Skins US Episode 102 Recap: Tea is a Lesbian Who Likes To Kiss Girls

It’s time for Tea’s BIG BLIND DATE that Dad set her up on. Everyone is Italian which means lots of loud talking and face-squeezing, apparently. I worked at The Olive Garden, the mood was similar.

But omg, guess who her blind date is?

It’s not the blonde chick, I know I got excited too, like it was a “Surprise You’re Gay” party or something. It’s Two-Note Tony.


Waiting For Godot Per Ushe



Luckily both the kids have pocketed some serious change to fund their little date and therefore the Never Explain Never Apologize Team heads to the playground with some cheap vodka, where they can spin and spin and not fall down.

Ultimately, none of this matters because these kids are fucked and going to die. I didn’t first drink vodka out of the bottle ’til age 25. She’s what like 16. I’m dying as we speak. If I my brain wasn’t too burned out to remember math, I could tell you what this specifically means to these kids, but I can just say it’s not looking good.

I don’t see the “chemistry” in this scene some newly minted shippers see. It’s two confident humans drawn to each other in a way that isn’t sexual, but because a great deal of their confidence is tied into their sexuality, that’s the only language they have to express it.

Tea: “Why Michelle?”
Tony: “What?”
Tea: “You heard.”
Tony: “She’s hot. No, she’s the hottest. And the cleverest and her nipples make me laugh, so she’s mine.”
Tea: “That’s how you see it, huh?”
Tony: “That’s how I see it. We get along.”
Tea: “Does it bore you?”

Tony: “Your turn, tell me something about yourself.”
Tea: “You wanna know what we do right, what goes where, who licks what, it’s so tedious. I screw girls, so what. And only the HOTTEST, by the way.”
Tony: “Listen I know you like to fuck the lady-harp. That’s boring. You’re mysterious.”
Tea: “I’m what?”
Tony: “You hold back, nobody gets in, it’s mysterious.”
Tea: “My Dad threw his life away to be with my Mom, he didn’t care that his family disowned him — maybe he never wanted that world, I dunno. And he loves her. I can’t imagine feeling that way about anyone. I think I’ve got a screw missing.”
Tony: “Maybe it just needs tightening.”
Tea: “FUNNY!”
Tony: “Yeah, you’re funny too.”
Tea: “I know, but you’re FUNNY.”

The real question here is: will Tea grow up to become Bette, or Shane?

“I can match you,” Tony Don Juan Cassanova De La Pica Moraelliano insists. “You’ve met your match.”

Yup. It’s time for everyone to rock out with their cocks out!

Tony  the Alliteration Addict notes Tea’s hideaway, “Snatch City.” “Boy, you lesbians sure have style,” Tony says like a douche.

Tea hits the dance floor like a lusty drunk girl in silky underpants who wants to dance / knows how. Tony summons two stray worms of personality from his feet and then proceeds to showcase the moves he learned from Roundhouse.

Tony’s swiffer-jetting his way around Tea and they’re smiling and happy and having fun and intrigued, maybe, when one thing leads to another thing and before long, here we are!

Didn’t Even Take Her Chucks Off


Afterwards Tea is like, THIS IS IT? THIS?!! and cracks up laughing. It’s pretty fucking awesome.

Tony: “What?”
Tea: “That was –”
Tony: “Awful.”
Tea: “Terrible, it was terrible!”
Tony: “Normal girls like it, so.”
Tea: “They must be really stupid.”



This is a scene that launched a thousand ‘ships, but I’ve got no clue why. It doesn’t represent a crucial plot point in Tea’s sexuality development nor was it added to the series precisely to titillate whomever it is that still enjoys these straight boy-lesbian onscreen match-ups.

What’s interesting here is that this is, in fact, something that happened in the original series — they aren’t veering from this plot point — but that time it was with Maxxie, the gay male character who was replaced by ‘Tea’ in this episode. Tony, who’s been itching to show Maxxie what an ambisexually deft lover he is, finally gets his chance during the crazy trip to Russia.

Results are similar:

Maxxie: “Tony, you’ve finally found something you’re not actually good at.”
Tony: “What?”
Maxxie: “Goodnight Tony, find somewhere else to sleep.”
Tony: “What?!”

In conclusion, Tea wins the scene.


On Tea’s way home, she’s assaulted by the Scary Drug Man who calls her a dyke and grabs onto her arm. Then Dad comes out and stands on the porch with his arms crossed like a badass until Scary Drug Man heads off.

