Satellite of Love: Queer Horoscopes for October 2017

Imagine waking up one morning from an exciting dream. You were flying high above the ground, or discovering all the things you once loved and lost, gathered together, waiting for you. Even as you wake up, you still feel elated. The day feels special, you feel capable. Something exciting is happening. All you have to do is invite it in.

This is how Jupiter feels in our charts: this massive planet is our cosmic gay cheerleader. It the part of our psyche that lets us exceed our current capacity, and has faith that we can. For the past thirteen months, Jupiter has been moving through Libra, the sign of beauty, harmony, chosen partnership, and social justice. Jupiter helps us grow through joy; Libra is the sign of choosing better alignment and balance.

Think about the relationship choices you’ve made since September 2016. Have you moved in with a partner? Moved away from your best friend? Broken up with all your lovers? Decided you’re done dating cis-men forever? Realized your sexuality is different than you thought? Maybe you’ve made choices that surprised you. Maybe you’ve felt more experimental and brave, or more cautious and logical, than you usually do. Even if where you’re at now doesn’t feel particularly easy, you’ve been making choices to bring you more in harmony with what you need from love—and what you actually have to offer.

This month, Jupiter moves into Scorpio. From October 10th until November 8th of 2018, we’ll be using the tools of Scorpio to expand, learn, and grow. While Libra is about choosing the paths that are most harmonious, Scorpio is about releasing past pain and trauma so we can deepen in intimacy. Libra is the relationship phase where we choose our partners, Scorpio is the emotional work we do to let our partnerships be places of healing rather than pain or disconnection. Jupiter in Scorpio promises us that there are treasures in store when we’re willing to go deep. It encourages us to lead with our hearts and trust our truest desires. It helps us grow our courage. Scorpio is one of the bravest signs, asking us to sustain all the chaos and discomfort of not knowing yet—of being in transition. Scorpio asks us to take big risks, to be as vulnerable as we can bear. It knows that deep, caring connection is the best medicine. It knows we’ve all been hurt by love. It asks us to be willing to step into that pain, as much as we are able, to risk loving more deeply.

Remember that working with Jupiter means focusing on learning and growth. The point isn’t to hurl your heart against the rocks, breaking it again and again. Likewise, you’re not trying to just go where the pain is. Staying or re-entering abusive dynamics isn’t the point. Rather, Jupiter asks us to get smarter, more creative, and more curious about how intimacy can look. With Jupiter in Scorpio, we’re drawn toward what is truly joyous and healing in situations that have scared us in the past. This is an excellent month to get into therapy, or to read up on releasing trauma from the body—especially if you’re an abuse survivor.

Don’t let anyone rush your growth. Call on your own inner cheerleader, and trust your capacity. You are stronger than you think. You can heal from what’s happened to you. You can love everyone in your life better than you ever have before.

If you’re curious how Jupiter is moving through your chart right now, or just want to check in on your love life or anything else, find me for personal readings at As always, the astro-literate are advised to read their Venus and Moon signs first (because these are relationship horoscopes), followed by their Sun and rising. Good luck out there, cuties!


01 aries header autostraddle copy

The Full Moon in your sign on the 5th marks a peak time for you—whatever you’ve been building toward is reaching completion, and for the rest of the month you’ll be tying up loose ends and getting ready to move on. As Jupiter moves into Scorpio, you’re getting a push to heal, learn, and grow into your deepest intimacies, your strongest desires, and what kinds of experiences will help you learn your real strength. This can be hella exciting, just watch out for your tendency to overdo things. You can pace yourself, and take only the risks that feel doable.

Begin growing toward: Being brave enough to ask for what you desire. Sexual connections that engage your whole sense of self. Releasing all the toxic myths about love and sex and gender from your body. Loving deeply enough that you recognize how much grief you’ll feel when you lose your loved one (even if you never break up, one of you will die eventually). Putting your full heart into it anyway.


02 taurus header autostraddle

You have everything you need right now to be a good partner, and to attract the love that’s best for you. This is especially true mid-month as your ruling planet Venus moves into Libra, the other sign that Venus rules. Venus in Libra is cooperative, insightful, and skilled in understanding other people’s points of view. With the best of intentions, Taurus can often interpret what other people say through the lens of “How does this affect me? Will this threaten my stability?” Tap into this Libra energy to release your fears. Meanwhile, embrace the movement of Jupiter to Scorpio that is particularly powerful for you, as it lets you really deeply be done with old patterns that you curse yourself for not knowing how to change. This is the month you commit to recognizing and accepting what is true in your relationships, and trusting it will be safe to do so.

