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2016’s Democratic Platform Includes Indigenous People; That Doesn’t Mean It’s Earned the “Indian Vote”

“At one point the DNC and Clinton representatives weren’t going to include anything in regards to Native People in the party platform. ‘I was angry. I was just devastated… No you’re not, no you’re not going to do this to Native Americans. You’re not going to further marginalize my people any longer,’ Ms. Parker said to me.”

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September 7, 2016

“My ancestors didn’t fight for nothing. They didn’t keep going on that long, cold, hard march from our ancestral homeland to “Indian Territory” just so that I could give up. They didn’t lay down on the trail to die and neither will I.”

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Dollar General SCOTUS Case Puts Native American Sovereignty (and Justice) on the Line

The Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that could greatly impact Native Americans and their political sovereignty, two Muslim women were bombarded with racist comments at an Austin restaurant and management did nothing, traffic lights with same-sex couples were removed from the Austrian city of Linz, same-sex parents in Arkansas can both be on their child’s birth certificate now and more news stories!

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Love and Resistance: Reflections on Queer Survivance This Indigenous Peoples’ Day

As folks flock to department store sales and many more to parades honoring the man, the legend, and symbol of settler colonialism, Indigenous people from across Turtle Island come together to commemorate Native cultures. Like most days throughout the year, today we dance, sing, eat, laugh, and Indigenize social media together. Today, however, we do so with a special purpose: to reclaim and redefine a holiday intended to celebrate the genocide and forced assimilation of Native peoples.