“Super Best Friends Forever” is Weird, Wonderful, Relevant To Your Interests

Intern Grace’s Team Pick:

The first installment of “Super Best Friends Forever” superhero-themed, animated miniseries premiered last morning Saturday on Cartoon Network, and Wonder Girl, Batgirl, and Supergirl will never be the same again. Headed by Lauren Faust, who worked on “Powerpuff Girls,” “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends,” and everyone’s favorite “My Little Pony” reboot, “Super Best Friends Forever” addresses the friendship between some of DC’s lesser-known women superheroes. Spoiler alert: They enjoy burritos and giving each other a hard time.

It’s an interesting commentary on superheroes and superheroines in general, really. It’s a different perspective on these characters, and I appreciate how fleshed-out they are, especially since the entire episode is only a minute long. The more I watch it, the more I like it. I am a little concerned the show might be sugarcoating the badassery of these women with cuteness (rather than sexiness, as is common in comic books) to make them easier to stomach for a broader audience, but I trust Lauren Faust’s judgement. Mostly, I am in love with how creative this episode is. All 75 seconds of it.

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Intern Grace

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  1. ALL HAIL EMPRESS FAUST. She is one of the people that can do no wrong. I would watch the shit out of this if it was a 30 minute show. Then again, I’d watch anything Lauren Faust created.

  2. i am completely in love with supergirl’s design in this. if only the episodes were longer!

  3. But wait! I want more. And oddly enough, I’m really craving burritos. Or a girl in a costume. I can’t decide which.

  4. My co-worker and I regularly have long, involved chats about ladies in comic books/animation, due to, you know, being lady folks who edit comic books, and MAN is the current state of ladies in kid’s animation heartening (as opposed to the state of ladies in mainstream comics! WHICH IS SO MUCH LESS SO, BUT I DIGRESS). We have several pals who work in animation around town (particularly at Nick and WB) and through a delightful turn of history (Second Golden Age of Disney begets the “Sailor Moon generation” of girls who draw/love serialized storytelling and are CELEBRATED online begets talented women embraced by the television animation industry — OVER-SIMPLIFIED BUT LET’S ROLL WITH IT), all-ages animation has these incredible women calling the shots at mid-to-high levels resulting in these across-the-board hits. This leads to hiring of more young women with potential (current storyboard revisionists for the DC block, which is where this short came from? NEARLY ALL WOMEN.) who rise in the ranks to high-levels (directing, producing), which results in more of what we love.


    • *Storyboarding student (who’s not really a storyboarder but a writer but whatever she knows animation) understands post and gives two thumbs way up.*


    I’m having bouts of insomnia and CN is pretty much the only channel that I’ve been watching in the middle of the night. Bright colours and slightly psychedelic plots aren’t great sleep aids but OMG I’M SO EXCITED BY THIS

  6. As a huge fan of two of Faust’s other shows (MLP and the Powerpuff Girls, which was her husband’s show but she did some writing and art for it, too), I was really happy to watch this clip on io9 yesterday. I really hope it gets picked up into a full series, along with her other idea, Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls.


    Wonder Woman has an accent! Supergirl has curves! Batgirl likes burritos!

    This is amazing.

  8. I like the animation and the voices and all that, but I gotta ask, why does Supergirl care about using a plane? I mean… she can fly! Her getting excited about using a jet is like Daredevil being totally psyched about that cool bus pass you got him.

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