Begin growing toward: Recognizing that stable partnerships encompass times of change and flux. Committing to the relationships that hold a space for you to heal. Not letting your important relationships fade away—doing the hard work to keep them vital and relevant. Choosing experiences that let you know you don’t have to face hard times alone. Letting desire and urgency lead you to new kinds of connection, instead of staying protected and isolated.


03 gemini header autostraddle

We can spend so much time detached from our bodies, that sometimes sex or cuddling is the only time we really drop in and feel what’s going on. If you don’t already have a practice that helps you check in with your body (How tense are your muscles? Does your stomach hurt? Do you feel strong? Are you walking with your shoulders back, or hunched over?), now is the time to begin one. You don’t cease being a body when you’re not being touched. The more you can love your body right now by paying attention to how different experiences feel and choosing the ones that feel best, the more you’ll be able to show up in your relationships from a place of abundance rather than scarcity. Love yourself in as many physical ways as you can imagine right now.

Begin growing toward: Daily acts of care for yourself and others. Finding appropriate containers (times, places, circumstances) for doing depth work. Keeping a good balance between give and take in your relationships. Accepting that you’ll make mistakes, and so will everyone else. Trusting your gut as a compass for what you need to change.


04 cancer header autostraddle

Now is not the time to be shy. You have a lot of opinions and a lot of desires. All of these are valuable. Repeat that to yourself until you deeply believe it. The world wants to adore you right now—let it. Collaborate with this energy by turning up the volume and shining your brightest energy at the people who inspire you most. Through all the pain you’re carrying (right now, in general, ancestrally), there gets to be joy, always. Let that joy be what moves you most this month.

Begin growing toward: Being a little louder about what you want. Stepping into pleasure as a source of healing. Getting the attention you deserve. Releasing whatever pain blocks you from the growth you want: creative projects, children, plants, land projects. Getting playful about your own shadow side.


05 Leo header autosraddle

There’s a lot about you that people never get to see. They can get enamored or incensed with the part of you that is most visible, but you’ve learned to only get really real with a few folks. This month is all about celebrating those times and places and connections where you can drop the mask. It can be hard to stop trying to impress—part of it might be so engrained in you that you forget it’s even there. But imagine that it’s not your sexy undercut or your crisp fashion or your witticisms that people fall for when they fall for you—even if that’s what they notice first. Right now, believe in the hidden and mysterious core of who you are that isn’t so much something you can craft as something you let yourself fall back into when you’re exhausted. Imagine being held, and seen, and loved, in this state of total surrender. That’s the kind of love the world has for you right now. All you have to do is find those places where you can totally let go.

Begin growing toward: Rooting deep down into the life you’re choosing. Calling on all your ancestors (queer heroes, blood family, chosen family) to help you feel safe and protected in your body and home. Knowing that you belong. Letting people in. Choosing who you want to nest with.


06 virgo header autostraddle

This is a sweetly social time for you, letting you ride a wave of intellectual stimulation and interesting new people. You are be buzzing with ideas and thrive on talking them out. Let yourself be surprised by who wants to know you right now, and don’t talk yourself out of connections just because they feel unfamiliar. Stay in circulation as much as you can, and don’t let yourself get trapped in just one world or one perspective. Remember that the world can still surprise you!

Begin growing toward: Joining in more in social activities. Paying attention to newer friendships. Taking risks in conversation. Writing it all down. Sharing your stories. Feeling all the ways you’re connected. Understanding how to help your community heal. Keeping yourself from getting stuck in any one perspective for too long.


07 libra header autostraddle copy

What does it mean for you to put your own needs first? So often you look outside of you to define yourself—measuring yourself by how you compare to the people you admire and how you’re different than the people you dislike. Seeing the whole world relationally has its merits, but it can also make it hard to come back to center. This month calls you inward, and asks you to tend to wherever you’re feeling a lack. When you always look to partners or friends to fill you up—even if you have fantastic people in your life who are willing to do so—you’re left with a baseline anxiety about managing their availability for you. This month, explore what it means to come to these connections already feeling complete. How would you begin this process?

Begin growing toward: Having a profound respect for your own worth. Building stability and abundance for yourself through transformation. Using the resources you have—physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual—to help others feel nourished. Offering an oasis for healing. Letting sensuality help you sink deeper into your body.