Later we learn that Dad thought he called Tea a “kike” — it can be hard to hear over the sound of confetti shooting from my eyeballs that Dad’s Italian Mafia has been called in to sub for Jal’s brothers and that this whole marijuana-buying sub-plot, which I’ve yet to mention in this recap BECAUSE IT IS STUPID AND ANNOYING, will soon end.

Here’s a picture of what happens later. Doesn’t Tea look cute in that jacket? I wish that dude’s nose wasn’t in the way.

BUT! BEFORE WE GET TO A PART OF THE RECAP I WOULD’VE SKIPPED IF MTV HADN’T MADE THE SCREENCAP FOR ME —  here we are back in the “present” of the teevee show, where Tea feels vulnerable after being gay-bashed and having sex with a dude for no reason.


“You musn’t give your heart to a wild thing. The more you do, the stronger they get, until they’re strong enough to run into the woods or fly into a tree. And then to a higher tree and then to the sky.”

– Holly GoLightly, Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Tea, in just a t-shirt and a weary gait, slips into Nana’s bedroom and asks if maybe she could sleep with her, and of course it is, how else will we ever protect ourselves from Nuclear attack.



Nana: “President Eisenhower let me down. Some kind of war hero. He can kiss my ass.”
Tea: “He can kiss my ass too, Nana.”
Nana: “I thought nobody knew I had a lover. I told her, “This is a free country, no one can hurt you know. We got no ghettos here, Martha”. Eisenhower should have helped us. He should have put a stop to it but it was on the radio every day about the bad people, traitors, queers, I guess they thought between us and the communists, we were going tear the place down. They even gave us a name so everybody knew what to hate: Lavender.”

Nana: “I told her, “It’s a sweet flower, how can a flower hurt anyone?” but people visited. They said that wasn’t the way Jewish people behaved and Martha got so scared that they knew we loved each other. I hear she married a farmer in Wisconsin. Everybody’s most particular there. Shame on you, Mr. President. Shame on you.”
Tea: “I love you, Nana.”
Nana: “I know you do, Ruthie.”

Lemme be honest: this scene both feels totally over-the-top and totally made me cry like a baby.


The next morning in the caf, Michelle is talking to Tea about how she hasn’t been getting the hot beef injection on the reg from Tony’s Salami. Perhaps Tony only enjoys a challenge. He continues eyeing Tea with the attitude of somebody who didn’t give her the worst ‘sex’ of her life.

“It’s work,” Michelle says about sex with Tony. “It feels like work.”


No. Not that Betty. This Betty:

It’s time for Betty to “put her truth” on Tea. This isn’t gonna end well if Tea doesn’t have feelings back though honestly, even as I type this, I’m just looking at that chick’s cleave.


The cafeteria is both stunned and entertained.

Definitely Considering Club Skirts


Michelle diffuses the situation by volleying the homophobia ball right back at a group of guys in the corner nudging each other in excitement about the lesbian action, “Hey guys, why don’t you all go screw each other in the ass. It looks like you want to, the way you’re all touching each other and everything.” AWESOME.

Tea then strolls outside where her Dad is regulating on the Scary Drug Man as aforementioned. He tells Tea she’s a good girl and she should be proud of herself. She looks sad, like “would he still be proud of me if he knew about the clambakes?”
Tony calls and Tea lets him know “this isn’t gonna fly,” this thing where Tony wants her for one additional moment. He needs affirmation though — he needs to re-write the sex act for both of them — “I matched you,” he says. “I matched you good.” Tea rolls her eyes, purses her lips, and then Betty calls on the other line so she says she has to go.

Tea, who’s really into “Wade in the Water” this week, then dances all over the room like a fucking pixie from Planet Homodorable.


At the end, my viewing companion said to me, “even though this show will never be as good as the British one, it’ll still be a big deal to a lot of kids” and I think this episode is a perfect example of that. Tea’s already had her awakening and is out to her friends. I’m not sure if I loved the episode, but I loved the character. It’s about time we get our own Ricky Vasquez, Jack McPhee, Kurt Hummel, Eric van der Woodsen, Calvin Owens, Marco De Rossi — or, you know — Maxxie.

