Also.Also.Also: The Lesbian Couple Who Brought You Home Ec and Other Stories You Shan’t Miss

I keep forgetting what day of the week it is and when I’m supposed to be putting these roundups together for you! I’m blaming the fact that my children are still out of school, so every day feels like an incredibly drawn-out Friday, which is fine but so disorienting. Yesterday my very first born person turned 18 and I didn’t cry! Not even a little! Now he’s officially the only adult male that I don’t dislike at all. I hope if he needs to update an online profile sometime, he includes “Singular exception to my mother’s comprehensive misandry.” #blessed

Please enjoy these high quality links that I have selected for you on this fine Thursday!

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Get involved with 50 Bills 50 States to fight against LGBTQ youth ‘conversion therapy.’

+ Enough/Enough Anthology is accepting submissions from trans/non-binary survivors of domestic violence.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Thank God for Identity Politics.

+ Heather Matarazzo on Rejection, Suicide, and Ayahuasca.

+ Huffpo had this study, Dietary Patterns during Adulthood among Lesbian, Bisexual, and Heterosexual Women, in a link roundup titled “A Look Inside Queer Women’s Kitchens” and sadly, it is not a post full of pictures of queer women’s kitchens. But it is interesting! Meanwhile I think I’d like to do a gallery of queer kitchens, so make sure you’re ready to submit to that.

Dead serious.

+ The Turn-of-the-Century Lesbians Who Founded the Field of Home Ec. Bless.

Doll Parts

+ Why Draught-Resistant Farming Could be a Feminist Act in Lesotho.

+ For the Missing and Murdered: A documentary about creative activism for Indigenous women’s rights.

+ Share this with your uncle on facebook! 9 Things People Get Wrong About Planned Parenthood.

+ Carrie Fisher’s Last Harrison Ford Story Isn’t Romantic, It’s Tragic. Raaaaape cultuuuuuuuure! ?✨

+ The Artists Recreating the Tarot Deck for the 21st Century.

+ Mutha Magazine has an interview with the authors of Baby & Me, an accessible, diverse, informative book for pregnant people.

+ Speaking of pregnant people! Inside the Million Dollar Get-Rich Doula Click.

+ Meet the Vinyl Club Resisting Patriarchy One Record at a Time.

Keep Up

+ “Build That Wall!”: A Local History.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Subscribe to The Dry Down newsletter. It’s about perfume, but it’s about being alive right now, really. I think you’ll love it.

And Finally

An actual shower beer, brewed specifically for drinking in your shower.

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      • Allow me to validate you further.
        Is there something you’d want pictures to focus on or would you just like a general idea in the pictures of the person’s kitchen?

        Like this pictured kitchen belongs to [name]-[identity dets]-[something about how they feel about cooking, their kitchen, food]


        This picture is most important part of [name]-[identity dets]’s kitchen because [reasons]

        I tried to find an international photo series done of mother’s kitchen I saw a couple years ago for visual reference of what I’m trying to explain/ask. But I couldn’t find it.

    • I’m pretty sure I read this comment with a kinkier undertone than was intended, but I’m ready for either! (or both)

  1. In a semi-related story. My first year in college I was rooming with two freshman basketball player. One of them had a real knack for leaving food and drinks all around the place. I was planning to shower one day and ask him why is there a half a can of Fanta and bread crumbs in the shower. He replied, “I got hungry halfway through my shower so I made a sandwich to eat, and I wasn’t going to have a sandwich without a drink.” Yup, I am not surprised they made shower beer if people are eating full meals in the shower.

    Also, that vinyl club sounds pretty amazing and those women are just soo cool!

  2. A gallery of queer kitchens sounds amazing. If it were a team post like the workspaces or a user-submitted post, I’d love it.

  3. I’m really glad shower eating/drinking is becoming a thing we all talk about. Last night I had some limón chips in the shower and it was way better than a glass of wine in the bath!

  4. oh your opening paragraph about your son made me think of my brightest diamond singing “i have never loved someone” in that la blogotheque video i used to watch over and over when the pain kept getting caught in my throat and i really needed to cry and don’t worry now i’m crying forever plenty for everyone because life is so fragile and mothers and babies and dying and time and etc. shower beer anyone?

    happy birthday, laneia’s favorite adult male person!

    • I will give you a clue out of pity.
      What do people use when they’re constipated?

