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Hello Friends! Sometimes you have so much love for our continued existence that you don’t know where to put it, and maybe you wonder to yourself “how can I ensure that Autostraddle remains a gutsy, independent, intelligent website who cares about my experience more than they care about search engine optimization?”

Well good news! We know exactly where and how you can put your love!

1. Do Your Online Shopping Through Us

All the books and many other products on our site are tagged with Amazon affiliate links, which gives us a kickback every time you follow one of those links to Amazon and consequently purchase something — anything!

Better yet? Make a new Amazon bookmark on your browser. Every time you want to shop at amazon, use the link with our affiliate code in it and we’ll get a percentage of everything you buy, whatever it is.

If you’re in The UK and buying books, you can shop through The Book Depository.

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2. Donate!

Wanna just give your money straight to the source? Excellent! Our primary revenue source is your donations and no amount is too big or too small!

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Or you can subscribe, so your support lands in our desperate hands on the regular and you will constantly be basking in the glory of your generosity, month after month:


4. Advertise:

If you’re trying to sell a thing to a bunch of lesbian/bisexual ladies, then you should probably do it at the world’s largest independently owned lesbian website. Seriously, that would make the most sense for you like business-wise: Advertise with us! We work with large companies as well as individual humans with a thing they want to tell people about.

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6. Spread the Word!

If you’re broke as a joke but still want to do something than the thing you can do is tell people about us — on reddit, stumbleupon, facebook and twitter. Link to us on message boards you frequent or other websites you visit. Tell your friends, tell your friend’s friends, and also tell your friends’ stuffed animals. You never know who might be secretly harboring lesbian fantasies or strong feelings about Taylor Swift.

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