The Comment Awards Are Befriending Skittish Straight People

Hi, pals! Do you know how much I love you? Put some fruit slices in your water today! You deserve it!

This week, Andrea wrote about my very favorite episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and blew my heart wide open.

LISTEN, astrology confuses me but it does not confuse Jeanna, who’s got some really important things to tell us about our Venuses!

This was stunning.

100% guaranteed that this is relevant to your interests: How to Successfully Flirt With the Babe of Your Dreams on Instagram.

The winners of Autostraddle’s Inaugural Gay Emmys are here, and queer, and absolutely perfect!

When the going gets tough, the tough get pickling. Molly’s here to show you how.

And then there were your comments!

On Take Autostraddle’s Important Lesbian and Queer Stereotypes Survey!

The Mysterious Stranger Award to Remy and Hester:

It wouldn’t let me skip it but I am enjoying my sliding doors moment wondering about the non-binary individual I was not married to

The Come Here Often? Award to Jenn:

I had to comment because the stock photo used as the thumbnail for this post is my girlfriend : ) I’ve seen her a couple of times on your site and I do a double take every time. Love Autostraddle and love your surveys!

And the Mile in Liz Lemon’s Shoes Award to Carmen SanDiego:

I was expecting a question about Sensible shoes.

On Y’All Need Help #28: Being Careful With Your Sex Eyes:

The No Place Like Home Award to acarly and Laneia:

acarly: How can one acquire these ‘sexish sex eyes’? Asking for a friend / Laneia: much like dorothy’s ability to return to kansas, your sexish sex eyes have been with you all this time!

And the Trap & Release Award to Professor Queermo and Chandra:

Professor Queermo: I like how you make befriending straight women sound like coaxing feral cats. So skittish! / Chandra: Lie down on the floor to make yourself smaller. Blink slowly and look away to show you’re not threatening. Offer food. …Actually I met one of my closest straight female friends at a yoga class with a potluck at the end so this isn’t far off.

On How to Successfully Flirt With the Babe of Your Dreams on Instagram:

The Thirst Ditch Award to Stef:

thank you, my instagram flirting consists of writing “wow ok

On No Filter: An Emmy for Samira and a Thirst Trap Award for Kehlani:

The White Wine Or Red? Award to Ava:

HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT STEVIE FROM SCHITT’S CREEK IS QUEER??? This is v important information brb going to follow both of them on IG immediately. Also here for a No Filter Weekly Thirst Trap Award.

And on Announcing the Winners of Autostraddle’s Inaugural Gay Emmys!

The Rosa Diaz Approves Award to Al and Stephanie Beatriz:

Al: For those who didn’t see Stephanie’s acceptance speech. / Stephanie Beatriz on twitter: OMG I WON A GAY EMMY! Thank you for voting; Autostraddle is such baby angels for including me.

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  1. This is not related to anything, but I’d like to recommend watching Bojack Horseman. For a show about a straight male horse there’s queer women everywhere and like, women everywhere. I just think it’s neat. My apologies if this is not the right venue. The voice cast this season: Stephanie Beatriz, Abbi Jacobson, Natalie Morales plays an asexual fish.

    • I love this show! But yes, it can get very real and heavy regarding depression, substance abuse, etc. In general, I find the women characters much more compelling than the male title character (shocker!).

  2. Not only am I excited to win my first comment award, but I also get to claim I won in the same week as Stephanie Beatriz! Maybe we can go wild straight trapping together sometime.

  3. Oh wow, I’m glad I decided to finally read these this week because this is my very first comment award! Who knew my cluelessness about who’s here & who’s queer would be award winning?

    PS – That is my very favorite scene from Schitt’s Creek. I feel seen.

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