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Riese is the 38-year-old Co-Founder and CEO of as well as an award-winning writer, blogger, fictionist, copywriter, video-maker, low-key Jewish power lesbian and aspiring cyber-performance artist who grew up in Michigan, lost her mind in New York and then headed West. Her work has appeared in nine books including "The Bigger the Better The Tighter The Sweater: 21 Funny Women on Beauty, Body Image & Other Hazards Of Being Female," magazines including Marie Claire and Curve, and all over the web including Nylon, Queerty, Nerve, Bitch, Emily Books and Jezebel. She had a very popular personal blog once upon a time, and then she recapped The L Word, and then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are! In 2016, she was nominated for a GLAAD Award for Outstanding Digital Journalism. Follow her on twitter and instagram.

Riese has written 2837 articles for us.


  1. Oh I liked the dress. Both of ’em are totally hot, and in a way that actually reads as dykey, rather than a “conventionally straight-girl-looking actresses written into a lesbian subplot” way. That is a nice change.

    I like “Tony summons two stray worms of personality from his feet” however. Hahahaha.

  2. I could not stop laughing at “Tea’s family is playing ‘who can talk the loudest’.”

    Am I the only one who cringed anytime the “scaredy cat” was uttered by Tea/Betty? I mean, really? SCAREDY CAT? Does anyone above the age of 4 say that?

  3. ahh, this article reminded me that I used to walk by Meow Mix everyday on my way home from high school, for 3 years, just waiting until I’d be old enough to go in (obviously not as cool as Tea)…then they closed it my senior year *sad baby dyke flashback* haha

  4. You didn’t even mention the best line of the whole episode. Where after the chick in the plaid shirt picks up Tea she says “Are you up for breakfast, or did you eat enough last night?” Tea obviously says “Oh you know I did.”

  5. your recaps are hilarious. i was hoping for more snark, though… i mean some of the lines sounded plain ridiculous, but it’s probably more to do with the crappy, emotionless delivery. guess that’s what happens when you go ultra low-budget and cast kids with no/limited previous acting experience (tony especially.)

    i think the tony/tea sex scene would have been more effective/palatable if he went down on her as opposed to fucked her. it’s one thing to feel humiliated knowing it something she’s not into period, but another knowing that a girl could please her doing it and he couldn’t. i feel it would have been more powerful on her part for some reason. also would have been true to the tony/maxxie scene.

  6. I love the recap! I actually saw it but I didn’t really get it. The language they use is retarded plus is it me or are the commercials hella long? Also, the literary tat is one of my favorite poems but its way too serious for a teenager.

  7. I really, viscerally disliked it when Michelle quipped back “Hey guys, why don’t you all go screw each other in the ass. It looks like you want to, the way you’re all touching each other and everything.” She used it as an insult, and people took it like that, doing that “ooooo” thing when someone’s just put out a really apt insult.
    It’s great that there is an out lesbian with an interesting story arc, but they’ve seemingly erased any type of non-heterosexuality in males as far as I can see, and even poke fun at the possibility of non hetero males. Every guy they’ve shown so far has been hugely stereotypically obsessed sex, and seducing or leering at women.

  8. I agree, that line really bugged me as well. I rewatched the scene and noticed that Tea looked kind of irked for a moment, but then smiled at Michelle. I took it to mean that sometimes when your straight friends try to defend you they still don’t really get it.

  9. Wait… Tony and Tea really had sex? There was actual penetration. What?

    But Her and Michelle are like BFFFFF’s and they should hook up. I think Tea should hook up with all her straight friends, it’d be so Shane of her.

  10. Ever since 11 PM Monday night, I have been waiting for this recap! Oh my god.

    Can I just say….her dancing is THE fucking best. SO ADORBS. #iwanttodancewithherplease

    Also, getting off to Audrey Hepburn = win.

    I totally agree re: in love with the character, not the episode.

    As she and Tony were headed to penetrationland I kept going “NONONONONONONO” cause I was afraid we were going to have sexuality!crisis. Thank god she laughed!

  11. This was HILARIOUS. I really liked this episode and have a feeling I won’t like any of the upcoming episodes as much, especially if they’re anything like the first one. The whole show should just revolve around Tea. yes.

  12. Okay, one thing that pisses me off and it happens a lot.. is that when they show a somewhat bisexual woman (more lesbionic) woman struggling with her sexuality they always show her having bad sex with a man to show her gayness. It’s always awkward, fast, laughable, detached just really horribly bad. Yet the lesbian sex is so perfect, fun, passionate, etc. Straight people can have good sex too.
    It’s one thing to prefer sex with one gender over another but why does it always have to be horribly bad to make that point?

