Asking the Question: When Public Interrogation of Trans Women’s Bodies Turns into Open Sexualized Violence

“Beyond being merely invasive, there are situations in which trans women can detect a seed of violence in these kinds of questions, which in numerous cases has manifested in actual violence. Last week in Atlanta just such a situation led to an extreme and violent incident in which two trans women were attacked, and one was beaten and forcibly stripped naked in public, evidently as a form of punishment for resisting such interrogation.”

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Jewlyes Gutierrez Enters Conflict Resolution Program, But Systemic Violence Against Trans Women of Color Remains

“While the charges against Jewlyes have not yet been formally dropped, this development unquestionably represents a big step in the right direction. Meanwhile, the fact that this situation even occurred in the first place speaks to a much larger issue about the bullying that LGBT youth face in school and elsewhere, which falls particularly hard on trans youth, especially trans women of color.”