Also.Also.Also: Dept of Ed Officially Does Not Give a Sh*t About Trans Kids

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Queer as in F*ck You

Arrest Made In Death Of Lesbian Found Shot In Burning Car.

The Education Department Officially Says It Will Reject Transgender Student Bathroom Complaints.

Indonesian MP Wants To Introduce The Death Penalty For LGBTI People.

Malaysian Newspaper Publishes ‘How To Spot A Gay’ Checklist.

LGBT Actors Facing Disaster Following Re-introduction Of Hollywood ‘Morality Clause’.

Miami Catholic School Teacher Says She Was Fired For Being Gay.

This headline is so fucking confusing if you don’t know what McCain Fries are and you’re worried the author misspelled “fires” which happens but anyway: McCain Fries Bites Back At Bigots With Another LGBT-Inclusive Commercial. Right??

Kehinde Wiley Was Destined To Paint Barack Obama.

Hair And Identity: Developing A Femme Aesthetic Of Queer Diaspora.

Doll Parts

This Teenager Accused Two On-Duty Cops Of Rape. She Had No Idea The Law Might Protect Them.

A Transgender Woman Has Exclusively Breastfed Her Baby, and It’s A Dream Come True.

How Google Maps Leads Women Seeking Abortions Astray.

The Horrors I Endured as a Female Jail Guard.

How Joy Reid of MSNBC Became a Heroine of the Resistance.

Department Stores Are Basically the Reason Women Were Allowed in Public.

Saw This, Thought of You

The Songs That Bind. The A.V. Club’s headline, Here’s why you don’t like new music any more, is so much better.

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  1. It’s fine to have a sexual predator as president but god forbid there are any openly gay actors. These are same people that continue to support Roman Polanski. Also, the same people that didn’t care about all the sexual misconduct until it started affecting their bottom line. Sometimes I really hate people.

    Besides, Sarah Paulson is a beacon of light in this shitty world right now.

  2. That department store article was a great read. I generally loathe going into those, but I bet they were quite a sight to see back in the day. (Ok, I admit, I was picturing Frankenburg’s as I read the article). I do remember Nordstrom’s having a real live pianist when I was a kid. Imagine a whole orchestra!

    • Yeah, I don’t like the department stores either, but the read was a good one. I think as a country and society we get on our high horse about countries that abridge women’s rights without being aware of our own history…like our timeline is “righteous” somehow.

      I thought the article also did a good job highlighting how this was independence for white upper- and middle-class women for the most part. Working women were always in public. And black middle-class (and in some places upper-class) women weren’t afforded the same freedoms.

  3. Sigh… I read through the breastfeeding article, and one of the suggested “must reads” at the bottom of the page was “11 Ways Your Pregnancy Will Be Different If You Have A Boy Vs A Girl”. Because there’s nothing like arbitrarily gendering fetuses to underscore a story on trans health!

  4. The Spot A Gay list has been travelling around Malaysia for a while – it may have started with the Education Department, since a few years ago they were thinking of running classes so that teachers can spot gay students and send them for ‘reeducation’.

    The stuff happening in Indonesia honestly scares me – I’m worried that Malaysia’s going to think that what Indonesia is doing is a good idea and will try to emulate it. Homosexuality is already criminalised and trans people are already under attack, but it’s not really a stretch to suggest that they’ll extend their death penalty laws (which exist for drug offences as well as apostasy in some states) to cover us ‘gay heathens’. Or, if murder isn’t their style, some way to deport us or rescind citizenship, like they have for other ‘undesirables’ (read: activists). My Malaysian citizenship took fucking forever and I’m already on thin ice for my ethnicity, but I’m already trying to figure out if there’s a way to expedite my Australian citizenship application (from waiting 4 years) so I can get that sorted in case Malaysia decides they don’t like me anymore.

    • I agree. I guess I can see the “musical taste” argument as far as formation, but don’t we all just associate the music playing at times we look back on nostalgically? Or maybe just formatively? For instance, why would “Creep” be popular with a generation that probably never heard it? Music is so contextual.

      I know there are certain movies I like, not objectively, but because I had a good time watching them with my friends or family. Maybe at a slumber party or something. So now that emotion is always associated with that movie. Is that “taste”? Or comfort food in audio form?

  5. Wait, so are we not going to talk about that great Shocked Sarah Paulson snuck into the cover photo on this? That shit made my day. It’s like the gay version of Secret Mickey’s where they hide random Mickey heads in the walls at Disneyland.

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