  13. I’m really surprised to see that no one has anything critical to say about how this lesbian character is being portrayed. There’s a reason U.S Skins adopted a pretty femme ‘wild’ lesbian – perhaps the most ‘attractive’ subset of the queer community (for straight viewers). For most of America she isn’t actually uncomfortable to watch because her character is designed with a superficial and constructed sense of depth and emotion. Moreover her drinking and apathy fit in with her otherwise ‘wild lifestyle choice’.
    If she was an awkward lesbian that couldn’t pick up girls/was in love with straight girls – her character would make a lot more people uncomfortable and I don’t mean the radical evangelical right that is bothered by everything that challenges white heteronormativity. I mean regular people that think they are ‘okay’ with the LGBTQ community.
    Her character exsists to create controversy, to “represent the queer community” and to appeal to a heterosexual audience that wants to see the queer community as a group of attractive lesbians.

    • i see what you’re saying here, i do, but i don’t think it’s fair or necessary to categorize tea as ‘femme’ (she’s kinda skewing androfemme, which, style-wise, also happens to be trendy, for better or worse) or apathetic. it’s pretty clear that her apathy is a front, and i think that’s overwhelmingly relatable.
      there are all kinds of ways to be a lesbian. if she were unable to pickup girls or dealt with life in a way other than drinking, like idk sobbing herself to sleep every night, i’d have a problem with that portrayal. also this is skins, not my so-called life — it’s supposed to be ‘grittier’ or whatever.
      tea is awkward in her own way. and it seems a little early in the game to declare that she doesn’t have a crush on a straight girl or has never or will never. but i didn’t watch skins uk, so maybe you know more about her probable storyline than i do.
      also? i don’t see what’s wrong with heterosexuals seeing the queer community as a group of attractive lesbians. that view of lesbians would fly in the face of the typical reaction of “but you don’t look gay!” when a conventionally attractive girl comes out.

      • Perhaps I just find her character’s personality/storyline somewhat predictable and cliche. I also hate the show so I have a bit of a bias.
        I can’t think of any lesbian or 2-3 episode bicurious character, for American audiences, that hasn’t been ‘conventionally attractive’ – these female characters feel so designed to mesh comfortably with a heterosexual audiences. I don’t have an issue with seeing conventionally attractive lesbians on TV – it’s just bothersome that the straight community in the states is really only comfortable with a certain type of queer.

        • “I can’t think of any lesbian or 2-3 episode bicurious character, for American audiences, that hasn’t been ‘conventionally attractive’ – these female characters feel so designed to mesh comfortably with a heterosexual audiences.”

          i feel like the same could be said about any social group represented on tv, save for the ‘geeks.’ that’s kind of just a given.

          “it’s just bothersome that the straight community in the states is really only comfortable with a certain type of queer.”

          in my experience, the type of queer that most [bigoted / concerned] people in the states are comfortable with is the kind they can see coming from a mile away. queers who exist outside of the concerned person’s perceived norms, which unfortunately is a really rigid set of stereotypes that are too depressing to list, tend to make those kinds of people uncomfortable. i mean we’re still dealing with the perception that we’re gay because no men want to fuck us.

          anyway whatever. practically everyone on tv is pretty. having a lesbian character be lumped in with ‘everyone’ instead of being singled out seems fine to me.

  14. Great recap Riese!
    I was glad to see Tea wasn’t into Tony at the end. It seems whenever there is a lesbian character in a tv show or movie there is always “that guy” who’s mission is to try to turn her straight. SO ANNOYING!!!

  15. I don’t know how I feel about this. For one, I’m happy that there’s some lesbian representation in a teen show. But, also the plotline seems so tired and boring. I feel like I’ve seen it before: lesbian likes girl in denial, sleeps with boy (for some reason I’ll never know)… It’s just been done. And done. And done. So I guess I’m just bored now.

    I will say though that Gay Grandma is a nice touch.

  16. I really liked Nana, too. It resonated with me a lot (ie. i cried), just because I’m sure my family had gone through similar things. Anyway, it had pathos and, really, octogenarian Jewish lefties are never shown on tv unless it’s a pbs documentary. So yea, I give them major kudos for that. Also, I think the show is authentic re/ Americans teenagers. Look, most of the kids are annoying on this show. But, teenagers do act like this, maybe not the drinking and promiscuity so much as the stupid jokes about sex and insecurity masked with bravada. Also, many teens are annoying little shits, irl. Lastly, the US show has better cinematography than Uk ver. and combined musically it sets a tone that’s more interesting than it’s predecessor and makes up for some less talented actors or stilted dialogue. I probably have more confidence in this show than is warranted though.

