The Comment Awards Are Bi For Cheryl Blossom


Hi, pals! This week I’ve been thinking a lot about the amazing gift that is A-Camp, and all of the beautiful, amazing, perfect people I’ve met there. And you can have this gift, or give it to someone else! It’s time to donate to or apply for a campership! (I cried like I’d been gifted a basket of puppies when I read these, so.)

This week, Heather built a sex robot, and it did not go according to plan.

Fonseca interviewed Desiree Akhavan about filming the movie adaptation of Cam Post!

Carolyn’s got advice that is relevant to at LEAST 90% of us in this week’s You Need Help.

The Autostraddle Weekly is back!!!

Have you heard the good news? I am so excited about all of this!

Cheryl Blossom is bisexual, I’m fine, everything is FINE.

And then there were your comments!

On The Intensely Detailed Janelle Monáe and Tessa Thompson Timeline You’ve Been Waiting For:

The Intro to Stats Award to Nadia:

If this compilation evidence is not quite enough to declare these two Statistically Significant Others, we can still say with confidence that they are at least Marginally Significant Others.

On Monday Roundtable: How Do We Live with Ourselves?

The Sound of Silence Award to Briana:

my mom likes to describe me as “the loudest quiet person i’ve ever met.” i’m so sorry to all my past, present, and future roommates for my inability to quietly shut a door. i’m especially sorry to neil, my long-suffering downstairs neighbor, who once said “i haven’t slept in 5 years. i can hear every whisper. please move.”

On I Built a Lesbian Sex Robot:

The Edwina Scissorhands Award to Sally:

Outstanding work! My only suggestion would be to attach blades to the pick-up pincers, so then at least it would be a scissoring robot?

On You Need Help: You’re in Love with a Straight Girl and You Want It to Stop:

The Reality Bites Award to Jen:

“It’s safe to want what you can’t have. It’s safe to not get over something that’s familiar. It’s safe to hold on.” yikes this just made me reevaluate my entire life. figured out why i always crush on straight girls or unavailable queer girls!! thanks for the reality check autostraddle ?

On Mal Ortberg’s Creepy New Book Is Coming Out and Mal Is Too:

The Toasty Award to Amanda ling:

Trans jokes are about to get Ortberg’d I CANNOT WAIT

On Autostraddle Weekly DO YOU GET IT (I’m Talking About Our Newsletter):

The Ride, Sally Award to Sally:

Laneia, I have some issues with the last newsletter, specifically the highlighting of the “songs about Sally” post of yore. I am stepping up to speak on behalf of all Sally-kind and say that all a humble Sally really wants to do is drink her drink or eat their sandwich in peace, without the constant fear of someone popping up and singing a Sally-centric song at them. These songs do not need more publicity! Other than this, the newsletters are perfect.

And on It’s Official: “Riverdale” River Vixen Cheryl Blossom is Bisexual!

The Dare to Defy Award to Stef:

Stef posted a gif that shows a close-up of Cheryl Blossom's face, as she says "wanna team up for a little destruction?"

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  1. At some point y‘all are just going to drag me onto that Riverdale train.
    And where were you, QW, when Buffy and Faith were just so Bi for each other and yet love dared not stake its name?

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