You Raised $2K for Women for Political Change at Rise Up Get Down — A+ Members Can Watch the Replay!

On Sunday June 28, the anniversary of the start of the Stonewall Riots, we threw a little digital shindig to celebrate Pride as an uprising and to raise money for Women for Political Change in Minneapolis. We’re giving A+ Members access even if they couldn’t make the live show because they’re the best, so if you sign up now, you just have to await the weekly A+ E-News for details!

How to Talk to Your White Friends and Family About Racism

As annoying as it is, probably, to hear it, you really have to lead with love. It’s not our responsibility to love people who hate us or wish us ill, but if those people are your friends or family, it is yours. If you genuinely care about your family and want them to be and do better, let that ground your conversation.