  17. Riese, The thing about shipping is that it often has little to do with what is shown from both characters and more to do with a series of options. It could be about affirmation, fantasy, transference, etc. In this case, one character, Tony, desires the other, Tea, who is thoroughly uninterested. An objective viewing and respect of both characters should seemingly lead to the recognition that Tony’s want is meant to be unreciprocated and that Tea does not want any sexual relationship with him because she does not find him sexually attractive. More specifically she is only sexually attracted to women.

    The thing is that viewers often substitute their own visions and agenda’s in place of what is depicted. Many a heterosexual female viewer will see Tony as attractive and will disregard Tea’s feelings or desires because they are viewing it from the aspect that they are Tea – they may see themselves as also being Tea, a lonely person looking for love, while disregarding the sexuality of Tea – replacing it with their own heterosexuality. Many a heterosexual female viewer will think they could be a cute couple just like me an my boyfriend. And many a heterosexual female viewer will just find the thought of a good looking boy and a good looking girl hooking up as exciting.

    Many male viewers meanwhile will find Tea attractive and compelling. In doing so, many will disregard what feelings Tea displayed while enacting their own fantasy or transference scenarios.

    Tea’s disinterest in romance with Tony, her thorough lack of sexual chemistry with Tony, and her disgust at sex with Tony does not factor in to the shipping scenarios because these viewers are not interested in the character’s feelings and interests. They are interested in their own feelings and interests. It is no less different than Toby/Emily shippers on Pretty Little Liars. For example, said shippers would never want a straight female character to become bisexual because it is about their seeking of affirmation and of fantasy.

    I don’t think this is homophobic in any way. I can certainly understand the argument it is heterosexist. But in the end, I see what is all too common when viewing television which is the disregarding of one character’s feelings because it does not figure in what the viewer is most comfortable with. That is the true shame when someone ships Tea and Tony. They are basically saying Tea is no more than a vessel for their desires instead of being a character.

  18. I liked this episode.
    I watched it with two straight friends of mine, a guy and a girl, so I think we all took it just a little differently.
    I for one though do NOT like Betty.
    Maybe because I was Betty. (I was also Tea, but let’s keep it simple) I try to remember that they are young, so they are right around the time when a Betty would be having these feelings. But she was soooo back and forth; she stared Tea _down_ in history class and shimmied around with her at northern soul and even went down on her back at Tea’s house. This girl was Never Scared until the next school morning, when up pops her reservations and her boyfriend. Like, what? “I have to have a boyfriend,” okay well yeah but don’t be tryna fingerbang her one night and chat about your boyfriend the next day and kiss her by lunchtime then get mad when she doesn’t wanna deal. Nobody has time for those games
    These kids

    • THANK YOU. I could not stand Betty’s character. The show had this great opportunity to explore the contrast between Tea, someone confident and sure of her homoism, and Betty, someone who is maybe questioning her sexuality and struggling with figuring out who she is vs. what is expected of her by parents/society/Teen Vogue, etc. Instead, we see Betty go from ‘Oh, I might be interested in some homotivities’ to ‘YEP, definitely going down on a girl all gay-like right now’ to ‘OMGZ, I’m STRAIGHT, don’t touch me!’ to ‘J/K, you guys, I’m totally a lezzer! Let’s make out in front of everyone at school, including my boyfriend of whom you may recall me being SO concerned about just mere hours ago!’ in a span of what, maybe 24 hours? I understand that shows are obligated to push through some plotlines to keep their story arcs moving, but damn, Gina. That shit takes time. How about some character development instead of creating another throw away, two dimensional character? Maybe some of this perception is due to the Betty actress’s awkward as hell acting, but I can get past the horrible acting for the most part. Thankfully, Tea is portrayed as being a complex, multi-faceted person and I hope I can say that for the other leads as the show progresses because we only seem to have over exaggerated clichés of their Brit counterparts at the moment. Yes, Skins was always deliberately over the top and a little absurd, but it still FELT real (with some glaring exceptions). This feels like pandering to a less intelligent audience. That being said, I still agree that while this show has many faults, it’s still an important show for younger audiences for a lot of reasons and I’ll still fight for the show’s right to party in the midst of all this PTC garbage. I just wish it was also a show that wasn’t so painful to watch as an adult too, ya know?