      (MAJOR HINT: not laxatives.)

        • I don’t even fucking know.
          My life is upside down (or maybe melting) and I’m barely eating.

          Fear maybe that it’s not a troll but someone who doesn’t know how internet and can’t English either.

          • They “can’t English”

            Wowwwww das racist yo

            Forreal that is a pretty fucked up thing to say about someone who may not be from the US and may not speak English very well.

          • Actually that’s called I’m dyslexic and sometimes when I’m writing or typing my brain is thinking a word but the word never makes it outta my brain or worse I don’t change the tense of a word and don’t type a word.

            Also it’s a common young people internet thing of “verbing of a noun”

            But thank you for proving my point as to why I’m going a little squirrelly.

        • Or maybe my stander of operation have been lowered by this week of infighting when we should be banding together and revolving things like not shouty small children in adult bodies because the White House is transition to Mount Doom.
          Riders of Rohan be riding the wrong fucking way.
          We haven’t even met the orc’s line of scrimmage but we’re hacking and slashing like they’ve broken our lines.

          My mind can somehow handle nazgul and death eaters coming to power but our infighting might be making me loose my marbles.

          • I just thought it was interesting that you are calling people out for not being able to speak English (err “can’t English”) when you have trouble with it as well.

          • So stating my fear (it’s not a concern at this hour, but a feeling of fear) it’s not a troll and instead some one who doesn’t have a grasp of neither internet etiquette nor the English language is calling someone out?
            Is that what you’re trying to convey, I just want to sure before flying off the handle and tearing you a new one. Trying to limit the number ill-advised things I’m going to do in the next 4 years.

          • So just to reiterate, you have a fear of people who do not have a grasp of the English language? Xenophobic much? JFGI (Just Fucking Google It) if you are unsure what this means.

            I can’t stand by and watch you disgrace this site with elitist racist bullshit

          • Haaaaaaaaaaa trés no cher.

            Fear that I am interpreting someone who doesn’t have a grasp of English as a rude troll.

            Fear that I not giving mercy to those that need mercy.

            And no I do not need to google xenophobia because xenos- basically alien and phóbos-fear. I read dictionaries as child, I busted my ass to be invincibly literate.
            I got no mercy, knowing big words and their origins. I got rocks, slurs and trash thrown a me. Nasty things written in my books and own my stuff.

            I learned instead being a freakass monster that let you punch them first so they could grab your arm, twist it until you beg to let go is invincibility.
            That’s twisted lesson for an eight year old to learn and for a long time I was a cruel and merciless person.
            I kicked the shit out a kid who was step above me in the pecking order because he was trying earn cool points by making fun of me to my face while the normals looked on.

            That is an example of one of my many regrets while in an us/them war-like state of mind.

            So excuse me if I feared I was being merciless piece of shit.

            This is what all the infighting also reminds me of, being a person without mercy. And I really hate watching alla us acting like this. Fighting little purity wars and callout culture and childish witch hunting behaviour.

            I don’t want us to all fall in line, never disagree or state grievances because there are always things a group can improve on and feedback is a part of that.

            But holy shit we’re being utter shit lords to each other and it needs to stop.

  5. So when’s the deadline for the queer kitchen article? Cuz my kitchen is tiny AF but I’m really proud of my space saving skills so I’d like to share that with y’all.

  6. Since the abstract of that queer female nurse diet research only made a general statement about how queer women are more likely to be obese, I got suspicious and decided to track down more info. After all, what if these queer lady nurses who have better diets than their straight counterparts were a group of queer ladies who bucked the weight trend?

    In case anyone else is as suspicious as I was, there was indeed a higher instance of obesity in the queer female nurse group despite better diet overall.

  7. The home ec story is lovely, ended up reading the whole piece on Jstor!
    ‘In public life she wore simple but fashionable clothing made of good fabrics but with few embellishments’ #lifegoals

    • I actually work at Cornell University. My building is next to the Martha Van Rensselaer building. And that building is a half mile from Flora Rose dorm.
      But I never knew this about Martha and Flora. I’m glad to learn more about the women that worked hard to help make my life easier.

  8. Laneia, your use of the word “shan’t” was the single best part of my 2016, so I’m very pleased that you’re continuing its use in 2017! I shan’t know what to do if you’re not around to say “shan’t” in the future.

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