot of feelings.
    Many years ago, I was literally sitting in a circle in group therapy and asked how one knew that they were in love. Now I got an award for the answer. Who‘d have guessed?;-)

    However, what I would have posted, had my internet connection been better, is this:
    (The live rendition was absolutely heart rending, desperate and emotional)
    It’s A‘s Monologue, from Sarah Kane‘s Crave. A piece of modern theater, where the characters just stand around on stage, nameless, and give auditory impressions and monologues, with sound effects.
    Not exactly my cup of tea, but my gf at the time, or rather, non-gf at that particular time (we had a „Strangers“ thing going on there, a little bit, for a while, whatever) did like that kind of stuff, and so we went.
    While sitting there in the semi darkness with the lights flashing and sudden,absolute stillness, this monologue came on, and I felt like someone had dumped a bucket of hot water over me.
    I felt every word. And I felt it for the person next to me, who I hoped would not turn around and see my flushed face.

  5. I heard a Canadian listing famous Canadians and she did not name Ellen Page.

    So I told this story to my girlfriend and concluded, “So, clearly she’s heterosexual.”

    And my girlfriend replied, “Who’s Ellen Page?” and now I am questioning everything.

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