  19. I guess I’ve watched way too much UK!Skins, where the sex scenes actually looked like sex scenes. I read the Tea/Tony bit as just awkward making-out, maybe a little groping. I mean, c’mon, it was so short! And even though I’m probably wrong I’m sticking with my interpretation because I really can’t buy Tea actually having sex with Tony/don’t want to throw up.

  20. I watched this episode with a few of my close friends, all of whom are queer, and we actually found many parts of the episode problematic. I, for one, am sick of seeing the issue of consent neglected so often on mainstream television. Considering Tea is a lesbian (who is out to her friends) and had been drinking, consent is clearly an issue in the sex scene with Tony. Also, the scene where Michelle is “defending” Tea is totally offensive. Fighting homophobia with a DIFFERENT KIND of homophobia, that’ll show ’em! I guess I just really had high expectations of this episode, and it was disappointing. I really only enjoyed Tea’s dancing (legitimately adorable), and I wanted to like this show SO MUCH.

  21. Straight men and straight women don’t get pissed when depictions of leading straight characters on television are conventionally good looking. Gay men don’t get pissed when depictions of leading gay male characters on television are conventionally good looking. Why in the Hell do so many lesbians in our community get pissed when depictions of leading lesbian characters on television are conventionally good looking? It is sad and reflects badly on the person who gets pissed.

    • i agree…. you are either attractive to a somewhat conventional degree or greater, or you have to appeal and work the token-quirky-looking characters (who can be just as much a fan favorite). for me, personally, i am attracted to and can identify with a more femme or slightly-tomboyish (aka tea) character than a more butch character. i know im not alone with that view, and that alot of people might disagree, but its also just my personal opinion. im sure straight people cant identify/worship every straight character in every show and movie either, theres a niche for everyone.

      i also think that the point of using conventionally good looking lesbians is to get the point across to the other majority of the population that just because someone doesnt look gay they are automatically straight. once its a nonissue then im sure people wouldnt care about seeing other representations of gay people. rome wasnt built in a day.

      im not saying that anyone deserves any more screentime than anyone else, but 100-footers are whom ordinary folks see as “gay” in real life just by virtue of being 100-footers. and while we are all up in our gayness and in these blogs and communities and stuff, to heteros storylines like tea or naomily are like WTFISALLTHIS/CONFUSION.

      baby steps.

  22. Yes, I just decided, I’m only going to watch this show because of the recap. It feels like old “The L Word” times again.
    Thank you Riese for making me laugh :D
    Hate the show, UK version was so much better, but I like Tea.

  23. I really want to like this show, but I just can’t. People that I like enjoy this show (and the UK version) and I always love to stick it to the obnoxious morality police, but…damn, you guys. This is really awful. Like, it’s so boring it makes my stomach ache and I actually get kind of angry that I’m being bored to such an extreme.

    I’m out.

  24. Does anyone know the name of the song where Betty kisses Tea in the caffeteria???? please help me figure out the name of the songg, I cant figure it out nor find it for the life of me. GREAT recap btw

  25. You guys are obviously missing the most important part of this entire episode: The teacher that gave the anti-drug/everything else speech was Glen Coco! Pshh, who cares about lesbians and their images in the media when something like that happened. Y’all need to get your priorities straight. (Oh, and the actor’s real name is David Reale)

    • No way?? As in “you go Glen Coco” Glen Coco? Wow. I kind of thought that USA Skins was a lukewarm version of Uk Skins, but now I think it’s pretty decent. Hahaha “and none for gretchen weiners”

  26. oh my gosh riese you make my knees weak everytime i read a post by you (which by the way weak knees when your sitting down = awk in the library); you had me at the breakfast at tiffanys quote!

      • Frankie is amazing. I’m pretty sure everyone, every where can relate to this character. She is the loner, weirdo, unconventional part that I believe everyone has inside. And the actress that plays the part so phenomenally.

        I don’t even know how this episode won me over so quickly. It took two or three episodes of gen 1 and 2 before I felt any connection to a Skins series.

        It is a little weird that the popular, mean-for-no-apparent-reason characters (Mimi, Nick) will get their own episode when Skins is usually about the less stereotypically visible high school archetypes.

  27. i’m a teenager, and i don’t live where skins usa is set or anything, but i have a question:
    is it me, or is all of their dialogue (esp. slang) super awkward?
    i guess i’m not familiar enough with how brits talk to feel like something is normal, but the stuff they say on skins usa comes off as badly written, over thought and halting. yes?

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