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Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance Needs HEROs to Protect LGBT Citizens from Discrimination

It’s gonna be a close race in Houston as it decides if a nondiscrimination ordinances passes, there’s a bunch of other municipal elections happening that you should keep an eye on, Queer Undocumented Immigrant Project has a new survey to gather stories and data on LGBTQ immigrant experiences, the AP uncovered over 1,000 cases where law enforcement officers committed a sex crime and more news stories.

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The People’s History: The Birth of the New Feminist Army in Texas

“An entire year has passed since the shouts heard around the world reverberated throughout the Texas Capitol and forced the state legislature to come to a screeching halt. Rise Up/Levanta Texas formed in late June 2013 as a grassroots response to a growing awareness that our bodies, stories, and voices were being made invisible within the larger narrative surrounding reproductive rights and HB 2.”