Swords, Satan and Sexuality: Queer Nuns of the Past

“Somehow convincing the convent that she genuinely wanted to take holy orders Julie entered the nunnery with her girlfriend. Around a month in an elder nun died of natural causes and the two of them saw their chance; putting the dead nun in the girlfriend’s bed they set the nunnery on fire and ran off into the night.”


Read A F*cking Book: The Right Side Of History

These 30 essays provide important context and understanding of individuals, movements and moments that formed the greater whole of a long fight for queer liberation, one that is far from over but which has made incredible strides in just a few decades.


Booths for Ladies: An Unauthorized History of the Lexington Club

The idea of this building housing regular, straight people drinking regular, straight drinks was peculiar to me. So I set off into various archives to learn more, uncovering a total of at least eight proprietors of a tavern at the corner of 19th and Lexington that dates back to 1910. To present my findings, I shall now show you 10 reasons that the building is completely 1000% well-suited to be San Francisco’s most loved dyke bar.