08 scorpio header autostraddle

Whatever you’re about right now, it’s about to get turned way up. As Jupiter moves into your sign, you’ll be attracting a lot of everything. Intense is one way to put it, but whether that’s exciting or exhausting is up to you. Where’s your energy already at? Are you flirting with a bunch of bad ideas, or are you focused on building something you’re really proud of? Wherever your time and attention are most caught up right now, expect big results. These can be spectacular transformations, opportunities, and rewards for all your hard work. They could also be spectacular breakdowns, failures, and other growth opportunities. Whichever you’re reaping right now, you always have the chance to learn and redirect. This is also a reminder that as Jupiter will be sticking around for awhile it’s an excellent year to pursue your deepest ambitions, show up for deeply healing love, and call all the things into your life that you want to increase and multiply.

Begin growing toward: Becoming as brave and powerful as you know you can be. Seeing yourself as someone who can face whatever comes up. Trusting the wisdom of your desires. Aligning yourself with deep transformation. Calling in the partners who will help you stay true to yourself.


09 sagittarius header autrostraddle

Patience isn’t a virtue you particularly enjoy, but it is what will help you most right now. You are still in transition. You don’t get to know all the answers yet. There is more happening beneath the surface than you can see right now: trust that whatever feels hollow, disappointing, or suffocating right now isn’t the whole story and won’t last forever. Develop a different perspective by trusting that whatever magic you’re used to chasing (in a new lover, a new town, or a new adventure) is already with you, right now. If you don’t see it, you’re not looking carefully enough. Train your senses to pick up on subtler cues, and cool your instinct to find a shiny new distraction when you’re bored.

Begin growing toward: Letting your dreams point you in the right direction. Bravely examining the hidden places of your soul. Relying on your instincts more than your intellect. Paying more attention to what’s beneath the surface. Giving up the need to know why. Trusting when something feels right, and not settling for anything less.


10 capricorn header autostraddle

You may find yourself in some unusual situations this month—make the most of them! Above all, don’t be too cool for school. It’s worth reconnecting with your optimism and trusting the good intentions of the people around you. Someone’s trying to get your attention right now, but you need to be part of their world if you want them to stick around. However frustrated or judgmental you might feel, lead with empathy and good manners. This month is asking you to break through any cynical defenses that are keeping you from deeply experiencing love, hope, joy, and pain. Find the people who will bring you back to life.

Begin growing toward: Sharing your love and talents for the good of others. Seeing your intimacies as part of a larger community. Reinvesting in your ideals. Changing the world through your compassion and insight. Finding a solid network of people to rely on.


11 aquarius header autostraddle copy

The choices you make define you. You may feel all sorts of things and never share them—this is a month to act on what you care about most. Notice how the ways you express love and care might be out of step with what you’re trying to convey. Remember that you can step into new ways of relating as soon as you make the choice to. Remember that every experience that has shaped you is one you can revisit, and participate in reshaping. So much is possible for you as soon as you step forward and take responsibility for bringing it all into existence.

Begin growing toward: Choosing love that brings out your best self. Stepping into integrity and authority about what you offer others. Getting realistic and working hard to fix imbalances. Showing up for the ones you care about even when you’re tired or impatient. Letting love be a project you take seriously.


12 pisces header autostraddle

Dearest Pisces, this month offers you a welcome break from deep emotional work. The emotions will still be there, as will the work, but you’ve built up enough psychic muscles that any challenges will just help you show off your strength. As Jupiter moves into a water sign, your getting a ripple of extra optimism and enthusiasm as well. You’ll be attracting everyone who needs a little extra loving right now—which is a lot of us! The only thing to watch out for right now is enjoying your life so much you don’t get any real work done, or extending yourself so far in all directions that there’s nothing left for yourself.

Begin growing toward: Expanding your horizons through new relationships. Deepening your intimacy with those who teach you more about the world. Connecting the dots. Holding the larger perspective. Letting love be an adventure, not a plateau.

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Corina Dross

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  1. Oh wow. This rings so true. I’m going to write it down and read it every day in the morning to make sure I keep it in mind. thanks <3

  2. I’m an Aquarian and this is spot on. I’ve been neglecting my personal well being for the past few months thanks to a highly demanding job and blind ambition, but really starting to feel like I need to work equally hard in fixing these imbalances. It’s like you read my mind.

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