Fool’s Journey: How Can I Create Harmony in My Genderqueer Identity?

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“How can I balance or better integrate the masculine and feminine sides of myself, in a healthy way? As a genderqueer individual, I’ve been struggling in expressing these traits as I feel completely at war with myself. Lately I’ve been trying to find my strength again, but it seems to be coming out all wrong.” A tarot reading explores the process of integration.

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Fool’s Journey: Cristy C Road’s Next World Tarot is the Deck of your Queer Punk Dreams

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“Aside from bringing another deck to the world, I’m excited to create a deck that illustrates a blend of mind and body outcasts. The deck originated as a ‘queer deck’ but its definitely grown since that. I want to focus on people’s cultural and subcultural backgrounds, I want to blur fundamentalist spirituality, but maintain a lot of the traditional concepts behind the images.”

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Fool’s Journey: Those Hard, Sharp Swords are Symbols of Your Courage and Strength

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Nope, the swords are not often gentle, or particularly kind. But those mind-related cards have plenty to teach, starting with encouragement to take an honest look at ourselves and the way our thinking is affecting our behaviour. Here are a few ways you might interpret some of the trickier swords cards so that they can provide you with genuinely useful advice…as long as you’re prepared to hear it.